The new three points Shanghai Dragon

1, breadcrumbs. What is the breadcrumbs? We take home owners a "love from the Shanghai encyclopedia website on path optimization" paper as an example, figure is as follows:

in the Url path with keyword. With the keyword is generally English words or corresponding pinyin. The same to the owners of the house as an example, the bread crumbs in the path of the "site" and "optimization" corresponding to the key is " web and " Shanghai dragon " the two page path, respectively (with the relative path for example):" /web/" " and " /web/ / Shanghai dragon;. We know love this product in Shanghai Encyclopedia of love Shanghai ranking in the search results is very high, careful webmaster can go to see the Url path of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the column page, but also take with the keyword method >

Hello, I am Hunan Shanghai dragon kiness. Several key points of small a few days to share new Shanghai dragon and how to operate, it mainly analyzes from three aspects the website keyword positioning, website design and method of updating the content. For new sites, in the search engine to hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of results beyond the old station, one home, a small part of the Hunan station easier said than done! How to do is push the three keywords in love Shanghai home about 16 days? Mostly know the concept of Shanghai Dragon, but the real understanding and implementation the ten is even less than one or two, so small on the following four points to explain, hope for the novice webmaster can play an incentive role.

, a website keyword positioning.

Structure design of

new online groups, competitors and market environment. For example, Hunan station is providing services to push the website construction and network optimization, then the face of the object is the main variety of enterprises, units and other organizations with groups and needs of individual website groups; the analysis of the competition advantages and market competition environment, comprehensive determine the site keywords.


so here’s "home page" station "optimization" text "is the breadcrumb path. Between the pages and pages of website structure, such links are linked together, not only conforms to the user experience, the user knows what position you see the page in the website, in addition the structure path is very friendly to the search engine.

We must analyze and set the website before

the content of the website not only to the customer, as well as to the search engines to see. To meet the premise of user experience, how will the website structure design of search engine friendly, is essential. Here Xiaobian to the owners of the house (Chinaz) as an example, crumbs path set and URL path with keywords, these two aspects.

two site.

In 2,

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