SATURDAY SIX News Desk: A 100% Serious Look at Recent Theme Park News From Disney and Universal

first_imgShare This!This week’s SATURDAY SIX is special one as we once again dust off the blue blazer and step behind the SATURDAY SIX News Desk.  If you’re like us you’ve been deluged with news lately. Many childhoods have been “ruined” because of female Ghostbusters, Justin Beiber – a noted Canadian – was offered $5 Million to perform at the Republican National Convention, and maybe most important of all Taco Bell created a Cheetos burrito. However we’ve been informed that a whole lot of stuff happened in the theme park world recently. So we took a page out of our old college playbook, guzzled down a dozen 5 Hour Energys, and pulled another all-nighter. We crammed as much information as possible into our brains so that we could  report back to you, Dear Reader, with all the relevant facts (and before we forget it all tomorrow). So sit back, know that you are getting all the news that’s fit to print (and plenty more that’s not), and let’s begin our countdown starting with…# 6 – Universal’s Fast & Furious Supercharged Pushed Back to 2018?Get your Coronas, baby oil, and English-to-Vin Diesel/Vin Diesel-to-English dictionaries ready, SUPERCHARGED is coming in 2018. (photo by Michael Sheehy and Matt Cleary)While many people would scoff at the idea of the Fast and Furious franchise being an equivalent to Star Wars or Harry Potter, the box office numbers show that there is some smoke to that fire. To date the Fast and Furious movies are approaching four Billion dollars, which is about half of what SW and Potter have done, but F&F is picking up steam fast. In part thanks to F&F’s ethnically diverse cast, it appeals to demographics across the globe in a way that very few brands can. For example, in China Fast and Furious 7 opened to $182,000,000 while Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened to $52,000,000.Universal announced that Fast & Furious Supercharged would be making its way to Universal Studios Florida in 2017, replacing Disaster and Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue. Walls were put up in front of the old attractions, and graffiti was spray painted along the walls teasing the upcoming Fast and Furious ride. Earlier this summer, the year “2018” suddenly appeared in the artwork, so it looks like Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon and Volcano Bay will be Universal’s major projects opening in 2017. Supercharged, with a cast featuring more six packs than a Budweiser plant, will headline Universal’s summer a year later. Hopefully this extra time will allow Universal to develop F&F merchandise that can approach the levels Disney gets with Star Wars and Universal gets with Potter, because that is one area the franchise is way behind in.–# 5 – At Comic Con Disney Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction to a Mixed Near Unanimous Fan ReactionAfter a one year break, Marvel Studios returned to the world famous San Diego Comic Con and dropped some major bombshells, including one for the Disney theme parks. After giving news on their upcoming film slate (including Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Thor: Ragnarok), Marvel brought out the cast for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  At the end of the Guardians presentation, it was announced that a new attraction was coming to Disney’s California Adventure: Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout. As we wrote back in March (Looking at ways Disney can introduce Marvel to the theme parks) the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction would not be a brand new ride, but instead replace the Hollywood Tower of Terror. The reaction in Hall H was not what anyone would call overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Video by Johan Souply.Theme park fans being theme park fans, a petition was started on trying to get Disney to “save the Tower of Terror.” As of this writing, the petition has almost 30,000 supporters.Can Marty McFly go back in time to the day before the Hall H Comic Con presentation? Asking for a friend. (photo by Michael Sheehy)New and Improved Tower of Terror? (photo by Michael Sheehy)Just as there has been a loud reaction by fans saying this isn’t the best way to introduce the first Marvel ride inside an American Disney park (including yours truly on the recent E-Ticket Report podcast), many others have knighted up for Disney with the biggest defense being that the Tower of Terror in DCA is just a poor man’s version of what we have down here in Florida (which was