Love Shanghai search tool Custom Search first experience

3)The results of



2) appearance settings

it’s sort of function can make users to search rearrangement results in the specific dimension, as soon as possible to the location of the dimension of top results. The webmaster can according to the specific needs of most concerned about the user dimensions for reasonable allocation. Such as the purchase of demand on price ranking demand strong, which can be sorted according to the price of options is introduced.

currently love Shanghai search has the following functions: basic information set, and the top appearance settings and search terms of shielding, hot search word set, access code, statistical information.


search selection function is also good, the webmaster can customize the filter or sort option, as long as the background data is submitted, grouping listed on the left side of the page sidebar, and results between regions through vertical separation, as shown below.




In addition

Results: the top


is also testing function and love Shanghai alliance, alliance advertising appears in the search results, can help improve the webmaster alliance income.

according to the site according to the commodity price channel screening, screening, screening according to subject classification……

custom Structured Abstract:


"as the name suggests, the user to set specific keywords in the search, the top content will appear in the first place.


love Shanghai station search tool Custom Search has appeared in Webmaster Platform sidebar tool on the page, but has prompted "beta", it should be said that the search is a feature of this year love Shanghai Webmaster Platform more important. Lumatsu Matsuuko was invited to participate in the search of the beta trial recently, I simply write the tool impression.

search results can be sorted in time, the webmaster can view the last 1 hours, 1 days a collection of content.


search results can be divided into general abstract:

function overview

can be customized to a very high degree, in the search box can display the hot search keywords, the search results can also be modified to take the text search results, so the results can make the search more rich content, the user experience is better.

(love Shanghai search preview)

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