Argentine lawyer to file a lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide

Rabat – A lawyer from Argentina is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit in federal court in the capital city of Buenos Aires accusing Israel of crimes against humanity and genocide, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA). The lawyer, Carlos Slepoy told Argentine newspaper Pagina/12 on Tuesday that the lawsuit comes as a response to Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, a 50-day onslaught on the Gaza Strip this summer which claimed the lives of thousands and caused a total destruction to the besieged enclave.The Argentine lawyer is accusing Israeli officials by name for being responsible both directly and non-directly for the crimes. Among those accused are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Benny Gantz, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Likud lawmaker Moshe Feiglin. Slepoy, who had previously opened a trial in Argentina about crimes committed in Spain during the government of Francisco Franco from 1939 to his death in 1975, was quoted by haaretz as saying: “the disproportionate number of forces and the large number of [Palestinian] victims reveals the huge crime; we will provide to the court a list with names and ages of the Palestinian kids murdered.”He also called upon Gaza victims and human rights groups representing Gazans to join the suit which will be in conjunction with the American Association of Jurists.In July, the association issued a statement saying that it is “strongly condemning the criminal aggression of Israel against Gaza and the occupation of Palestine territories including East Jerusalem.”Photo credit- AFP/Robert Schmidt read more