The correct treatment and deep understanding of the important chain correlation

mentioned the concept of PR, many novice friends also wonder, when some search keywords, some in the front row, the chain number is not significant, but the chain of the site is not high quality website. In fact, the reason for this situation, we should introduce the concept of correlation chain mentioned in the topic.


went back to the old topic, the chain what is valuable and useful

I have always attached great importance to the importance of the chain of Shanghai dragon of course, in many of the Shanghai dragon team, this attention to the extent of the chain in the number of team members can be confirmed. I contacted a Shanghai dragon industry predecessors, have the honor to his Internet company to visit and study, his Shanghai dragon has a team of 60 people, of which the number of the chain sector accounted for 45 people, these are full-time and part-time staff and he hired the chain on the network, he reckons add up to about a hundred people, it is a team I see. In the network, I heard, some number of the chain department even over thousands of their scale, Shanghai dragon in charge of foreign chain department planning is very orderly, indeed, in the search engine algorithm in the existing system, relying on a large number of the chain can raise a lot of keywords ranking.


, for example, at the beginning of the fire is a word "Baidu" (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120227/410747.shtml), according to her communication with the social response, we have compared her to a PR 8 ", although the PR value is relatively high, but when you search for" Shanghai dragon training ", the total does not appear on her information. Because of the keyword search engine through your search ability analysis that you need is what. This is a surface phenomenon, essentially? Search engine is not humane, human, like "Baidu" these immediate words, search engine is how to judge

we see others Shanghai dragon team so much outside the chain, it is easy to produce an illusion, as long as the chain more, there will be more effect. This view is wrong, in an article written before had also explained this topic, interested friends can see "from the actual starting of" content is king, the chain for the emperor to subvert the analysis of "Shanghai dragon concept – 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/ 20120229/411242.shtml". Of course, we say today is not up.

we first clarify a concept, what is the chain? Many people think that the chain units should be based on the website and calculation, through the analysis of search engine outside the chain to grab, and the PR value of the formula, the chain of them are the parameters to the page as the unit.


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