voted The Best Attraction at WDW by an all star panel of voters.) I will be the first to completely agree that California’s Tower is a much lesser version of the iconic ride in Orlando, just as Magic Kingdom’s Pirates of the Caribbean can’t touch the original in Disneyland. However, DCA just finished a $1.2 Billion renovation to give the park a whole new look and feel. The overall theme of this entire redo was to try and replicate Walt Disney himself coming to California in the early 20th century. There is no other attraction inside DCA that fits that particular theme better than the Hollywood Tower of Terror.Even if the petition gets 10,000,000 supporters, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout is coming. However where the attraction is going is not even the most surprising part. The most jaw dropping fact is that Tower of Terror will not be shutting down until later this year, with Mission: Breakout opening up in Summer of 2017. Disney will be converting the ride over in a span of 6-9 months. More time is possibly being spent converting Pizza Planet over to PizzaRizzo at DHS. Frozen Ever After, which replaced Maelstrom in EPCOT, took a little over 20 months (and we’ll talk about how that went very shortly.)Long story short, whether or not you’re for or against the ride replacing Tower of Terror, it is exciting to see that we could finally see a Marvel attraction inside a Disney park soon. Although you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and quickly converting over the iconic Tower of Terror building to a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction may not be the best call when you have access to Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men.–# 4 – Universal’s Coke Freestyle Machines End Free Water DistributionWater, For the Future. (photo by Michael Sheehy and Matt Cleary)As a theme park blogger, we live and breathe on drama. When drama doesn’t exist we have to create it, and nothing is better at creating faux outrage than anytime Universal does anything with water. This time the story revolved around their Coke Freestyle machines. Until this summer, anyone could use the water feature on the Coke Freestyle without buying one of the refillable cups. Then, without warning, all hell broke loose when one day when the water feature was taken off the menu screen.The official answer was taken straight out of Disney’s “due to Guest Demand” playbook, saying that the water feature was removed because more exciting drinks were coming in the future. The unofficial answer, one that we here at the SATURDAY SIX have come to after talking to many sources, is that the water feature was probably turned off for a couple reasons. One logical reason would indicate guests who paid for the Coke Freestyle refillable cups did not like standing in long lines behind people who were just there to get free water. Another reasonable answer is that people only getting the free water would also get ice, causing the machines to regularly run out of ice during the day. Regardless, guests can still get free cups of water at any Universal quick service or outdoor kiosk.–# 3 – Frozen Ever After Debuts With Many Technical ProblemsAs we wrote earlier, Frozen Ever After made its heavily anticipated debut in EPCOT this summer and was received very favorably by critics and fans. That said, many guests have encountered problems with some of the attraction’s show elements. It is certainly not uncommon for major rides to open with technical problems, as both Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Universal’s Escape From Gringotts had their growing pains not that long ago. The difference is that Disney usually completely shuts down an attraction if it is “bad show” until it is fixed, but the well reported long lines have possibly caused Disney to keep running the ride unless several elements go down at once. “I love Frozen the animatronics are amazing”— 𝖇𝖔𝖇𝖇𝖞 (@BobbyAsen) July 9, 2016After a disastrous start to the summer seasons which included the indefinite delay of Animal Kingdom’s Rivers of Light nighttime show, Frozen Ever After did not get a chance for a “test and adjust” period during what many guests call a “soft open.” On June 20th there were walls up in front of the attraction, and on the morning of June 21st the ride was taking its first FP+ guests. In fact, Disney allowing guests to book FP+ experiences for Frozen Ever After certainly played into the Imagineers releasing the ride into operation before it was actually ready. All that said, given the constraints they had to work with, Frozen Ever After is better