Shanghai love big update gave me what lessons


love Shanghai update action is big, let all suffered a history of political turmoil, many of the sites, many of the old site, has been operating for 4, 5 years of hard work results in the overnight K nothing. The truth love Shanghai this action is big, many sites are affected in different degrees, K phenomenon very much, my site has not escaped this disaster, included were pulled. Many of the sites complain love Shanghai shameless, the love of Shanghai look very sinister, but we are more important in the update is a lesson.


above is in the love of Shanghai’s massive update gave me a very big lesson and enlightenment, the search engine development today, driven by a large number of excellent sites also brought very >

first, love Shanghai is the commercial operation, the introduction of many policies are to their core interests, in the face of the rapid development of Internet, love Shanghai are aware of their products needs to be improved, because the 360 has also begun into the search market, Google and Sogou number of users is increasing. If you do not sell, until 360 the real development of the search engine, I am afraid it is late, in this respect, love Shanghai is quite clever. We can find the love of Shanghai is updated against the collection site, a lot of the collection site in other search engine rankings are very good, a lot of pages can be obtained by weight is good in many search engines and other search engines can obtain part of the customer resources. This policy but love Shanghai forced many of the sites put a lot of content to delete, and promote the site weight in other search engines of the loss, since this can contain other search engines to achieve real search further monopoly. So to love Shanghai as a merchant, webmaster and love Shanghai is a win-win cooperation relationship, better meet the needs of Shanghai love, to love the attention by Shanghai.

again, once again that Shanghai dragon is not a layer of the same pattern, if by the optimization method of single Shanghai Longfeng the existence of risk is very large, a lot of people because of love renovation in Shanghai lost all sources of income, painstaking accumulation of time to become a bubble. The reason is simple accumulation by optimization method is not reasonable. The results of the Shanghai dragon beginning is wrong, when love Shanghai awake, it was too late to regret.

second, enhance the user experience, the content is dominant, love Shanghai K station after the statement to many webmaster to knock up a wake-up call, by gathering to optimize the day has gone for ever, the attendant is content is king, the emperor of the era of experience. The love of Shanghai update, although a large number of sites have been manslaughter, but we can find that most of survival or the user experience very good site, there may be some temporary garbage sites is not clear, but the love of Shanghai’s original intention is for a better user experience better.

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