Note the new construction site outside the chain

the new construction site outside the chain:

as a new webmaster friends, sometimes very understand the importance of the website chain, but do not know how to do the chain, often apply to join in online search, random web directory, or go to the website Links exchange, no what effect do not say, sometimes there will be negative effect.


because of the chain Links and web site directory is just outside the chain of your web site, it is difficult to know a lot of people out of the website for you, rely on a name, for example the station in the site directory chain called grassroots webmaster nets, visitors see the name. Can take the initiative to click access to several >

is like the first point when it comes, you Links exchange with each other, want to increase their weight, need will be afterwards, do not look at people’s weight than your job must you earn is cheap, the algorithm also saw the first point, not to say that Links swap has no meaning, important significance lies in the site drainage, there is the combined effects of similar sites and the chain effect, see here, I think we should understand, how to Links swap, the correct way is: don’t swap too much, 3~5 on the line, the website must swap is the same type of website, but also to help attract traffic, weight but is a secondary level, there is to use webmaster tools to pay close attention to one website, found that the other weight was suddenly drop right, site or other abnormalities (fast According to disappear, not open, etc.) should be removed immediately the other link, otherwise it may appear joint punishment,

!The effect of

to seduce spiders to join 1~2 high weight free web directory or can, don’t mess with, because the site directory Station General requirements for your website to add a link to each other in the home, but also the review period, this is not to increase your weight, but is turned upside down, are you doing contribution to the people! Also add many new owners for their own website weight, even spend money to join the site directory, there is no meaning that some good regular web directory, even if your site has been successfully included, because the station included one hundred thousand directory to millions of links, you will be anti chain weight algorithm for example, finally get a handful, speaking, your weight is 1, the weight of each other is 5, and your site only added 3 chain, together with the other 300, your site To the other 1/3 weight, people give you? 1/60! Algorithm may not, but the principle is correct, please trust my judgment.

with very little

2, Links exchange of weight


grassroots Adsense nets summarizes some common problems facing the new webmaster, sort out some experience in the new site of the construction of the chain, for your reference.

1, website directory outside the chain of significance is not great.

3, the soft exchange is much higher than that of Links and web directory chain

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