Methods the site lasted two months out of the sandbox love Shanghai

… We want to find the first

website is love Shanghai into the sandbox is different, although love Shanghai as usual update and included in your site, but no matter how you do the key heat low, put the title so popular, in the normal search you must search to your site, because your site is love Shanghai in its "jail", in the absence of "sentence" before the end of the website certainly can not appear in the normal search, so if the site was unfortunately fall into the Hella sandbox, our webmaster what to do? The fact that the site want out of the sandbox is not so difficult, now I will talk about my in this is how to make websites out of some experience love Shanghai sandbox in two months!


second) webmaster can’t because the site was not updated to the sandbox with Hella

) web site into the sandbox where love causes Hella

website is in love with Hella into the sandbox is definitely a reason, and you want the site as soon as possible out of love Shanghai sandbox, so the first thing you have to do is find the reason the website was pulled into the sandbox, then the problem is resolved as soon as possible, as long as the problem is solved, our website had the opportunity to love from the sand box go to, if the owners do not know the reason in where, I can provide some common reasons to give you a webmaster reference in this is: for example, recently is not changed or is not the website source; keywords website too frequently repaired; and may be not the site to use what means of cheating

for the love of Shanghai have a little understanding of the owners must have clear, right down, in the love of Shanghai is not updated, not included and K station a lot of punishment, the most serious punishment than the love Shanghai website pulled into the sandbox, because the site is down right or not update, not included in the right solution to improve the website, as long as the quality of the content, the more original content on the line, as long as a lot of foreign add some high quality the chain, or how to exchange some high quality friendship chain can be solved, even if the site is in love with the sea K off, as long as you find the website by K and related reasons. In the problem solved well by website optimization, love Shanghai nature will soon recover from.

website! !The

is a webmaster love into the sandbox in the problem solving, off site, update the next question I want to discuss is the site, there are many webmaster in site into the love Shanghai sandbox, because the site can not appear in the normal search, there is no way to get traffic from Shanghai love there, so he began to site the cold shoulder, for the website update becomes not so positive, some owners even see the mood to update the website, a good mood is more, if a bad mood is not more, it is not very good, although the website is love Shanghai pulls into the sand box, but we can still love Shanghai site out of the sandbox and just need some time, if you still want to continue to use the domain name, so we webmaster cannot because the site was.

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