Top Putin critic Navalny calls for UK to sanction oligarchs over spy poisoning

first_imgABC News(LONDON) — As Britain weighs possible retaliatory actions against Russia over the poisoning of a former spy in England last week, a top Kremlin opponent has called for the U.K. to impose targeted sanctions against oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin with assets in London.Britain is considering its options after a chemical attack on Sergey Skripal and his daughter that employed a military-grade nerve agent U.K. officials said must have been produced in Russia. U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May had given Russia until midnight Tuesday to explain how the nerve agent, known as a “Novichok,” came to be used in the small town of Salisbury, or face retribution.In an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, Alexey Navalny, an anti-corruption activist seen as Putin’s most-effective critic, said that if it’s proved conclusively that the Kremlin was behind the poisoning, the British government should eschew “symbolic gestures” such as a soccer World Cup boycott or banning Russian propaganda stations, and instead target wealthy Putin allies in the U.K.“One scenario, as it seems to me, is Putin’s comfortable scenario,” Navalny said at the Moscow office of his organization, the Anti-Corruption Foundation. That would mean “quite standard responses,” Navalny said, such as diplomatic punishments or symbolic sanctions, that he said Putin expects.“There is a second option,” he added, “that would really be painful for Putin and his corrupt circle that consists of applying targeted sanctions on those oligarchs and state officials whose families have been based for a very long time in Great Britain.”British officials have suggested they’re looking at a broad range of retaliatory actions, including diplomatic expulsions, fresh economic sanctions and cyberattacks, and the government has also made clear that it’s considering sanctions against individual Putin allies, by imposing visa bans and possibly freezing assets.May’s midnight ultimatum passed, with Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, saying it will not respond to it until the U.K. provides details of the nerve agent used. Officials in Moscow have lined up to reject the British allegations as inventions meant to smear Russia, with a foreign ministry spokeswoman calling them “fairy tales.”With her ultimatum deadline seeming to have passed without Russia acquiescing, May is under pressure to respond toughly amid criticism the U.K. failed to act strongly enough over a previous Russian-linked poisoning, that of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian intelligence officer turned dissident who was murdered with a radioactive substance in London in 2006. With Russia seen as mounting an increasingly aggressive challenge to Western countries, there are calls for the U.K. to take a harder line to make the Kremlin take notice.Irking the Kremlin is an area Navalny has experience in. A former lawyer, he came to prominence in Russia with investigations revealing the alleged illegal wealth of senior officials and members of Putin’s circle. One of those, into the alleged illegal property empire of Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, prompted large scale street protests last year. Recently, Navalny built a grassroots movement with tens of thousands of followers, calling for fair elections and an end to official corruption. Regularly jailed for holding rallies against the Kremlin, he was barred from running for president against Putin in elections, due to take place this week, over a fraud conviction he says is trumped up.Navalny has argued that the Kremlin’s pressure points are the oligarchs around it, the few dozen businessmen and friends of Putin who made immense fortunes during his rule, often benefiting from state contracts. The Kremlin will not, Navalny said, be phased by symbolic responses, having got used to them after years of escalating confrontation with Western countries. In particular, he said he is opposed to the proposal to ban RT, the Kremlin-funded broadcaster formerly known as Russia Today that has been accused of acting as a propaganda outlet. Putin would be untroubled by such a ban, given RT is relatively little watched in the U.K., and it would allow the Kremlin to say censorship exists in Western countries.Such steps, Navalny, said just allowed Putin to “use them in his propaganda.”Instead, he added, the U.K. should take advantage of the concentration of Putin allies’ wealth in London. The U.K. has become a hub for rich Russians under Putin, with large numbers of the country’s elite owning property there and educating their children in English schools.Navalny said U.K. authorities should impose asset freezes and strip visas from oligarchs close to the Kremlin who were enjoying lives in England, saying he could name 20 figures to start with.“It will lead to the creation of an anti-Putin coalition, one in the shadows for now, inside the Putin establishment,” Navalny said. “Up to now, they have seen that Putin solves problems, Putin is able to do whatever he wants —- to shoot down airplanes, to start wars, to lie in every interview, in every conversation with world leaders — but in a remarkable way he gets away with everything.”“And here will be the first example,” Navalny added, “if it will all be proved, where it leads to some kind of consequences.”Navalny gave the names of two figures he said the U.K. authorities should immediately target: Alisher Usmanov and Igor Shuvalov.Usmanov is one of Russia’s richest men, solidly invested in Britain, where he owns the London soccer club Arsenal FC. The Kremlin has reportedly tapped him when in need of cash for projects; Usmanov even once paying the wages of the coach of Russia’s national soccer team.Shuvalov, is an influential Russian first deputy prime minister, who Navalny has previously accused of concealing vast wealth abroad. Navalny has previously alleged that Shuvalov owns an $18 million, 5,380-square-foot penthouse in central London, despite having an annual government salary of only around $17,000.Shuvalov has previously said his income declarations are in order and his earnings are entirely legal. Usmanov has sued Navalny over allegations he was part of the bribery involving prime minister Medvedev. Last year, Usmanov released a video in which he told Navalny, “I spit on you.”Enthusiasm for targeting assets belonging to Kremlin-linked figures in London has been expressed in British official circles since Skripal’s poisoning. In particular, there have been calls for Britain to introduce a so-called Magnitsky Act, legislation similar to that already in the U.S. that imposes visa bans and asset freezes on Russians implicated in human-rights abuses.The act is named after Sergey Magnitsky, a lawyer murdered after he uncovered a $230 million tax fraud involving Russian officials. The U.K. government has also suggested it’s considering applying recently introduced legislation allowing for freezes of wealth suspected to be corrupt.Navalny, however, said he feared the U.K. “unfortunately” was likely to opt for “the route of symbolic gestures” in the latest clash. A large number of individuals identified as close to Putin are already under European Union and U.S. Treasury sanctions imposed over Russia’s seizure of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. But Navalny argued that these have been relatively toothless, claiming that most of Putin’s key allies still own property in Europe and the U.S.“While about these sanctions there are a lot of conversations,” Navalny said, “they unfortunately have no practical influence on what is happening.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img read more

