At present, Shanghai dragon Er ideas should be changed

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two, included in this article: I believe this is many webmaster unhappiness if you follow the "one" webmaster answer questions no effect after some webmasters began to say: "you are not original! Your article pseudo work. The original love love Shanghai "best these stationmaster began his career in the original difficult:


many people did after a day round the clock in accordance with this step for a month two months not what effect, and to the forum asked me to say to all in accordance with the method made but the website how or stop there, this is some thought of the master came out to answer this is our webmaster to say the two problems included.


Now I

in view of the above two wood peeling machine to express their personal views: a number of local, the number of the chain is not immutable and frozen have no fixed pattern we don’t try to model others way. It also did not say other webmaster is wrong. Because every type, stand structure, starting point and purpose we only give some of their successful experience is not suitable for you, to have their own independent thinking, their own Shanghai dragon road, others can not be copied. Like Jobs he successful way the ways in which we can learn, to introduce his life but we can not be copied. So many grassroots webmaster want to find their own way to go its own way to let others laugh! Two, included the reason most of the webmaster to all the same that is not original. Have you considered how many webmaster to original and also for "spider" appetite now so easy to copy and paste the era, who really go back and write something! Including some large web content is passed to the few articles is truly original scanty. Really can write to be a writer, as news editor, can turn these stationmaster? Not specifically some large sites have compiled.

you good afternoon us now said that the current members of the Shanghai Phoenix webmaster ideas (not including some ten years to eight years old, because they really understand some of the essence of Shanghai Dragon Technology in the hands of a few hands) now some lower station technology are all from the forum tutorial Amoy but the information is how many people "off" to you really work? I of some old ideas to make some personal opinions to each other because the exchange welcome Laoniao spray

, a chain: This is one of the many webmaster concerns, such as you go to the forum to ask how many new sites outside the chain? One day how much? What? Where? And so on. The best reply is: "the new general one day send 10 or so, to some high PR high weight, B2B, blog, forum, Q & a platform for exchange of high quality Links". You can see a screenshot of the

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