The analysis of several quiz website features

second can also be done, is Soso Ask, feel the station repeated over many times, a bit of plagiarism love Shanghai know, originally beginning with the domain name Wenwen, later changed to belong to the website soso below, his more important is through QQ, username and password you can log in directly, ask questions and answer questions, so it is very convenient, but also can directly take the base of his user QQ billions of user groups, you can also speed, but may be in function than to know almost a little, but also the weight of their products Soso Ask the increase is relatively high so, there will be some search rankings; the audit mechanism also began to gradually become very strict, but with a URL answer increasingly unpopular; headline and questions The two part of the content; easy to seal ID

the last one is the horizon, originally this product is noble baby, but also more optimistic about the product, but later the noble baby and Tianya the termination of cooperation, this product is neither fish nor fowl, this product which is basically a lot of advertising, and strict vetting degree "


is the first love of Shanghai know, said the quiz site, to say Shanghai know, whether from the appearance of the page, the function of the website, and is the site of the replies to the quantity and speed of love Shanghai know can say is waiting in this industry, the most important thing is to know the weight of love Shanghai love in Shanghai is very high, basically a lot of search keywords, there will be love Shanghai this product page figure, the more we do know that people love Shanghai Shanghai dragon determination and

love Shanghai know, can now add a map, can let the user know in what place, and the problem and the best answer is very clear, people on issues and the best answer to see very clearly, and the top note of the function, you can also share with your friends to share: some blog website and micro-blog space! We know that Shanghai will be able to function through this love; 贵族宝贝zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝/question/248913965.html basically many functions are used, and that the ranking is also very good, to the user experience, the feeling is very good, this is we can often see the love of Shanghai know; examination is very strict. With the URL of the basic is harmonious, advertising will be very harmonious; only a part of the title question; no questions;. Easy letter ID


is now a lot of network marketing, will ask as a means of promotion, slowly began to have some people begin to pay close attention to the question of the marketing question, do good, can also have a good ranking and opportunities Oh, and I had added a group, the inside is more systematic understanding of how to ask how to do, know it, often has some way; now we’ll come to the analysis on the market characteristics of Q & a website.

information!Several features of

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