WATCH: Dakar stage seven highlights

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Silvandersson is a runaway winner

first_imgThe weather was cool and dry and the course was in great shape.  But as usual this course took its toll as only three players in the men’s division managed to break par.In the A Flight Alan Pilkington just pipped his close friend Alan Griffiths by one point to take the honours with 37 points.  Jan Silvandersson was the runaway victor in the B Flight with the highest score of the day (40pts) to win convincingly while George Young also had a comfortable win in the C Flight, finishing 4 points clear of second and third.PAGS monthly tournament B Flight winner and day’s top scorer Jan Silvandersson, center.The ladies flight was a very close contest between Srithong (40pts) and the in-form Mam Moral (39pts).At this stage of the aggregate tournament, Alan Griffiths is the overall leader of the men’s division and the ladies’ leader is Miss Moon.After the prize presentations and a great BBQ, the celebrations went on well into the night.A Flight1st Alan Pilkington (9) 37pts2nd Alan Griffiths (11) 36pts3rd Dennis Marks (13) 35ptsB Flight1st Jan Silvandersson (15) 40pts2nd Bob Rassmusson (15) 37pts3rd Steve PlantC Flight1st George Young (22) 34pts2nd Paul Lindgren (25) 30pts3rd Don Carmody (22) 30ptsLadies1st Srithong (12) 40pts2nd Mam Moral (17) 39ptsLong Putts:  Jonny Larson, Harvey SamuelsLong Drives:  Grant Cadell, Siripen (2), Jason McDonaldNear Pins (3 shots):  Jack Grinvold, Alan Pilkington, Bob Rassmusson, Alan GriffithsNear Pins (2 shots):  Bob More, Patrick Malvany, Johannas, Terry Hutchinson, Des Scott, Brian NealNear Pins (Tee shot):  Miss Moon, Ning Neal, Pier Cere, Jack BowmanFriday, April 1, Greenwood – StablefordWe knew it was April fool’s day but we did not expect anyone to be so foolish as the management at Treasure Hill.  Yet again they ‘excelled’ themselves by not only double booking two outlets for the same time of 10.30 a.m., but also increasing their green fees for the low season by 150 baht rather than reducing them like everyone else.A Flight winner Alan Pilkington.After a frustrating 20 minutes of negotiations and getting absolutely nowhere we decided to make the short journey to Greenwood where the scenario was completely different as the staff there fell over backwards to accommodate us.  The course was in great shape and everybody enjoyed it once we settled down.Only one division today, with Pier Cere being the only player to break par and thus be the winner, while Bob Crawford beat Brian Maddox on a 17-13 count-back for second place.Ladies flight winner Srithong, center, collects her prize.1st Pier Cere (12) 38pts2nd Bob Crawford (27) 32pts3rd Brian Maddox (21) 32ptsNear Pins:  Ning Neal, Joop Medze, Pier Cere, Tony DuthieNote:  The group is based at the Fairways Driving Range situated at the top of Pattaya Klang on Sukhumvit Road and we play every Sun – Mon – Wed – & Fri.  Anyone wishing to play with our society can call into the club house and put their names down on the lists provided or call Scott on 084 389 2327.  Transport provided if required. PSC golf from The Fairways Golf SocietyTuesday, March 29, Mt. Shadow – PAGS Monthly TournamentAnother great day out was well organised by the guys at the Fairways Golf Society.  The cut today for the three divisions was 0-13, 14-18, & 19-28 with over one hundred golfers vying to win one of the many prizes on offer. last_img read more

