Shanghai Longfeng chain Collection – 10 external links to the most effective summary

2. do the best chain blog is updated every day, on his blog, persevere, so the chain blog made it more likely to be included in

1. needs and their site related industry site exchange, not related to the Links exchange to enhance the website weight, if not a large number of exchange links, search engine optimization website will think you are deliberately, not on the site to help the friendship link.

two: blog link

1. the content of posts must and your site related theme, so the chain is

group in exchange for

Links notes:

1. video link is good, but.

blog chain notes:


1. Sina blog, blog, blog and other NetEase Sohu

3. by searching their related keywords into the site, the advisory service exchange

blog links before is very hot, all kinds of blog group software but also as search engines emerge in an endless stream, update gradually into decline. But at present do blog the chain through the software, or have the effect, but the need to aggregate related resources of their own, if do not have the resources to do the chain blog this piece is difficult.

2. by Links platform to publish your website information, let others find their own exchange or find others to exchange

: Links

video links

video link

as everyone knows, up to now, the search engine algorithm adjustment, construction of the external links are also becoming more stringent, the need to pay attention to things more and more. The chain now is like a stone in the hearts of each Shanghai dragon ER, the pressure that people were out of breath. Today the net strange Shanghai dragon combat training and share 10 external links have the greatest effect, I hope you look after the harvest!


Links is the most basic and fundamental way chain, because now love Shanghai launched a new Scindapsus algorithm, but also against the problem of such a link. We do not think the love of Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm, abandoned Links this one, Links is still very good for Shanghai dragon optimization effect, but compared to the previous strict many.


1. search through the QQ group Links related group,


video link refers to foreign production through their site promotional video, video can improve the visibility of your website, can bring more traffic. When you upload a video, you can leave your site, the weight of the video site is high, the chain brings the effect is also very good.

Links exchange:

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