Using the nteractive Encyclopedia allows you to create high quality chain

Interactive Encyclopedia encyclopedia website in Chinese in low only to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, PR 7 weight is 8, if you add a link to our site in the Interactive Encyclopedia, it can give our site to bring a higher weight value.

as everyone knows, the chain quality relates to the overall effect of Shanghai dragon, how to build a high quality the chain became the webmaster compared brainer problem. According to the author attempts to find the chain, such as the Interactive Encyclopedia website can let the webmaster to create a high quality. Here the author of Interactive Encyclopedia as an example of a simple analysis of the chain how to create high quality, hoping to give some inspiration to the webmaster, draw results.



entry, this needs us to edit entries on others to add our links, so as to obtain a considerable number of the chain. Figure, we can open the Interactive Encyclopedia home page, click on the "Encyclopedia classification" column can be classified.

At a hyperlink added to our website in the text does not allow

webmaster with a space in the text can be.

Interactive Encyclopedia, so the most important thing is that we should add the site name and link at the end of the reference. Figure, name and URL column respectively fill in our website title and url.

webmaster can select our website more entries for editing, the cool 90 community oriented 90 groups, so I choose a class of 90 to edit entries. Enter the entry, click edit entries to enter edit entry page. The webmaster when editing entries best not to change the original content or in the text entry added to our website links, otherwise very difficult to pass.

entry is the best of our site, the webmaster can in the content are inserted into the site keywords, so that we can better improve our website ranking in the search engine keyword. Keywords such as the author’s cool 90 community is 90, is introduced in the entry content constantly interspersed with the word "90".

edit entries


After all, we can create a

the first thing we should do is to work with our website name create entries. The benefits of being able to create entries in the office together with our anchor text and Web links, so as to obtain the high quality of the chain. Do Shanghai encyclopedia information of people know the love of Shanghai encyclopedia entry audit is very strict, but the Interactive Encyclopedia strict vetting less love Shanghai. Figure 90, the author has created a community for their cool.


The specific content of the

create entries

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