Graham jumps to early lead

first_imgThe course was in good condition, but the speed of the greens was variable with the A course greens being generally slow and the B course ones considerably faster. PSC Bunker Boys @ The Bowling GreenMonday, July 2, Pattana – StablefordJust nine golfers today, but the three groups of 3-balls were able to set off with a clear course ahead of them.  After a short discussion on the first tee we decided to play off the yellow tees rather than the whites, since some holes, particularly on the B nine, offer a daunting challenge to the shorter hitters. Gerry Cooney is beginning to claw his way up the leaderboard after returning from long term injury.Lee Butler returned to form to record the best score of the day, and picked up three near pin prizes on the way.  Lee’s friend and arch-rival Barry Murnin was in second place, after reportedly spending the whole weekend at the driving range.1st Lee Butler (14) 38pts2nd Barry Murnin (15) 36pts3rd John Graham (10) 35ptsNear Pins:  John Graham and Lee Butler(3)Wednesday, July 4, Khao Kheow B & C – StablefordEleven golfers today, and once again we were presented with a wide open course, and the leading three-ball completed the round in under 3½ hours.  The course was in good condition, the greens having largely recovered from recent damage, and they were playing fast and tricky.Eddie Kelly continued his recent run of good form (two out of the last three rounds under his handicap) to take the honours – and is surely heading for a cut!  We welcomed back Richard Baldotto for his annual visit, but he’s going to need a few more games to get into the swing of things, completing his first round with the not so impressive total of 23 points.Lee Butler was heard to complain that his disappointing round was caused by a dog which followed him round the course, and was standing next to him on every shot, panting heavily – it wasn’t until the 16th hole that he found out the dog belonged to the caddy!1st Eddie Kelly (17) 37pts2nd Paul Edgar (19) 33pts3rd John Graham (10) 31ptsNear Pins:  John Graham (2)Friday, July 6, Greenwood B & C – StablefordSo much for my comment about Richard on Wednesday – he emphatically proved me wrong by scoring 39 points (a massive improvement of 16 points over Wednesday’s total), only narrowly losing out on first place to John Graham on the count back.  John’s had three podium finishes this week, to establish an early lead in the race to Golfer of the Month, and is playing consistently well.Both your scribe and his stand-in correspondent are enjoying a drunken weekend in Phnom Penh, so nothing to report from the course today.1st John Graham (10) 39pts2nd Richard Baldotto (25) 39pts3rd Paul Edgar (19) 38ptsNear Pins:  Paul Edgar, Dave Ashman.Note:  The Bunker Boys are a PSC affiliated golf society who now play out of the Bowling Green on Soi X-Zyte between Pattaya 3rd Road and Soi Buakhaow.  We play three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so if you enjoy a fun day out, and a friendly but competitive golf competition why not come and join us.We meet at the Bowling Green at 9 a.m. for breakfast and transportation, and new players with valid handicaps are always welcome.  For more information call Dave on 087 1469978, email dave. [email protected]last_img read more

Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis: NFL’s been cagey on concussions

first_imgIn this Thursday, June 15, 2017, photo, NFL player Jerome Bettis attends a football game in Ramat Hasharon, near Tel Aviv, Israel. Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis said Monday that the NFL had taken advantage of its players by not sharing with them all the information it had about the risk of concussions. After viewing an innovation expo in Jerusalem that included a presentation from ElMindA, an Israeli neuro-technology company that is helping the NFL diagnose concussions, Bettis said he was encouraged by the progress but still perplexed about how transparent the league has been over the years. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov) JERUSALEM (AP) — Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis says the NFL has taken advantage of its players by not sharing with them all the information it had about the risk of concussions.After viewing an innovation expo in Jerusalem that included a presentation from ElMindA, an Israeli neuro-technology company that can help the NFL diagnose concussions, Bettis said Monday that he was encouraged by the progress but still perplexed about how transparent the league has been over the years.“The problem is we don’t necessarily know all the things the league is doing. For instance, working with this company here, you don’t know if they are working with them closely to try to help solve the problem,” Bettis said. “You definitely feel as though you were taken advantage of in a way that you weren’t given that information, and you always want to have the choice of knowing, and when that is taken away from you, you feel as though you were taken advantage of.”Bettis, the NFL’s sixth all-time leading rusher, said he suffered concussions during his 13-year career, adding, “I don’t think you’ll find many guys that had a long career, played 10-plus years, that didn’t have a concussion.”After years of denials, the NFL eventually acknowledged the link between repeated blows to the head during football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE. The issue also garnered wide attention following the 2015 Will Smith film “Concussion.”Just last week, the first two claims in the NFL’s billion-dollar concussion settlement were announced, with a total of $9 million in benefits. In the lawsuit filed in Philadelphia, the league was accused of hiding what it knew about the link between concussions and CTE, the degenerative brain disease that has been found in dozens of former players after their deaths.In recent years, the NFL has undertaken a series of initiatives both on the field and off, including spending millions of dollars on research into head trauma.“The NFL invests and collaborates with leading experts and innovators to advance progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of head injuries,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told The Associated Press.Bettis is one of 18 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame who is in Israel for a weeklong visit organized by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. In addition to boosting the fledgling local game, the delegation is also touring religious and historical sites, meeting prominent officials and learning about the country’s vibrant technology sector.The delegation, which includes Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Roger Staubach and Mike Singletary, received presentations from 10 companies at the expo. ElMindA, which is at the forefront of the concussion research and has developed a system based on a database of electrophysiological brain recordings that provide personalized functional cognitive mapping, was clearly most relevant to the audience.“We have had a number of conversations with the company and continue to monitor developments, but the technology is not currently being used,” McCarthy said.Kraft’s company, The Kraft Group, has been an investor in ElMindA since at least 2015.Three-time All-Pro Aeneas Williams said he was pleased with how the NFL was handling the issue and using technology to make the game safer. Williams, who retired in 2004 after 14 years in the league, said there are far more precautions in place than when he played. He was a teammate of Andre Waters and Dave Duerson, two former players featured in “Concussion” who suffered cognitive issues before killing themselves, then were diagnosed with CTE afterward.“The technology, the adjustments that have been made, players being diagnosed immediately and having to stay out even against their own wishes. In the past, when I played, guys got back in the field or they just disguised it. We used to call it ’having your bell rung,’” he said. “I am definitely excited about today’s player being able to get action real-time as to what’s going on with their brains.”Kraft said the expo exposed the players to various health issues that transcended concussions alone.“I really think that may be overdone a little bit. I mean, I don’t think the game has ever been safer than it is now,” Kraft said, noting new rules, equipment and medical care available.Through Football Research Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the research and development of novel methods to prevent, mitigate and treat traumatic head injury, some of those initiatives include:— Creating a program for head protection based in injury-prevention techniques proven successful in automobile safety technology.— Developing accurate impact sensors.— Advancing helmet technology to mitigate impact force.— Creating incentives for industry to use the research and develop new protective equipment, potentially even including position-specific helmets.Kraft also emphasized the on-field moves the league has made.“I mean we have independent doctors at the stadiums that can take a player out, and when I started in the league the head coach was really making certain decisions,” Kraft said. “So I think we have made great strides moving ahead in terms of the health of the game.”___AP Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner and AP Sports Writer Jimmy Golen contributed to this report.___For more NFL coverage: and Aron Heller on Twitter at read more

