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StickK was developed by Yale University economists Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres, Some people fall prey to chronic procrastination and fail to turn their intentions into actions.

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These girls are 18 and 19 Theyre not children theyre adults There are two ways to look at this We could say that Wieland is trying to prevent his adult daughters from having access to affordable birth control and we would be correct But Wielands legal claim is slightly different Wieland says that paying for his daughters birth control would violate his religious beliefs In other words he says this is about his beliefs and his conscience not about whether or not his daughters are using birth control But again this isnt how insurance works It wasnt in the Hobby Lobby case and it isnt here Unfortunately Hobby Lobby won its case suggesting that the Supreme Court thinks this is the way insurance works Now Wieland could simply drop his daughters from his plan and maybe we should be grateful for them that hes not going that route Wieland is arguing that his religion requires him to provide birth control for his daughters The problem is that hes using this argument to prove that the law requiring birth control coverage violates his religious beliefs The Wielands have argued in their brief that providing health coverage to their daughters which thanks to the same Affordable Care Act they can do until their children turn 26 is also part of their religious beliefs "The Plaintiffs cannot terminate their daughters health insurance coverage without violating their religious duty to provide for the health and well being of their children" they wrote in one brief I think its awesome that Wieland believes he should continue to pay for his daughters health and well being through providing them with birth control It would be even more awesome if that belief extended to all of womens health care The problem is Wielands view of birth control You would think that a parent in his shoes might want his daughters to abstain from premarital sex but also want them to have access to birth control should they decide to have sex anyway (after all a parent cannot prevent an adult daughter from having sex) But no Christians who oppose sex before marriage tend to feel that access to birth control increases the likelihood that young people will have sex This is probably not all that true for young people who are already taught that sex before marriage is sinful After all if you belief something is sinful and may send you to hell whether or not you are protected against STDs or pregnancy is the less important worry Christians who oppose sex before marriage also tend to believe that having unprotected sex is less sinful than having protected sex This is because using birth control shows that the sex is premeditated You can see this last point illustrated in this short video clip: Wieland is Catholic which adds another dimension The Catholic Church teaches that birth control is unacceptable for even married couples Families may use natural family planning to space their children outprovided they go about it with the right attitude of openness to childrenbut thats it So for Wieland this isnt just about his adult daughters having premarital sex its about them using birth control at all Of course theyll have to leave their fathers insurance when they marry so Wieland wont have any say regarding their use of birth control in marriage I have no idea what Wielands daughters think of all of this They may be completely involved and invested as I would have been at their age I would have seen it as a way to fight back against the big bad government in favor of our religious beliefs But at 21 I would have seen it differently At 21 I would have felt used and I would have wanted out Frankly I probably would have gotten off my parents plan entirely and found a way to make a go of it on my own were I in their shoes After all thats what I did when it came to paying for college I didnt want anything else they could use to control me and my choices When it comes down to it Wieland wants the right to use his daughters insurance coverage to control their sexuality He wants to have a say over whether the insurance he obtains for his family gives his adult daughters access to birth control In a world where patriarchy reigns supreme this request would be reasonable But we dont live in that world We live in a world where adult women are allowed to make their own reproductive choices (or at least that is the world we should live in) Libby Anne was raised in an evangelical family was homeschooled and was taught that a woman’s place is in the home She became a non-believer after college and now writes on purity culture Christian right politics and the importance of feminism Read more from Patheos: Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhen Aditi Gupta got her first period aged 12 everyone told her to keep it a secret Even her closest family members in her native India couldn’t know She was forbidden from worshipping at her temple while she was menstruating and instead of sanitary products used rags that caused her to have rashes "When girls [in India] get their periods they are considered impure for those 7 days” Gupta tells TIME “That is how I grew up seeing myself as impure That sense of shame was instilled in me from a very young age" She is not alone In a world where over 5000 euphemisms are used to describe it menstruation is one of the oldest and most far-reaching taboos Especially in India and across South Asia the reluctance to speak about periods is widespread resulting in worryingly low education and awareness – particularly among the demographic of adolescent girls of whom India has some 120 million A recent study for Menstrual Hygiene Day reported that 1 out of 3 schoolgirls across South Asia was not aware of periods before experiencing one for the first time and only 25% of the same group knew that menstrual blood came from the uterus Now