Friends please correct understanding of Shanghai Dragon

, a Shanghai dragon is not a shortcut to

actually I want to say, friends, Shanghai dragon is not a panacea. If you want to change on the operation of the community, Shanghai dragon, if accurate positioning, accurate judgment with keywords, can bring the first flow to the community, this is true. However, want to rely on the community to support Shanghai Longfeng completely, is obviously not realistic. Want to put the community work, from the current trend of development of the Internet, to achieve three, socialization, differentiation, concept. Only when to do I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I am fine, fine I am special, a little bit of community development can be developed. Of course, in this case a friend can see, some people are too superstitious for Shanghai dragon.

had a well-known brand of electric company, I found, said they launched a delicacy’s community, but has been operating well, I can see through the Shanghai dragon to help them push. They come to my company, even very proud to say that the search for a word, their community is on page second.

two, Shanghai dragon is not a panacea

three, not too superstitious chain

has a lot of friends think, Shanghai dragon.

has a lot of friends of the Shanghai dragon as a shortcut. Like a friend recently found me and asked me to help him make an extremely popular keywords, optimization to love Shanghai home in a week. In fact, I am not willing to help him, but I don’t really want to. You are a new online website, not through the investigation, and to operate a competition so high keywords, also a week on the home page, this is Arabian Nights.

, in my heart depressed for a long time the idea of today have to let everybody discuss. Why do you say so, because there are a lot of friends have misinterpreted the Shanghai dragon. So, this is a topic today: friends, please correct understanding of Shanghai dragon

In fact, this is a

in order to get a better ranking in the fall in love with the sea, not after several cycles ranking, is basically impossible. Of course, the premise is the way to do white hat. Moreover, in the optimization before, we must first assess. Evaluation of the industry, our assessment of the audience, and then to the assessment of key words, and so on a series of work done, to form a complete program, to Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it can be seen that the Shanghai dragon is a systematic engineering. But many people do not see, one up is updated, outside the chain of hair, thought that OK, but one day his Shanghai K station, is on the side of sulking. In fact, this is not the real reason to appreciate the essence of the Shanghai dragon. It is not a shortcut, if not the Shanghai dragon have enough patience, want to rely on Shanghai Longfeng overnight, or to rely on the website of Shanghai dragon suddenly become a money machine, so I can only tell you that you are wrong.


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