Tell the new Adsense four moves experience on engine optimization

I give up filling of content acquisition, although pre >

often browse the site, found a lot of new sites, positioning is very broad, what kind of information will be very difficult to find the specific user groups there. Compared to many webmaster think early fairy like construction content, can attract more traffic. In fact, in the construction of station, should consider the clear positioning website is what? Especially to yourself as a web site to see how the content should go to the building. For example my site, Xi’an Aibei network ( is 0-6 year old infant, I just had my father, children grow up in a year’s time, understand yourself as a father, a husband, what you need to know, understand what, to let children grow up healthily, let his wife able to live a healthy life, this is my pursuit of nature is the soul of the site.

on the other hand, just blindly pursue Shanghai Longfeng optimization, once regarded as cheating, love Shanghai K off, this will not try, on site traffic and weight will be greatly affected. So the establishment of the website, focus on the construction of the content, rather than the Shanghai dragon optimization.

The first type of search engine

does not know that in fact, it is caught in a dangerous minefield, because the basic search engine is the content of the website, have rich content, especially the original information collection, the only way to make the search engine spiders can find your new sites, as long as we are updated every day, until the spider has a habit, stick can visit your site every day, your site will be naturally included more information.

today I want to talk about the new station, how to do search engine optimization, the highest state is what? A few days ago in a webmaster friends talk to this topic, he shared the new Shanghai dragon four moves, I feel very good, today and share exchange.



if the date from the Internet, do the editor has been nearly 5 years old, in the face of the immutable and frozen copy and paste every day, have lost the original line of passion. Since I started to build the first site last year, began to write from the station, content collection, and code, realize the establishment of hard also have too much fun. Will also learn a lot before the hard to reach knowledge, also very grateful to the many friends of my diligently support and care.

second type himself as the website user empathy

in fact for many new Adsense, after the framework set up, will not wait to find a lot of search engine tutorials, in today’s information overload today, search engine optimization is for flow and the weight of the site are greatly promoted, so it will be holy, one-sided to do that as long as the Shanghai Dragon optimization, website traffic will get rapid improvement.

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