The UGC content of tourism website of Shanghai Longfeng brand strategy

hot zone travel network called "fate" invited me to answer questions about their suggestions to optimize the tourism brand search website asked, by and he learned to communicate on the QQ website using UGC content and form, this spontaneous form is the content of the construction of the site can be a important link, but if there is no good the Shanghai dragon strategy as a guide, then some problems in content construction will inevitably encounter the following:

The number of

1, website content is not controllable. The user spontaneous content construction can bring a lot of original content, but the original is not necessarily the best, but because of the same quality needs of different groups, or the user spontaneous construction and lazy and become uncontrollable, a word or the contents of a large number of repeat, repeat the topic, or directly on other websites reproduced content to a certain extent, weakened the quality of website content.

3, website content is not controllable. The number of web content in a certain base of increasing exhibits a user level of the construction site of UGC, an indirect performance is to obtain website search traffic, here is the most bad control is the content of the construction of the number, although the number of more content from the site itself construction better, but the contents of the building may dump. Search >

The degree of positive

example: want to go home, want to travel, but not to buy train tickets!!!

case of low qualityThis kind of question is completely


2, users participate in the website content is not controllable. Users spontaneously construction content is an ideal state, which is totally depended on the consciousness of the user, this is precisely the disadvantages of website construction, if the site is not able to maintain a number of updates, may lose a lot of content included, so here if the site does not have a special attraction. Users are not willing to in the content on the website daily increment, the daily relative increment of the day before to give a positive degree of participation.

survey sites, and why not active users do not actively participate and propose solutions to address the problem, such as the 19 floor of the station is doing quite good, each partition inside the organization’s activities to mobilize the users to participate in, such as marriage and Family Forum a recent activity is about thousands of people free trial makeup, of which the number of participants visit the post 288733, replies the number is 361, this remarkable activity participation.

of course, this activity is more powerful place to mobilize thousands of users to publish on a free trial makeup topic, write try makeup after feeling, which actively mobilize the users for the content of the construction of participation.

19 Building community

published some of their own feelings, but the question is not so high quality, can provide users with a small application: mood, and focus on the user ask good quality control.

The quality of The number of active users of

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