than it had any right to be. Yes, it probably doesn’t belong in World Showcase, and it desperately needs a higher capacity, but the ride itself is fun. Disney did a fantastic job with the hand they were dealt.Elsa animatronic has had an issue or two. (photo by Matt Cleary)–# 2 – Soarin’ DistortionSoarin’ Around the World made its debut in EPCOT this summer, and unless you are sitting in the direct center of the ride you get a whole new way to view famous landscapes and architecture from across the globe. With the new 4K resolution comes a whole new level of distortion, making buildings look like they are trying to Bend It Like Beckham.Actual screen shot from the Soarin’ Around the World video. No wonder Brexit passed, the castles in Europe were designed by MC Escher.Another actual shot from the Soarin’ Around the World film. We here at the SATURDAY SIX are 90% sure the Taj Mahal wasn’t built on an angle.The FRANCE PAVILION in EPCOT has been updated to reflect the changes seen in Soarin’ Around the World.–While the audiences still cheer at the end of every Soarin’ Across the World ride, many guests are taken out of the moment by obviously animated objects. During the beginning of the film we see an obvious CGI polar bear that was only missing a six pack of Coca Cola on the ice next to it. A complaint on the previous Soarin’ attraction was the lack of transitions during the ride, and now we can say for once and for all: be careful what you wish for. Soarin’ Around the World is filled with digital transitions including both a plane and kite flying right at you, and elephants kicking up a storm of dirt. Unfortunately the people behind Soarin’ Around the World apparently never watched Jurassic Park and learned the famous quote by Ian Malcolm, “Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”Many guests seem to think Disney has added too many digital elements to Soarin’ Around the World, including polar bears, whales, airplanes, and the Characters In Flight balloon from Disney Springs. (photo by Matt Cleary)–# 1 – Pokemon Go in the Theme ParksWho saw THIS coming? Pokemon Go was released earlier in July and became an instant worldwide phenomenon. Users of all ages, male and female, were going everywhere they could to capture virtual creatures. Once they capture these Pokemon, the users train them to battle other players in PokeGyms. If you are like Your Humble Author, none of that makes any sense whatsoever, but we can’t deny the game’s popularity. One element of Pokemon Go that is truly fantastic is that it forces users to leave their house in order to find the various Pokemon. This means people are going everywhere to find Pokemon, and we mean everywhere. Turns out one great place to find Pokemon is at your favorite theme park. Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld are all great place to discover whatever it is these players are looking for. There is even a Pokemon Go! in WDW twitter account to alert you to all the latest captures in Walt Disney World.I’ll admit that while I don’t understand anything about the game, and have even less interest in playing it, it’s great seeing so many friends involved in a common hobby. So have fun out there exploring and capturing your Pokeballs but most importantly STAY OFF MY LAWN!Pokemon (photo by Michael Sheehy)So there you have it: A 100% Serious Look at Recent Theme Park News From Disney and Universal. Maybe even 110% See you next weekend for the latest installment of the SATURDAY SIX, where we’ll be going to EPCOT. If you enjoyed yourself, be sure to check out The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! articles, or, for your listening pleasure, check out the E-Ticket Report podcast. You can also follow Your Humble Author on Twitter (@derekburgan)As of this writing, opening day crowds for Universal’s Sapphire Falls still in line waiting to check in.If you enjoyed this article, you will surely like the following:NEWS DESK: King Kong, SeaWorld Spies, WDW Preferred ParkingNEWS DESK: Mulch, Sweat & Shears RIP, WDW Monorail ProblemsNEWS DESK: Muppets Restaurant, WDW Drones, FP+ LinesSix Disney Obsessions We Just Don’t UnderstandSix Universal Trends We Just Don’t UnderstandSpecial Thanks to crack staff photographer Brandon Glover, #blocked and reported for spam Michael Sheehy, master photo manipulator Matt Cleary, Facebook own’s Johan Souply, and blogger to the stars Megan Stump for their invaluable assistance with this article. Be sure to also check out Brandon on The Park Blogger podcast with co-host Aengus Mackenzie along with Meg’s Yeti To Be Named Disney Podcast.last_img read more

