The chain included keyword ranking without reason analysis

er for the Shanghai dragon should know that one of the important factors of the chain website keywords ranking decision, many webmasters will follow the "content is king, the chain for the optimization method of the emperor" to the website and the implementation, so it has become one of the essential technology of webmaster website optimization. However, the author in the webmaster BBS see such titles as "the chain included ranking is not what good is a good way?" for many webmaster will reflect the first time around, this man is not the master of the original article is not enough is not enough to cause the quality of the chain, the chain is included and keywords love Shanghai the ranking does not rise is falling. So, today the author with the webmaster simple communication about how to do the chain to improve the ranking and the chain did not rank the reason analysis.

a simple example: the author is the food enterprise website, because it is the website of food so I choose the food, health, health portal or forum or other, the benefits of doing so is to flow and weight as well as >

two, from the release of the chain platform, analyses the reason of

The number of

as the saying goes "good for fish and fish release platform for shrimp turtle find bastard" the chain is the same, we do the chain you need to find a place to send the chain, and many people have ignored the pertinence, leading to the chain lost weight, flow rate, the effect of the rankings, so the chain to go according to the correlation, the platform to do the chain. Now many webmaster to irrelevant left on the site outside the chain, trying to improve the number of the chain, let the boss know yourself today how much for the company made a large contribution, in fact, this is a wrong optimization method.

, from the quality of the chain content on the analysis of the causes of

for the webmaster what we do outside the chain but not the pursuit of the pursuit of quality, a lot of times a company or a small and medium enterprises will send the chain specialized recruitment of personnel, these personnel are part of a number for the chain and live, there are few people outside the chain of quality of life, want to do the quality rather than quantity which is the most important, is the first analysis of the causes.

what is the high quality of the chain? I believe we all know are understand, the original article is high quality? My teacher Zhu Weikun once taught: some people read or who admire the article is high quality articles. Love is like a bear in Shanghai, where there is fresh honey to go, instead if you see this is a pile of smelly honey will not eat. The content of the chain is the same, the high quality the chain will favour of spider, so this is the first reason is the first small step chain.

, here the author summarizes several: first is the quality of the chain, then the diversification of the chain, and finally targeted and relevant chain release, it can be done and the analysis to the chain included and ranking bad from these points. In this regard, the author also for the webmaster friends made a little answer.

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