A beginner in the eyes of Shanghai dragon diamond bird

site navigation links

1, a large number of integrated station Links

diamond bird website link building

we found that the station link link and reverse diamond bird are doing well, the webmaster should learn. The station link recommendation function using related products, increase mutual links inside pages, improve the internal links between the station page, more closely linked, more reasonable.

2, the forum brought a lot of original content, improve the cohesion and weight included user and website;

today, I don’t want to empty praise this online diamond sales website how successful, just want to analyze the success factors from a Shanghai Longfeng perspective, a good learning object, so that we can take some detours. The webmaster all day talking about "content is king, the chain for emperor", but only a small part of the webmaster adhere to the implementation and success, and the diamond bird is a successful example.

1, the use of diamond school create a large number of professional articles, improve the website authority;

content and links of the site is very important, but some other technical factors can not be ignored in the research process, perfect diamond, found some of the highlights.

1, domain name short, easy to remember

look at the reverse link under the diamond bird, we can find that the reverse link has 5 categories:

through the study of the perfect diamond, diamond bird content from three main sources:

and other factors can not be ignoredAlthough the

after long-term efforts and adhere to, the contents included the amount of up to 380 thousand giant, and original content, the construction has made great success.

domain name

4, built a large number of Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station group

"Diamond bird", the EBAY diamond brand started in the network, in just a few years, successfully breaking the boundaries of the network and the traditional channels, it has become the biggest seller of online jewelry China. Now, it has its own experience center in a number of domestic city development has entered the fast lane.


The domain name

5, self media dynamic pages, was reproduced in the media

2, long life, "

after a large number of link building, we can see that now in the diamond ring, diamond bird, on the ring in Shanghai and GG natural ranking top.


3, brand dynamic update frequency is high, the daily increase in the original article, help to improve their own weight


3, commodity information released on the website

diamond bird website content construction

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