Paint the Night Dining Package at Wine Country Trattoria

first_imgShare This!Sometimes people wait over an hour to see fireworks or view a popular parade or show at a Disney theme park. Because of this, some park visitors jump at the chance to pay for the luxury of having their spot locked in via pricey dining packages that include a meal and access to special viewing sections. In this review I’ll go over the pros and cons of the Paint the Night dining package at Disney California Adventure’s Wine Country Trattoria restaurant.  My reservation for dinner includes a starter salad or soup, one of eight entrees, and a dessert. Soda, coffee, or tea is also included (alcoholic beverages can be added on for an additional charge). Wine Country Trattoria isn’t the best full-service restaurant in Disneyland Resort (we’d pick Carthay Circle, Napa Rose, Blue Bayou, and even Carnation Cafe over it), but the menu is solid. It’s one of those restaurants that is good for a theme park, but it’s probably not somewhere you would eat outside of one. For my starter I ordered the Italian Wedding Soup, which was very good, garlicky, and fresh. The entrée I selected was the Osso Bucco (slow-braised lamb served with polenta and seasonal vegetables). The lamb was excellently prepared, and the meat was so tender that I was able to easily cut through it with my fork. The sauce that the Osso Bucco was smothered in was a bit too rich, so if you’re not in to that sort of thing you may want to order it on the side. My friend ordered the Chicken Parmesan, which she enjoyed thanks to the light breading and flavorful sauce. My dessert selection was the Tiramisu which I thought was delicious, but my friend did not enjoy due to it being too sweet and having an odd and soggy texture.  After paying for the meal ($49 per adult and $25 per child for dinner, $38 per adult and $21 per child for lunch) we were given our FASTPASS tickets that would allow us access to the viewing section for Paint the Night. We were given instructions to arrive at the viewing section by 8:15 PM (this is also printed on the FASTPASS ticket) for an 8:45 PM showtime. After dinner my friend and I went back to touring the park, assuming we’d have plenty of time to kill before we had to be back at the viewing section. At 7 PM I thought it may be a good idea to check out the viewing section to see if was even set up yet. To my surprise not only was it already set up, but it was quickly filling up. Not wanting to waste the reserved viewing that we paid for, we secured a spot and started to wait the hour and 45 minutes until the parade started. Other dining package guests steadily arrived over the next hour until the viewing section was jam packed. Do not buy this dining package if you expect the viewing section to have a little breathing room between you and other viewers–it can get crowded. Also, be advised to arrive well before the 8:15 PM cut-off time. Not everyone will get a spot right along the parade route. The viewing section was stacked three people back. The viewing area is located across from the entrance to Cars Land, near the Disney Vacation Club kiosk. The view itself is the same you would get from any other part of the parade route.As for Paint the Night, it’s the same great parade with infectious soundtrack that ran in Disneyland a few years ago. Monsters Inc., Cars, Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid are all represented, along with over 75 energetic performers. We rate the parade 5 stars and think it’s not to be missed. Demand for the parade is high, but thankfully DCA’s parade route is over half a mile longer than Disneyland’s. This makes it much easier to get a viewing spot, which also lessens the need for a dining package. Is the Paint the Night dining package worth it? I’m going to say no due to the amount of time you still need to dedicate to waiting for the parade. In terms of value it’s not too bad considering how overpriced Disney food is. If you were to dine Wine Country Trattoria and order the same items off of the regular menu it would cost you around $40 dollars. Personally, I would dine at a quick-service restaurant and then grab a spot an hour before the parade started. It’s worth mentioning that Carthay Circle Restaurant also has a Paint the Night dining package which includes actual seats. It is priced at $100.Have you experienced the Paint the Night dining package at Disney California Adventure? If you haven’t, does the package sound worth it to you? Let me know in the comments below.last_img read more

