Still reeling…

first_img…from TrumpYour Eyewitness is enjoying the consternation in some camps at Trump’s victory. In the US, he saw this demonstration – which the Stabber gave front page prominence – screaming “Trump – NOT MY PRESIDENT”!! So are they planning to migrate out of the US? Cause if they don’t, they’re stuck with Trump at least for the next four years and will have to deal with his initiatives and their consequences!But your Eyewitness has a question to those folks. What happened to “democracy” which American’s been teaching us benighted natives since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823? Didn’t the US fight two world wars – and who knows how many other skirmishes: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc – to make the world safe for democracy? Don’t they want America to be democratic?Trump’s victory is a victory for democracy just as Jimmy Carter’s or Obama’s or any other US Presidents. But like with Britain and Brexit, there are some folks who insist that democracy isn’t to be placed at the services of who they define as “the great unwashed”. These are the elitists. But their problem is they want to have it both ways – to channel their elitism through the two political parties with their money but control those parties – and of course their position on the issues.If they were honest about expressing their views on the “yahoos” in the boons, they’d have a powerful defender in Plato…the Greek Philosopher who singlehandedly invented what is now “western philosophy”. Plato said rulers ought to be “philosopher kings” – the rabble would be too easily swayed by (what else?) “rabble rousers”! In America, the party system has done a very good job winnowing out outside “demagogues” as real contenders for the presidency.No outsider has ever managed to pull off what Trump did. The ones who tried – even Ross Perot who was also a billionaire – played by the rules of the game. Not Trump. With his brashness AND his money, he went DIRECTLY to the masses and articulated their fears. And this is what “direct democracy” is supposed to be, no?But the funny thing is, the founding fathers also were leery about this direct democracy…which is why they inserted this “electoral college” business. The popular vote actually DOESN’T elect the president but 548 pledged ELECTORAL votes. Trump received 279 of these but when they meet in December as the “Electoral College” they’re not LEGALLY bound by their pledges!!So some diehards think some Republican delegates will “turn” and vote for Clinton!! Ain’t gonna happen.Why would they throw away their control of both Houses AND the Presidency? That’s power, baby!!…from robbery of RoheeYour Eyewitness isn’t a conspiracy theorist but he’s trying to get his head around the robbery of former Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee. Who also just happens to be the General Secretary of the PPP. Of all the houses in all of Eccles, they pick on Rohee’s? Of course it could be pure serendipity, but your Eyewitness will not rule out enemy action!! He HAS been a tad critical of his successors, hasn’t he?But the ramifications of the robbery of Rohee goes further than his material loss and the trauma of his maids. This merely reinforces what has been going on all over Guyana at all levels of society. Pick a paper…any paper…on any day and you’ll see a robbery under arms being described in all its sordid and frightening detail.Guyana is in the throes of another crime wave…and like most waves, it’s building slowly as it moves towards the Christmas season.To crash with fury on a hapless populace.…from the waterWill GWI never come off the headlines? As soon as one scandal’s buried, up comes another. After blanket denials, one operative of the water company now announced that the untested “purifier” antinfek was not used at Bartica – only in Diamond.So that makes it OK?!last_img read more

Senior briefs

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! NEWHALL – The AARP Driver Safety Program will be offered from 2 to 6 p.m. Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday at the Senior Center. This course covers the rules of the road as well as safety tips, and completion of the eight-hour class will earn each participant a three-year certificate, and for drivers 50 and over, an auto insurance credit. This month’s instructor is Glenn Grade. For information, or to register, call the center at (661) 259-9444. SENIOR CENTER NEWS NEWHALL – “Friendly Persuasion” will be the Senior Cinema feature at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center, 22900 Market St., Newhall. This classic film is a story of Indiana Quakers buffeted by the American Civil War. Cost of admission is $1 and popcorn will be available for 25 cents. For group transportation or information, call (661) 259-9444. last_img read more