Bitter Shanghai dragon Er to the boss about an article on how to obtain ranking

!The weight of


, 4 of users have a value to each user any value of the article is not be included, even if included sooner or later will be K.

3, the chain extension degree, quantity and quality, the higher the quality of external links, the more, the better ranking. For example, a person just came to a strange city, no one knows you, you will not be in this city to remember, but when a lot of people know you, but their popularity is very high, naturally your popularity will also be brought up.

2, users love degree, which is mainly reflected in the share amount of clicks and articles, when an article hits and share content are high, ranking will be high, the premise is the website is not drop right;

1, the site has not been right down, a loved Shanghai right down the site, the article again good also won’t have any ranking;

and the relationship between the ranking of

the weight is larger, indicating the site natural flow and natural flow, then the corresponding keyword ranking on the relative weight, flow, keywords ranking between the three are complementary to each other.

from last year since 6.28, all stations in Shanghai to change the love again and again the algorithm in the gun fell, had found a job. The boss does not know Shanghai dragon, but he also let you according to his request, so I told the Commissioner of the chain almost. According to his request after a month, the boss was angry and said you could not send the article ranking ah, I told him that the influence factors of the rankings, but he didn’t listen to writing to him. Have to say, do the webmaster when hard work is hard to force


K, a K website, no matter how good the article will not be included;

3, a weight high site, even if the article is reproduced directly will also be included, even can have very good rankings, because this website has been in love with Shanghai trust;

The ranking of the influence factors of

included the love of Shanghai1, the site has not been

4, the internal, when the internal site has a lot of articles are recommended in this article, the search engine will think this article will give valuable, ranking approach is in the other relevant articles which give this article or add hyperlinks. Also for example, when you first came to a company, almost all the people don’t know about you, the next time you to be more successful, many people gradually know you, through the company’s employees and supervisors recommend, outside people will know you.

2, the original high, that is to say the article is not directly copied from other websites, but others or modify their own writing;

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