How to use the 360 search map keywords ranking optimization

and the above seems we share with the theme of today, it is mainly to tell you whether we pay promotion or optimization of Shanghai Longfeng are not just staring at love Shanghai, we should search marketing thinking he extended to its search platform, I often talk with friends in the webmaster in a word is often said as long as it was there where the traffic demand, traffic is interactive, interactive transactions may have.


is the most critical will directly show the company’s address and telephone number of sales in the map, when the user needs when you can directly call the above Exhibition "

in the two days before I share with you an article entitled "how to get the key input" 0 "screen PowerWord love Shanghai home page" mentioned in the love map of Shanghai to do keyword optimization, in fact, using 360 search map to do keywords ranking optimization and the reason is the same. 360 of their products with high weights so as long as you can to optimize keywords will get good rankings 360 of their products to good use, the Yang Zi will share with you how to do 360 good map search keywords ranking.

360 search share in the domestic search market share in recent years a lot of growth from 10% to 30% by the end of 2015 a few a few a few -40%, according to reports in 2013 360 President Qi Xiangdong said 360 search market share at the end of 2015 will be more than 40%, from 360 in the second search market share of the search market in china.

The following figure 360

when you search through only 360 Shenzhen coffee machine in the home will show that the picture can be seen from the figure, A, B, C, D, four maps show a good search map can display 4 map in the home position, two of them on the coffee machine site map and B D is Yang Zi in 2013 on the Shanghai dragon is currently ranked.

search keywords ranking map display:

from the market share of more undoubtedly created a search marketing platform, 360 good search like love Shanghai and Google launched 360 search for promotion profit model, remember a company Yang Zi pay promotion work in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon do is made of 360 brought good search of course, to promote the flow of every day is also very good.

will love Shanghai search market share is the boss, but now is not easy to get a better flow in early two years ago some webmaster friends to communicate with me, now love Shanghai algorithm more humane and intelligent. In order to get traffic is not easy, he said he now focuses on 360 search Shanghai dragon, according to his response by doing 360 good search optimization to obtain Shanghai Longfeng flow is good, which is today I want to share with you the 360 search map do keywords ranking optimization.

There is not much reason to talk about the relationship between

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