a new generation of social entrepreneurs across the region are looking to break the centuries-old taboo and Gupta is one of those leading the way A page from Menstrupedia’s publication Menstrupedia Comic The comic was launched in September 2014 after a successful crowdfunding campaign Menstrupedia The 32-year-old engineering graduate from Jharkhand eastern India refers to Glora Steinem’s essay “If Men Could Menstruate” in which Steinem imagines a world where menstruation would be celebrated but only if it were a male body process “I just thought Oh my god this is the answer to every question Ive ever had" Gupta says "We are taught that vagina is a shameful word and a censored word If the word is censored that body part becomes censored" Gupta only launched Menstrupedia four years ago but the platform has already made a significant contribution to opening up the conversation on menstruation The organization aims to promote awareness and act as a guide to periods for girls and women using a website social media including a YouTube channel and a comic book With over 37000 Likes on Facebook a forum welcoming contributors to openly voice their thoughts and a publication that reaches 30000 girls across India Menstrupedia has had a big impact since its creation and Gupta has bigger plans for its future The comic book is a guide to periods targeted at girls aged nine and above All the characters and storylines are adapted from real life experiences that Gupta collected during the research process to create the book Menstrupedia While studying at the National Institute of Design in Gujarat Gupta met both her now husband and business partner Tuhin Paul In 2013 the pair launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce an illustrated comic book both for girls to read and for teachers and parents to use as an educational resource "We decided that we would show the female anatomy properly in the comic because we just realised how many misperceptions there were after launching our website" says Gupta Menstrupedia Comic is the result: a colorful fun and accessible guide to menstruation following the journey of three young girls and their experiences with periods Each character represents a stage of adolescence girls who haven’t started their period yet and want to learn more about them; girls who have just started their period and want advice on how to prepare for them; and girls who have had periods for some time and might be curious about the myths surrounding them Both the content of the comic and Menstrupedia’s online site have been reviewed by medical professionals to ensure their accuracy Menstrupedia The comic aimed at girls ages 9 and above has since been integrated into the curriculum of 70 schools across India and translated into 11 languages "Myth breaking and period positivity are our strategies and we wanted to make it a comic book because its inclusive" Gupta says referring to the book’s storylines that were adapted from real-life experiences "We wanted to do it in a positive and matter-of-fact way to debunk misconceptions and so that parents and teachers would be comfortable using it Girls can read it and say Oh this happened to me too" Both the online and comic book content has been reviewed by medical professionals to ensure its accuracy an important consideration given that 88% of girls and women in India who menstruate use unsafe materials Judging from an increase in campaigns concentrated on breaking the taboo there have been positive changes in recent years An estimated 1 in 5 girls in India drops out of school because of menstruation and a lack of toilets Prime Minister Narendra Modi was praised for addressing these pressing problems in his introduction to the Clean India campaign in 2014 where he advocated for all schools in the country to have separate toilets for girls Other regional start-ups have sprung into action including online sanitary-products shop Those5Days; design-focused Saral Designs whose engineers have designed a sanitary towel vending machine; and social enterprise Binti Period which creates community projects enabling women to produce sanitary towels sustainably Recent research carried out to coincide with Menstrual Hygiene Day reported only 25% of schoolgirls across South Asia knew that menstrual blood came from the uterus Gupta’s Menstrupedia Comic is intended to be used as an educational guide to raise awareness and dispel the myths that surround menstruation and women’s health Menstrupedia The stigma was also openly addressed last year by Whisper a sanitary towel manufacturer in an award-winning campaign called Touch the Pickle A key social convention in India prevents girls who are menstruating from touching popular preserved foods like pickles because of the belief that the food will spoil Whisper’s advert depicted girls and women actively breaking that taboo "That was part of Menstrupedias contribution to the corporate world" Gupta says "where we encouraged companies to change their strategy of selling menstruation and to do so in a more positive way" Whisper approached Gupta and Paul about buying advertising space in the Menstrupedia Comic and became a partner before the book was even created Gupta now wants to take Menstrupedia beyond India’s shores "This is only the beginning of our work We want to produce the comic for all South Asian countries and we want to do it for African countries too The amount of international orders we get makes us realize the taboo is everywhere" Gupta says "Our plan is to build an educational infrastructure not only for girls but for everybody to talk about periods in a friendly free way I know its going to take decades but eventually I want to raise a generation of girls who are period positive when they become mothers When they raise their own girls period taboos would just vanish from that generation they wouldn’t even know such a taboo existed" Write to Suyin Haynes at [email protected] “It is now doing better than ever, Tickets are $12 for age 11 and older, even with that.

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