At the beginning of the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng layout should pay attention to what

this small series that is the root domain name and normally parse WWW two domain name in the server configuration to bind together, and clearly the only address, 301 redirect to the unique address. This is a lot of owners and developers to ignore, but it is very important, is often a problem found in operation after a period of time, and then take remedial measures, so small or make this point to everyone out, to deepen our impression.

here Xiaobian to emphasize is the must concentrate their resources, their own areas of expertise to locate content, take something to do in depth content aggregation, new sites don’t start a large area of transverse to the laying of content. For example, a type of news website, if you are good at law, military, finance and so on in any one area, an area where you have to choose your best to build the content system, the main stage of a theme clear website has the following advantages:

two, URL only

2, the content of the website can maintain the unity of direction, a kind of high quality polymerization fans crowd, fans of the propagation of energy here will no longer write it;

any website are needed with intent to build the analysis, in the construction site at the beginning of the competitor differentiation content and user location has been established, so to build the content system of the whole site just around this theme to be determined.

1, clear theme, easier to promote the advantages of their own resources, emphasizing the authority of a field;


, a clear theme,


recently began in Shanghai Longfeng occupation friends asked me to do a new site in Shanghai Longfeng layout should pay attention to what factors? For the site of the Shanghai dragon point where? Because the small website has long been engaged in the diagnosis and optimization aspects of the work, almost has rarely go to a new station in the early operation of the Shanghai dragon to prepare for the specific and do those things, since the webmaster friends have this question, Xiao Bian also spent a little time to organize his thoughts, aiming at the new site in Shanghai Longfeng layout considerations do share


resource aggregation

3, to search engine, with the strengthening of the capability of semantic analysis, the subject specific website is easier to obtain the trust of the search engine, for a new station can shorten the time of the index, even small a factor, you have no reason not to perform.

set the theme of the site content, to web pages presented to the user, a web page corresponding to only one URL address, whether your website is re designed, or the use of open source program to build, we must ensure that each page of the website URL address only before a new website.

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