Analysis of Shanghai dragon or SEM two network marketing


people will all achieve the purpose of marketing mode called network marketing through the network channels, some people do not know the difference between SEM and the Shanghai dragon, some people do not even know the WeChat micro-blog marketing, marketing and other marketing methods. Of course, this is not wrong, after all, gehangrugeshan. But, if you’re ready to expand your marketing path through the network channels, some of the basic concepts, functions, advantages and disadvantages of these differences, still need to understand. At present, micro-blog marketing has become the past, WeChat marketing has not formed climate, platform marketing threshold is high, also bound. The new marketing mode has not been perfect, and the search engine still has strong adhesion. Therefore, SEM and the Shanghai dragon is still the mainstream of network marketing, website construction of Guangzhou Qiyi network Xiaobian today to tell you a simple analysis of the SEM and the Shanghai dragon of the two ways, the target search engine for Baidu.

SEM, Chinese universal search engine marketing, Shanghai dragon, Chinese called the search engine optimization. Some people say that Shanghai is a part of the Dragon SEM. Of course, it is true, we do not need to verify and test. But I can tell you is that marketing and optimization are two different concepts, so in the next statement, we will use the two as two independent concepts as described. In the Internet marketing, in most cases, this is two different ways and concepts. We often say SEM, refers to a way for promotion of cooperation through search engines and official channels, Shanghai dragon is through the optimization of the website itself, the website ranking pulled through a variety of ways. Relative to the search engine itself, SEM is paid, Shanghai dragon is free, with respect to the site itself, SEM is dependent on the search engine itself, while the Shanghai dragon is completely dependent on their own strength. But no matter what, they are in a regular search results presented to the user at the same time as the search results page. So we can also be understood as SEM and the Shanghai dragon, although in different ways, but it is the same.

two marketing results presentation seems to be the same, but if you want to Aberdeen subdivision, is still a big difference. The top SEM website mainly aligned with the search results and the right position, with "promotion", while the Shanghai dragon ranking in SEM, according to the user’s browsing habits from top to bottom, SEM has more advantages than Shanghai Longfeng position, so as to get more traffic to the source. But this advantage is not absolute. Because most of the SEM for a limited time, so the Shanghai dragon SEM time can occupy the vacancy to attract more traffic, although not a peak, but also can Many a little make a mickle. And, with the understanding of the search engine further, when the user in the selection of search results tend to rely on their own strength to get good rankings of Shanghai dragon website, and through the search engine to the promotion of the website. Thus, although SEM accounted for the superiority of position, but due to various reasons, the overall flow and Shanghai.

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