How do the site is down right after


website is nobility baby down right?

5: check the content of the website is by large websites but did not indicate the source, sometimes not because of repeated contents and right down, but because of the love of Shanghai you think this article is reproduced website and right down.

6: check whether the site has JS Trojan, backdoor, pop, black hat etc..

4: if the new station just included, so should the egg, this time may not be right down, maintain and update, stable external links.

7: after the site was K, can also be used for shielding on the crawler in robots.txt, the advantage is that the first, will not affect other people; second, to restore included, of course, the premise is then you allow the crawler! Generally adhere to the original one time a month without reaction shield spider. (Note: This is a Winter test of Suzhou Shanghai dragon, is feasible.

2: check whether there is bad Links, check these links page links are what place, what is IP, the IP is punished, details can see Lu Songsong once wrote "how to check whether the safety of the website with IP".

8: if the above problems, the love of Shanghai is still not included, the trick is to change the home page TITLE.


the main search engine is love Shanghai and noble baby, so here only to the two search engine as an example. The main performance is: love Shanghai right down included large-scale reduction, ranking decreased rapidly, often accompanied by K home page; the main manifestations of nobility baby right down: reduce the website ranking, included stagnation, occasionally with some of the page is K.

1: drop right after the first site under your name, is the site of insistence came right home page or content right down. If the home is right down, the sandbox is not under consideration. If the page right down, is not under consideration into a single page of the sandbox, first observed a few days.

1: check whether the site using the H1 label, in addition to the blog site of any experience to avoid the use of H1 tags, if the site is down right, then remove the H1 tag.


site is love Shanghai down right?

knowledge: nobility baby sandbox is refers to a new station, there are a lot of high quality connection, relevant content is very rich, all optimization >

noble baby is good, right down and down the right way is rare, very gentle, treatment is relatively easy.

3: check whether the site used Alt, especially LOGO on whether or not to use the keyword Alt tags, if there is removed.

9: a lot of people because the replacement template is love Shanghai down the right, we look at the proposal I recently wrote "to replace the template on the website of Shanghai dragon", some of the details you’ve never noticed.

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