Titans’ Delanie Walker: family has received death threats

first_imgNASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker says he and his family have received death threats since he told fans not to come to games if they felt disrespected by NFL players’ protests.The Pro Bowl tight end shared the “heartbreaking” threats Thursday night in a social media post.“The racist and violent words directed at me and my son only serve as another reminder that our country remains divided and full of hateful rhetoric,” Walker wrote. “These words of hate will only fuel me in my efforts to continue my work reaching out to different community groups, listening to opposing voices, and honoring the men and women in the Armed Forces who risk their lives every day so that we may have this dialogue.”Walker and the Tennessee Titans joined the Seattle Seahawks in staying inside their locker rooms during the national anthem last weekend, and Walker walked out arm in arm with quarterback Marcus Mariota. On Monday, Walker tried to make clear he supports the military in a protest that is seeking equal rights.“And the fans that don’t want to come to the games, OK, bye,” Walker said Monday. “I mean if you feel that’s something where we’re disrespecting you, don’t come to the games. You don’t have to. No one is telling you to come to the game. It’s your freedom and your choice to do that.”The Titans had no comment Thursday night.Walker took part this spring in the NFL’s USO Tour of the Middle East. He said in his statement he gained an even greater appreciation for the men and women who defend American values. He said he used strong words in defending the Titans’ right to make their own choices.He wrote that it’s his choice to try to spark conversation for positive change and fans’ choice to attend Titans’ games, a U.S. freedom so envied around the world.“I am proud to represent the many faces of Titans fans and believe that only through a more respectful discourse can we achieves the goals of unity, peace and racial equality that I know we all strive for,” Walker said.Walker isn’t the only NFL player dealing with a backlash from protesting.Detroit Lions defensive tackle Akeem Spence shared on Twitter earlier Thursday that his father, a contractor, was denied a job on a house due to his protest. He was among the Lions who took a knee before their game against Atlanta.___For more NFL coverage: and In this Sept. 24, 2017, file photo, Tennessee Titans’ Delanie Walker (82), Marcus Mariota (8), Wesley Woodyard (59), Jurrell Casey (99) and Brian Orakpo (98) walk to the field with arms linked after the national anthem had been played before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/James Kenney, File) ___Follow Teresa M. Walker at read more

Ex-Steeler Santonio Holmes hosts bowling event for kids with Sickle Cell disease

first_imgSANTONIO HOLMES, top left, and current Steeler Roosevelt Nix, right, with some of the youth at Holmes’ celebrity bowling event, Oct. 10. (Photo by Tationna Smalley)No one’s really sure who won the Santonio Holmes celebrity bowling event at AMF Noble Manor Lanes in the West End, Oct. 10.That’s because the real winners were the kids.Holmes, forever minted in Steeler lore after making the Super Bowl-winning touchdown catch against the Arizona Cardinals, has a son with Sickle Cell disease.Through his Third and Long foundation, the Super Bowl XLIII MVP has hosted a number of programs and events to build awareness about the disease, and to increase financial support for research. The Strikes Against Sickle Cell Bowlathon gave youth with the disease a chance to bowl with the stars.“We advocate for our kids,” said Michael Matthews, executive director of the local Children’s Sickle Cell Foundation. “If you go to a particular school, the staff may not know what Sickle Cell is. They might think it’s contagious, they may think it’s only a Black disease, which it is not. We go in the schools and help educate the staff so they can be better advocates as administrators and teachers.”Matthews, whose foundation brought the youth to the bowling event, said the organization works with about 220 children in Allegheny County with Sickle Cell. “If you’re a parent of a child with Sickle Cell, we not only provide programming for that child, we encourage it throughout the entire family,” he told the New Pittsburgh Courier in an exclusive interview. “So, this event, you see some kids with Sickle Cell, but you also see some of their siblings.”last_img read more

