The actual process of new Shanghai Dragon write original, go to the forum, blog

to write the second, hot, hot to write in your article, through the collation of the point, the integration of their own language, is an original, the original, because there is a hot news clip inside, will get good record search and browsing;

in the actual combat say first to write original. Just began to write the article, I do not know what to write, writing from what place to start, and I doubt my own ability to work in this area, but still to write. Write for a long time, gradually found the original writing is not difficult, mainly to see if you want to write, have the mood to write. No matter what to write, just try to write, write more, learn more, think deeply, improve the writing ability of expression, to finally write high quality articles.

first, what would you write what to write, as long as they think about the experience, summarize something to write, and then slowly infiltrated to dig the connotation, will write a good article;

some friends would have doubts, are writing every day, which have so many contents can write ah, here I have my writing experience told friends:

is more than that I write the original actual combat method, these methods is the premise of having relevance to the contents of the website optimization must be written and do it yourself, otherwise we will not do Shanghai Longfeng effect.

new Shanghai dragon combat two: go to the forum

at Shanghai Longfeng A: write original

The actual process of

site in Shanghai Longfeng, not only to optimize the internal web site, in front of the written "write original", also need to do outside promotion optimization, mainly outside the chain, the chain affect the site’s ranking and weight, the site is also very important. The increase of the chain mainly rely on blogs and forums, as well as the rest, I do now is the two.

finally, not what to write on what to write, why? Because can not write, so slowly to understand related content, in the process of learning, there must be a doubt, have their own views, can be "old jar making new vinegar", according to their own understanding of learning, summary your views and ideas, combined with their own language, written is the original.

think about looking Shanghai dragon has been three months, this is the end of the year, since the summary of its three month combat process of Shanghai dragon. In the process I mainly do is write original, go to the forum and blog, these practices, as long as the contact of Shanghai dragon friends have done, even if not done also heard, and even some friends can tell about hundreds of Shanghai dragon promotion methods, each of the said method. Now I will summarize the actual process, and share with you, may not be correct, but can help a small number of people, to play some role.

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