Bullies have more sexual partners, according to study of adolescents

first_imgAdolescents who are willing to exploit others for personal gain are more likely to bully and have sex than those who score higher on a measure of honesty and humility. This is according to a study in Springer’s journal Evolutionary Psychological Science which was led by Daniel Provenzano of the University of Windsor in Canada.Researchers believe that bullying might be more than just objectionable behaviour. It might, in fact, have evolved as a way for men to show dominance and strength, and to signal to women that they are good breeding stock, able to protect their offspring and provide for their needs. From an evolutionary perspective, a man’s dominance may make him more attractive to his potential sexual partners, as well as scaring off potential rivals.Provenzano and his colleagues investigated individual personality differences that might make one person more willing and able to use bullying tactics when competing for sexual partners than others. Two sets of participants were recruited: 144 older adolescents (with a mean age of 18.3) and 396 younger adolescents (with a mean age of 14.6). Participants had to fill in questionnaires about their sex life and number of sexual partners, as well as frequency of bullying perpetration. Through another questionnaire, the researchers learnt more about six different aspects of the participants’ personality, such as their willingness to cooperate with others, or to exploit and antagonise others. The latter is measured by looking at how agreeable and emotionally in tune someone is, as well as how honest and humble they are. Those who do not score high in these latter measures tend to display antisocial personality traits and to subsequently be bullies.Provenzano’s team found that younger people who scored lower in “Honesty-Humility” were more likely to use bullying tactics to pursue more sexual partners than others.“Younger adolescents lower in ‘Honesty-Humility’ may therefore strategically manipulate others in a variety of ways to obtain more sexual partners,” says Provenzano. “Our findings indirectly suggest that exploitative adolescents may have more sexual partners if they are able to strategically use exploitative behaviour like bullying to target weaker individuals.”According to Provenzano, adolescents lower in “Honesty-Humility” may also use bullying as an intersexual strategy to display traits such as strength and dominance to attract the opposite sex. They might also use bullying to put their rivals in a bad light, or to threaten rivals into withdrawing from intra-sexual competition in order to gain advantage when it comes to potential sexual partners.“Our results suggest that both research and intervention efforts with older and younger adolescents need to recognize and respond to the relationships between personality, sex and bullying,” explains Provenzano. Share on Facebook Pinterest Sharecenter_img LinkedIn Email Share on Twitterlast_img read more

Mammoet in massive quench tower lift

first_imgAccording to Mammoet, the quench tower, which is used in the conditioning of a high temperature, polluted air stream so that particulate, acid gasses, metals, and other emissions can be adequately removed, measured 87 m in length, is the tallest and heaviest piece on site. The lift was completed within a pre-planned 12-hour time period.As there was limited space at the site, Mammoet said the MSG80 was the only crane able to complete the lift, due to its small footprint and high lifting capacity.Additionally, Mammoet’s PTC200 DS ring crane is scheduled to complete a further 45 lifts for the project.Tim Dowdle, Mammoet’s project manager, said: “This scope required extensive planning and mobilisation within an intense schedule.”www.mammoet.comlast_img read more

No redundancies planned for Clear Harbor

first_img 50 Views   5 comments Share Clear Harbor staff at work. Photo credit: GIS NewsA senior official at Clear Harbor has refuted a report that the company intends to make over two hundred employees redundant in July of this year.“We will be having a meeting with the Chief Operations Officer and also our HR Manager and our Site Director in a while but I’m just telling you that the information that was leaked out last night on Marpin it is absolutely incorrect,” the official who opted to remain anonymous until after the meeting said. According to a report on Monday (March 11th) on Marpin 2K4 Limited’s Channel Five news, when they contacted Clear Harbor they were told; “it is not guaranteed that employees will be made redundant. Clear Harbor is hoping to get more business to avoid this situation”. Following the management team’s meeting this morning, the company will release a statement regarding the report as “we want to put out something of truth” the official said.The official further informed that the company recently leased another building from the Agricultural Industrial Development Bank and has begun operations there.“We have started already so if we’re going to shut down why would we invest all that money? So if Marpin had done their homework properly, then they would not have put that out last night,” the official stated. Clear Harbor has been operating in Dominica for over four years. Currently, over six hundred people are employed at their Canefield and Roseau branches.Dominica Vibes News Tweet Sharecenter_img Share LocalNews No redundancies planned for Clear Harbor by: – March 12, 2013 Sharing is caring!last_img read more