Exhibition traces migrant workers’ journey

first_imgSouth Africa was built on mining, and its mines were built on migrant workers. Millions of black men across southern Africa were forced by economic circumstance and taxes to travel to the city of gold, leaving their families at home. (Images: WAM) • Fiona Rankin-Smith Curator Ngezinyawo – Migrant Journeys Wits Art Museum +27 11 717 1365 [email protected] • Benin gallery keeps African art in Africa • Exhibition exposes apartheid, celebrates South African photography • Soweto: from struggle to suburbia • Historic Soweto township turns 80 • Africanis – the dog of AfricaMelissa Jane CookAs the country emerges from a volatile five-month long strike in the platinum mining sector, the Wits Art Museum (WAM) opens an extraordinary exhibition focusing on migrant workers in South Africa. Migrant labour is fundamental to the making of modern South Africa and the exhibition tells the stories of these men.Ngezinyawo – Migrant Journeys is rich and diverse, and spans many years of collective heritage. Items on display include contemporary artwork, archival documents, photographs, films, music, artefacts from ethnographic collections, and interviews. It glaringly highlights that 20 years into democracy, there are still numerous, unresolved problems associated with the system of migrant labour.The elaborate art, dress, dance, music and song that migrants crafted to assert and express their humanity feature prominently. Life was and continues to be difficult for migrant workers. Performance and song played a vital role in passing on oral histories, for social commentary and artistic expression. These creative outputs show an ability to survive with dignity despite the daily hardships they faced.Like the migrants, visitors to the exhibition participate in a physical journey through the museum. They walk the road alongside early migrants to the cities, who mainly sought work on the mines. Overcoming hostility, harsh living conditions, violence, dispossession and loss are the recurrent themes at the exhibition – yet there are also themes of resilience and creativity.The glitter of goldSouth African society changed greatly when gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand in 1886. This discovery was central to South Africa’s industrial development and to the politics of segregation. Here, on the goldfields of the Rand, the lives of many people intersected. Within a decade, Johannesburg had developed into the largest city in South Africa, populated by tens of thousands. Prospectors, labourers, fortune hunters, shop keepers and immigrants from all over the world flocked to the city. Residential areas were hastily constructed and in the poorer sections slums developed.As the mines went deeper underground, the demand for cheap labour intensified. The Chamber of Mines asked the government to provide a cheap labour supply. Over time, the state introduced a number of measures to force more black men to work in the mines. These included introducing taxes such as the hut tax and the poll tax – they had to leave their land to work in the city to earn money to pay the taxes.For its part, the Chamber of Mines preferred to use migrant labour because they could be paid very low wages. The industry justified the low wages by claiming that the migrants’ families earned an additional income in the reserves. Because migrants were supposedly only part-time workers, the mine owners did not have to provide them with any kind of social security. Mine owners also preferred migrant labour because the workers could be controlled more easily. The men had to sign employment contracts. If they broke their contracts by deserting, which many did, they were arrested and got a criminal record. The migrants were also housed in closed compounds, or hostels, which were tightly controlled.Conditions on the mines were very bad in the early decades. Workers often laboured 14 hours a day. Deaths from major accidents, pneumonia, tuberculosis, silicosis and malnutrition were extremely high.Tracing the journeyTracing the journey from rural areas to the city, the interactive exhibition includes personal objects such as hut tax receipts and a stamped passbook. There are envelopes decorated by self-taught artist Tito Zungu. Using pencil, ballpoint pens and coloured pens, the envelopes were decorated with images of boats, aeroplanes and transistor radios. Moving between time and space, these envelopes made the journey from work to home, linking the migrants’ different worlds. They spent long periods of time away from their families and letter writing was the only means of communication.Personal objects such as walking sticks, snuff bags and pipes that the workers carried with them were powerful reminders of the homes and families they left behind. These objects can be thought of as symbols of the personal journey that they made.Single-sex compounds with concrete bunk beds and cold, bare walls were constructed to house migrant mine workers. Some of these mining compounds, or hostels, are still in use today, although the city of Johannesburg is renovating them and turning them into family units. Photographs and other remarkable objects on display provide insight into the living conditions and hardships encountered in hostels. But there are also extraordinarily creative everyday objects, music and performances that transcended the daily struggle. There are envelopes decorated by self-taught artist Tito Zungu. Using pencil, ballpoint pens and coloured pens, the envelopes were decorated with images of boats, aeroplanes and transistor radios. Kentridge filmA short film by artist William Kentridge is part of Ngezinyawo – Migrant Journeys. It is a dramatization of the inequality and oppression of life on the mines. Set in the over-exploited, scorched industrial and mining landscape around Johannesburg, it represents the legacy of a time of abuse and injustice.Kentridge develops the analogy between the landscape and the mind. A journey into the mines provides a visual representation of a journey into the conscience of the main character, Soho Eckstein, the white South African property owner who exploits the resources of land and black human labour which are under his domain. Throughout the film the imagery shifts between the geological landscape underground inhabited by innumerable black miners and Soho’s world of white luxury above ground. Soho sits at his desk in his customary pin-stripe suit and punches adding machines and cash registers, creating a flow of gold bars, exhausted miners, blasted landscapes and blocks of uniform housing. Soho sits at his desk in his customary pin-stripe suit and punches adding machines and cash registers, creating a flow of gold bars, exhausted miners, blasted landscapes and blocks of uniform housing.The issues surrounding migrants that are addressed in this exhibition are part of a history that continues to profoundly affect South African society. The difficult lives of migrant workers and their families, xenophobic violence and recent upheavals in the mining sector – culminating in the Marikana massacre and this year’s devastating strike in the platinum sector – are just a few of the headlines that confront contemporary South Africa.A book entitled A Long Way Home: Migrant Worker Worlds 1800 – 2014 has been published to accompany the exhibition and includes essays by leading local and international academics.Guardian of the exhibitionThe exhibition was curated by Fiona Rankin-Smith, veteran WAM curator and the force behind important exhibitions such as Figuring Faith: Images of Belief in Africa (2005) and Halakasha, the football exhibition mounted to coincide with the 2010 World Cup.For Ngezinyawo – Migrant Journeys, she collaborated with Peter Delius, the history professor and widely published author from Wits University. “South Africa is internationally infamous as the site of a systematic and pervasive system of racial discrimination. What is less well known, though, is how uniquely fundamental migrant labour was to the making of modern South Africa,” Delius explains.Ngezinyawo – Migrant Journeys is on display at the Wits Art Museum until 20 July 2014.last_img read more

