Learn the 7 essential skills of Shanghai Dragon

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so, Shanghai dragon is particularly important, learn Shanghai Longfeng thinking, can be said to rely on the skills of survival enough, in fact a little too much, all the local search, there exists in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but the implementation is not the same, but the overall thinking is the same.

is actually very simple, master 7 skills, you will be conducive to an invincible position

server configurationThe

server installation components

so, for beginners how to learn Shanghai dragon

Note: Because a lot of

Shanghai dragon in recent years is one of the most important means of promotion, imagine as long as the rankings do go up, so the user can take the initiative to come every day, or a very cool thing.

, a front-end skills

file settings

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, HTML code is directly to see, how to directly affect the smooth degree of code optimization to grab a spider.

mentioned in front of Shanghai dragon skills, mainly because you have to learn to read simple HTML code, simple to write HTML code, especially HTML5 code.

common service configuration skills:

1, HTML Lite, make the page load faster

is also more cool because people do, but also a lot of competition. But in recent years the emergence of new media, let Shanghai dragon competition becomes a lot less, on the contrary, to do Shanghai dragon will more than a few years ago a lot easier now.

server stability is not stable, directly related to the user experience and the spider crawling smoothly, if not configure the server, if the failure is easy to let the site in a state of paralysis.


3,.Htaccess configuration file

of course you don’t need to learn the skills in front of how proficient, but need to see the most basic common HTML code

3, a reasonable motion H series label, let the spider easily find the key web

Such as:

2, a reasonable form of code written, let the spider analysis easier

is not ranked

2, 404


5, with the security and stability of the server (basic part)

again, to the server configuration not engage like operation and maintenance are very proficient, as long as the common configuration can be, to know that we are doing Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, "

1, 301 to

6, will operate a variety of virtual space and the configuration of VPS

The reason why

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