The article is in love with the sea this second small.

, the effectiveness of

active real-time push can quickly let Shanghai know love you update the article, although not included in the 100%, the equivalent of hanging a number in Shanghai, but at least your article is reprinted by others, love Shanghai will know that you are the original (very important). >

if you can’t write original, reproduced in the article to let love Shanghai second is not difficult, as long as you publish the article is love Shanghai feel credible article, still can do it, so how to find it? For you at the source of the news, Qun Weiwei at the beginning of the site in order to fill the content of the website is often reprinted the article, but I and other people are different, I was directly in the news source to find, and finally found this kind of articles can often be second, although not 100%, but there are 8 in the.

of course, in addition to the above points, we can take the initiative, make our article was collected more chips, as follows:

whether you original or reproduced or not, the most important is the quality, or even if you release is credibility with effectiveness, love Shanghai is not included. Also, to update the user centric, not to update and update on the website, so bad.

what is the effectiveness? It is the current hot news, I noticed that this article can better and faster to be included, such as the Tencent before the open Tencent registered media platform, a few days later I was made an invitation code, playing a "pattern", attracted the respective media Tucao sound constantly Qun Weiwei see this article wrote: the media Tencent also settled an open platform, and then find the invitation code? Love is the second in Shanghai.

four, the website weight:

and the day before yesterday (16) made the "QQ public talk of the town" limited open registration issue, I wrote an article: QQ public limited open registration, that is the second collection, but also a good ranking. Thus, the effectiveness of the love is more likely to be included in Shanghai.

, credibility


we do the webmaster want to write the article, can be love Shanghai fast included, the best is the second included. However, there is a very cruel reality is that new and low weight site is difficult to achieve, even if the original article is often a few weeks to put out a few months. Of course, we are not without new opportunities, the key is to have to master some skills, as follows:

Three, the quality of


is inevitable, the website weight also to a certain extent determines the second can be included, even reprint articles also so. But this is not absolute, because the Qun Weiwei blog is not high, often can be in love with the sea second, so, even if you are new, do not be discouraged, do these three things, you can do it.

1, active (real-time) push:

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