Can You Afford This Star Trek Shuttle Pod for 150000

first_img ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Teases Troubled Patrick StewartHow Designers Achieved the Sci-Fi Sound Magic of ‘The Orville’ Stay on target This is for serious collectors only. And by serious, we mean people with a lot of money to spare.A full-scale prop shuttle pod allegedly from the set of Star Trek: Enterprise is up for grabs on eBay.According to the seller, this was one of only two full-scale shuttles made for the series. As such, the asking price reflects its uniqueness. The 20-foot shuttle–with working exterior lights and onboard electronics–can be yours for around $150,000, or just under the cost of a private, four-year college education in the United States.The listing states that the control panels aren’t the original ones from the series, since those were stripped when production ended. However, it adds that copies were created from schematics supplied by Michael Okuda, who was responsible for a number of small, but integral details on later Star Trek series, including control panels and computer readouts.The piece is available for pickup in Hanford, California, so if you were to purchase it, you’d have to either be nearby or work on organizing shipping. It’s online for the next week, so you have until then to figure out if it’s feasible.We know that Star Trek: Enterprise isn’t the most beloved of the Star Trek series, but would you pass up the chance to own a car-sized shuttle replica from the franchise? It ran from 2001 to 2005 for four seasons, but was on the verge of cancellation for a lot of that time. Regardless, it’s still a unique item for the absolutely serious (and rich) Star Trek collector.Like anything on eBay, it’s unclear if the shuttle pod is authentic, so do your research before placing a bid. However, the lister has sold a number of memorabilia items over the years, and has all positive ratings, so it’s likely that it’s at least partially legit.If the $150,000 is too much for you, the seller has other Star Trek collectibles for sale, including a communicator used by William Shatner for $8,000 and some Vulcan ear tips for $700.You can also buy Spock ears for $8.42 on Amazon but they most likely weren’t worn by anybody from a Star Trek set. Also we’re poor, so you shouldn’t listen to us when it comes to collecting anyway.last_img read more