Will IoT change how we interact with mobile apps?

first_imgRelated Posts Mobile apps try to keep you glued on the screen for as long as possible, but in the future these experiences will become focused and unified, as they interact more seamlessly to become extensions of your IoT system.That’s according to Frank Palermo, the VP of digital solutions at Virtusa, who says the growth in momentum surrounding IoT will change UX design for mobile applications and consumer systems.See Also: Enterprise outlook: partly cloudy with a chance of fearPalermo makes a few points on the future of UX design in the IoT age, including what might be the most shocking to users today: No more screens.Screens are a thing of the past, according to Palermo, in a design world focused on integrated context. Everything is always running and UX design needs to make operations simple for the end user, removing clutter found on apps currently. The UX needs to change as well to make sure only a few connections are occupying the space, and Palermo claims data-driven design might help towards a cleaner interface.He also points out that loading will no longer be an issue, adding that we already tune out of websites that take more a few seconds to load — hence why Facebook, Apple, and Google all launched systems to make webpages load faster — so consumers will have even less patience for IoT services that are spend time booting or loading.That might be fixed by the time IoT comes to consumers, as LTE Advanced, Wi-Fi ac routers, and over 100Mbps download speeds become commonplace. Palermo also sees beacon technology adoption as an imperative to avoid poor radio signals indoors and believes designers should make it a top priority to set up systems with beacon technology in mind.For it all to work, he says, there needs to be standards for IoT devices, which also seems to be developing.Palermo suggests the Open Connectivity Foundation, a merger of the Open Interconnect Consortium and AllSeen Alliance, is a good sign of companies working to create standards for IoT. Having all devices cooperate with one another could advance consumer interest in IoT, instead of walled gardens that do not accept third-party devices. David Curry Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#design#Internet of Things#IoT#mobile#UX#Virtusa center_img The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementlast_img read more

Winners and losers in India’s science budget


10 months agoArsenal manager Emery: I’m taking senior players to Blackpool

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Arsenal manager Emery: I’m taking senior players to Blackpoolby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal will not be taking Sunday’s FA Cup third-round clash with Blackpool lightly, according to manager Unai Emery.The Gunners fielded a weakened side against the League One club in the Carabao Cup earlier this season.But Emery says he is serious about winning England’s premier knockout trophy and will take senior players with him to Bloomfield Road.He said: “It’s a new competition we are going to start, the FA Cup. In the history, it’s been very important for us.”Arsenal is the team that has won this competition 13 times, more than anyone else. It’s a title and it’s a possibility for us to do something important.”We are going to start that at Blackpool. We know them because we played against them and we have the respect. We’ll prepare for the match with this respect for them, but also respect for this competition. It’s a way to [win] a title.”The Spaniard added: “I am going to play with the players to be competitive.”If we need some young players to do one mix, but finding this power to be stronger with them, we will do it. The priority now is Blackpool.” last_img read more

