Shanghai Longfeng Optimization three kinds of love in Shanghai Difficult miscellaneous diseases caus

first of all, to understand the meaning of love: love Shanghai in Shanghai to the site for some reason can not open the case, the user can access the snapshot love Shanghai still see the contents of web caching. So, in order to let love Shanghai snapshot update timely, owners need to regularly update the website content, do not do their original acquisition of other sites, some may. Add a new article in the forum page, to add an article to update the same page content, thus speeding up the love Shanghai snapshot data update. Of course, love Shanghai love Shanghai also provides a snapshot of the complaint service, you can submit your URL to love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the site situation timely snapshot love Shanghai.

, a Difficult miscellaneous diseases love Shanghai snapshot not update how to do

solution: This is relatively simple, we can increase the content of the original, search engines love something original, we write an article for the purpose is to give users doubts, or show he wants to see something to the user. Therefore, a detailed report and description of products not only solve the user’s doubts, is also a high quality articles.

3, sitemap


two, Shanghai love Difficult miscellaneous diseases not included the content of the website

wants Shanghai dragon to constantly improve their level of experience, in addition to constantly sum up their own practice, with the inter industry communication is essential, the author also frequently in the Shanghai dragon forum and in some places, the Q & a section, often see some new Shanghai dragon consulting their problems. I will put these common problems finishing and gives personal opinions, hope to help novice friends.

solution: due to the structure of the website or other factors caused by the search engine spiders crawl to the site link, can give the opportunity to display this page more, such as giving the chance to show these pages on the home page or spider crawl the page frequently, or directly to these grab link chain, to attract the spider crawling objective.


2, search engine spiders crawl to

1, website content poor quality

answer: by sorting out the problem that the general consulting website, either just built new sites, either the content or not timely updated collection of content, or content and the chain site is poor. So how to solve the


many websites update website content, basically copy other sites directly content, cause the quality of website content is very low.

so many website sitemap is not automatically generated, and owners in the busy time, it is easy to ignore the sitemap update, according to their site, periodically generate a new sitemap and submitted to the search engine, will also increase the love.

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