Some opinions about the development direction of the Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon is a technology, when a chain, when writing the content of the deep will feel this truth, the Shanghai Dragon technology will use a big data to convince you, will use the actual test results and you will use to contrast, knowledge more and you do data analysis love, analysis Shanghai knowledge, analysis of nobility baby knowledge, technology and so on, the categories of Shanghai dragon love to get maximum benefits with fewer things, technical categories of Shanghai Longfeng love to do their own analysis, for example, the most simple modification of the website program, that will be part of what structure, flow changes membership changes, etc..

regardless of the choice of Shanghai dragon which road, please choose to continue to think, in the hands of their own experience to choose a self.

: the first Shanghai dragon, monotonous road

Shanghai dragon, now basically every use of network workers will understand the meaning of this word, Shanghai dragon, all around us, so now Shanghai Longfeng flood threshold problem? Or what because he is simple, or because he is a hard work, so they simply said about of Shanghai dragon Er development direction of the views. Contact Shanghai dragon is a fate, learn Shanghai dragon people including many programmers, including a lot of Denver on the network, post, irrigation, etc., including the promotion of Shanghai dragon, because of the Shanghai dragon can have a lot of traffic, because of the benefits of Shanghai dragon to believe that a lot of people. Think so. About the development direction of Shanghai dragon Er, after something of a moment, think again now, what would it feel.

believes that most of the webmaster friends will choose this road and go a long way for marketing, network marketing is a new study, including more extensive knowledge of website operation, website promotion, website planning, Shanghai dragon is just one of them, but the network marketing is to maximize profits service, network marketing, but also to learn SEM, search engine marketing, PPC, and so on will learn, will this time Shanghai dragon and SEM fully combine the marketing of the road is very long, so want to have my own career ought to enter, how to maximize the profit this train of thought, culture.

Shanghai Longfeng monotonous Road, because there are still a lot of people think Shanghai dragon is very simple, perhaps, will think of Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the chain, is nothing more than the content, is nothing more than a daily updated blog, is nothing more than irrigation water to the forum every day, just stick to this work, this kind of monotonous work Shanghai dragon, the chain need yes, Shanghai Longfeng content need not wrong, but without thinking, the true meaning of Shanghai dragon, so long no progress would have been in this monotonous way.

third: Shanghai dragon road, marketing

second: Shanghai Dragon technology,

Here I feel

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