How to let the products by Shanghai Longfeng multiplier


I give you an example, mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty, the two domestic new women to share website. Now I see is almost no Shanghai Longfeng Er go to the chain and promotion of the two sites. But many businesses have on taobao贵族宝贝 to share their products, users can share pictures, find the commodity Taobao link address.

products may be for some Shanghai dragon Er unfamiliar, at that time in the beginning to do is relatively confused in the interview, so make a joke. With the deep understanding of the Internet, more and more of the feel, the product is an indispensable treasure. If you can have enough knowledge and understanding of the product, we will make the Shanghai dragon more efficient.

positioning products promotionEveryone in the

point of view, the product refers to all products on the internet. A simple example is micro-blog, micro-blog’s products on the internet.

?I understand from the

understand what is the product, then why Shanghai dragon Er needs to understand the product

was the first to introduce what is

to do the promotion, often only know how to release the chain or to some Q & a platform to do some publicity, EDM, IM, etc. we also always consider the forum. But these products are not suitable for all sites and our promotion personnel? The answer is no..

Shanghai dragon is the essence of the content and the chain. The product can provide a content, but for the chain, it has played a very big role. With a long time blog as an example, the vast majority of Shanghai dragon Er is currently in the chain blog, which requires everyone to have a certain understanding for the blog. Often the most Shanghai Longfeng Er awareness of the product or stay on the surface, such as the blog included not included, no nofollow etc.. Know the products, you can add a chain channel span is the chain work must be taken into account in the.


3, the user experience more cannot do without

I have seen some examples of

, one of only 2 Diamond merchants, the sharing product hits was as high as more than 50 thousand, while the same product crown stores only more than 6000 browsing. Although this example is in the case of Taobao, but it can also explain the substantive issues.

?1, the chain extended

for example, there are many websites, especially the forum has a plugin – recommended. This recommendation includes "guess you love", "recommended", "most viewed" etc..

this is a good product for the user experience, reduce the bounce rate, at the same time from the perspective of Shanghai dragon also reduced the page.

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