Derrick Rose Emotional in Chicago Return Leads Team USA

Photo by Getty Images.Nine months after tearing the medial collateral ligament in his left knee, Derrick Rose returned to the basketball floor at the United Center in Chicago over the weekend. And the Chicago Bulls fans warmly embraced him.Playing with Team USA in a blowout win over Brazil, Rose performed on the court where he was injured for the first time since Nov. 22. And the reception he received was heart-warming, he said.“I’ve been preparing for this for a long time,” Rose said. “Probably, if this was a couple weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been emotional, but right now it feels great. We won the game so that’s the only thing I could be happy about — we won. We didn’t lose. If we had lost my whole attitude would have been different. Just take this win, go to New York  and just try to keep this going.”Team USA headed to New York this week to continue training for the World Cup.Rose scored seven points in 24 minutes in his Chicago return Saturday, but the fact that he was out there at all after playing just 10 games in the past two years because of two serious knee injuries is what made fans so happy. Rose was the last player introduced before the game as fans roared and chanted “MVP!”“I’m playing the way I normally play in the trials,” Rose said. “Push the ball, play defense and get guys shots. When the shot is available, take the shot, and I think that’s what I did tonight. I had one or two turnovers, but that could easily be changed.”“It’s great to watch Derrick play again,” Bulls coach and Team USA assistant Tom Thibodeau said. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the way he played.” read more

Wait Is Lonzo Ball The Next Russell Westbrook

Our CARMELO NBA player projections are back! In the video above, Nate Silver breaks down what CARMELO thinks about the league’s top prospects.

Theres A New Favorite In The 2019 Womens NCAA Tournament

The 2019 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament resumes on Friday with its Sweet 16 games. In the video above, Assistant Sports Editor Sara Ziegler talks about the lack of surprises in the tournament so far and the path of the one Cinderella team that’s still hanging on. She also discusses who our model thinks is the new favorite to cut down the nets in April.You can see all of our March Madness projections here.

Ohio State mens volleyball looking to control the pace against Ball State

Junior middle blocker Dustan Neary (18) and freshman outside hitter Miles Johnson (13) attempt to block the ball during a match against Grand Canyon Feb. 21 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-0.Credit: Jonathan McAllister / Lantern photographerAfter back-to-back wins, the Ohio State men’s volleyball team could be hitting its stride.The No. 13 Buckeyes (7-6, 4-2) easily dispatched the Grand Canyon Antelopes in two matches over the weekend, sweeping them 3-0 on consecutive nights.After four consecutive matches on their home court, the Buckeyes are set to finish off their five-match home stand Wednesday, hosting No. 14 Ball State (7-5, 3-2) at 7 p.m. in St. John Arena.OSU junior outside hitter Michael Henchy said he and his teammates are looking to take what worked against the Antelopes and apply it to the match against the Cardinals.“We need to control the pace of the match and win or lose points on our terms. If we can dictate the way the game is played, we have a much stronger chance to win,” Henchy said.The Buckeyes beat the Cardinals once last season, a 3-1 result in Columbus. But when OSU traveled to Muncie, Ind., it was the Cardinals who dominated, winning 3-0 in a match that ended a three-game winning streak for the Buckeyes.“Last time we played them (Ball State) we were swept in their gym,” Henchy said. “We played flat and lost the game on our own side of the net.”Freshman setter Christy Blough, who tallied 77 assists in the two wins against the Antelopes, said nothing is going to come easy against Ball State because of its physicality.“Ball State is not going to give us many points off of their errors,” Blough said. “So I think the most important thing we have to do to win this match is to limit our errors attacking and from the service line.”The Buckeyes are expecting the Cardinals to come out hungry against them after dropping two matches last week to a pair of top 10 opponents in No. 1 Loyola and then-No. 10 Lewis. Henchy said Ball State plays a “scrappy” game, and is likely to look to take advantage if OSU’s offense is weak.“We are practicing being aggressive and bringing more pace in our attacks,” Henchy said. “We have also done more work in transition to improve our efficiency.” read more