Yawkey Way outside Fenway Park changed over racist past

first_imgIn this June 22, 2017, file photo, retired Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz is honored with the renaming of a portion of Yawkey Way to David Ortiz Drive outside Fenway Park in Boston. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File) BOSTON (AP) — Boston officials Thursday approved changing the name of Yawkey Way, the street outside Fenway Park, because of allegations former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey was a racist who resisted hiring Black ballplayers in the 1940s and ’50s.The city’s Public Improvement Commission unanimously approved a proposal by current Red Sox ownership to call the stretch of road Jersey Street, which it was originally named before being changed in 1977 to honor Yawkey the year after he died.The vote drew immediate condemnation from the Yawkey Foundations, the charity named for Yawkey and his wife, Jean.“As we have said throughout this process, the effort to expunge Tom Yawkey’s name has been based on a false narrative about his life and his historic 43-year ownership of the Red Sox,” the organization said.“The drastic step of renaming the street, now officially sanctioned by the city of Boston (and contradicting the honor the city bestowed upon Tom Yawkey over 40 years ago), will unfortunately give lasting credence to that narrative and unfairly tarnish his name.”The Red Sox filed a petition with the commission in February and said that restoring the Jersey Street name is intended to reinforce that Fenway Park is “inclusive and welcoming to all.”Principal owner John Henry told the Boston Herald last year that “I am still haunted by what went on here a long time before we arrived.”Yawkey owned the Red Sox from 1933 until 1976. The Red Sox were the last Major League Baseball franchise to field a black player, when infielder Pumpsie Green was called up in 1959, 12 years after Jackie Robinson played for the Dodgers.The Yawkey Foundations acknowledged that in its statement, but said the good it has done far outweighs the negative, including the more than $300 million the foundation has provided to organizations throughout the city.“We have always acknowledged that it is regrettable that the Red Sox were the last Major League baseball team to integrate,” the statement said.The Public Improvement Commission noted that other businesses on the street had unanimously approved of the name change.Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh did not say whether he agreed with the change, but noted that the change alone would not address the problem of racism.“I know a lot of people are talking about ‘this is going to help us end racism,’?” Walsh said. “This is not the answer to that.”It was not clear when the street signs would be changed.The city renamed a stretch of the road David Ortiz Drive last summer in honor of the retired Red Sox designated hitter.last_img read more

Watch: Korean All stars score against Juventus and mimic Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration in front…

first_imgImage Courtesy: StreamableAdvertisement Juventus and Portugal talisman Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his unique ‘SIUUU’ celebration- which isn’t unique anymore as K-League All-Star players copied it after scoring in a friendly against the Serie A champions.Advertisement   Advertisement Image Courtesy: StreamableThe match was 1-1 until the 45th minute, when the All Star forward Cesinha fired a shot into the Bianconeri net from inside the box, and soon after that, the Dageu FC player, along with teammates performed Ronaldo’s renowned celebration, as he watched from the Bench at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.Watch the clip below-Advertisement Sarri didn’t start the 34-year old in today’s match in Seoul, where the audience were eager to see the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner in action, which made the crowd distressed as they started chanting Lionel Messi’s name from the stands.Spanish forward Osmar Barba, who plays for Seoul FC, put the Korean side forward 8 minutes into the game, but was equalized by The Old Lady’s Simone Muratore, the 21 year old midfielder who had a good impression during the match.Suwon Bluewings’ Australian forward Adam Taggart put the All Stars ahead before the second half, where two Juve midfielder duo Blaise Matuidi and Mathias Pereira put two goals in. The final score was 3-3.FT: Honours even in Seoul ⚪️⚫️🇰🇷#MeetTheWonder #TeamKLeagueJuve— JuventusFC (@juventusfcen) July 26, 2019 Advertisementlast_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — Kootenay Rhythm Dragons

first_imgKRD is made up of a diverse group of people, including breast cancer survivours, friends, family, and supporters, who want to share in the activity of paddling and the team message. There is lots of interest in our team, and we are hoping that we can inspire other teams to take up Dragon Boating in Nelson.The Dragons, which are preparing to once again host the annual Terry Fox Run on the Nelson waterfront, had a visit from Fred Fox, brother of Terry during the summer.Fred Fox discussed the Nelson event and talk about future plans for the Run as the 40th anniversary of Terry’s incredible Marathon of Hope draws near (2020). Fred also spoke with several paddlers who are cancer survivors and have benefited from the work of the Terry Fox Research Institute.Mallard’s Source for sports would like to salute the squad as Team of the Week.Team members include Diane Lines, Don Hubert, Cath Little, Jeanette McCarvell, Dorita van Vugt, Yvonne Edwards, Maureen Hendry, Patricia Logan, Dorothy Hatto, Mary Walters, Shiela Howard, Maggie Mulvihill, Sandra Irvine, Pat Glackin, Pat Gibson, Deb Creaser, Jill Jacobsen, Nan Bell, Linda Hoffman and Gerrie Melnechuk.  The Nelson Annual Terry Fox Run will be held Sunday, September 16 at Rotary Lakeside Park beginning with registration at 8:30 a.m. and run at 9:30 a.m. Pre-register at Anyone frequenting the Nelson waterfront most likely has seen the Kootenay Rhythm Dragons in action as the squad trains on Kootenay Lake.The Kootenay Rhythm Dragons are Nelson’s first dragon boat team. The team building began in the fall of 2003, and the momentum has continued to build. Each year we continue to grow and develop our team.last_img read more