On the web site optimization or optimization, step by step to confirm

website optimization or web page optimization is always a hot topic, although in the end most of the Shanghai dragon agree is a web page optimization, the evidence comes from where? Here to demonstrate a.

indeed, station for more than 3 months, included is good, but the ranking is well after. Later, have been looking for reasons, finally have a clue. I found a little, the original site in the site: command, with the new home page snapshot is the day, included the main keyword with the snapshot. But in the two level domain name, only one keyword site is actually better than the home page snapshot slow more than 2 months. How is this going?

got a website, I found what is right. A snapshot of the main keyword search results is actually 3 months ago, it makes me think through the entire website title is a word, 123 (here instead), keywords also 123, description is extended, but finally, around 123 or 123, there is not a brand key words.

why do, because the site of competition in the industry is relatively large, popular keywords also love Shanghai, so I decided to open a two level domain name. Two level domain name is because the correlation between the two level domain name and domain name, but also can optimize the segmentation of the strong, wide. The station is in 3 months ago, when a word is useful flagship website, so start from the site but also by the former Shanghai dragon to supervise, no matter from which are Shanghai dragon on the advantages of more than 95% of the site’s style is CSS, JS accounted for only less than 5%, so I believe in the optimization ways have some advantages, for the H1 label made a separate CSS, it is relatively easy, no longer used


here is to make the conclusion:

many people say different keyword search results is different, because the server problems. Even if I agree, but only one keyword search results did not snapshot, this is what reason? Then I made a analysis:




1, it did not fall in love with your website that the words collocation.


2, bound problems

can not distinguish primary and secondary. Carousel pictures do not use FLASH, instead of CSS, in all aspects should be avoided the spider trap, so I think this website architecture and the code is very reasonable. But the only problem is that it is not ranked, funny is

1, filled in by meta keywords, this should not have this problem, but the possibility of this problem is very large.


3, home key uncertain? Not think there is a keyword, website or domain name without the importance of keywords.

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