Shanghai Longfeng lifetime learning method

learning, also need to constantly improve the skills. Sharp tools make good work。 If you do not understand the code, then you are not a station, the station optimization is not very good, to learn some common language; how to make a website to learn some other necessary skills.

Shanghai Longfeng learning to actively help many friends. Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization, study on their own skills, ability based learning based on it, while the external optimization, such as the increase of the chain, exchange Links, you need to know some people. This is a long process of accumulation. I always appreciate the practice of Mou Changqing. Share some resources in their own blog, gathered disciples.

Shanghai dragon learning focuses on purpose. The so-called objective, some may simply know this – Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon learn about the concept and basic operating practices, and the update step to master the skills through Shanghai Longfeng conduct, another is through the study of Shanghai dragon, effectively enhance their sales of products ranked by Shanghai dragon money. Objective to determine the different efforts, their time is different. A simple understanding of the level, in the love of Shanghai and Google search Shanghai dragon blog, there will be a lot of well-known blogs such as star Shanghai dragon, Wang Tong blog, there is some macro narration, there are some micro level operation technology. The latter two, we cannot do without learning on the basis of practice. The following to introduce the importance of practice.

. Practice. Learning to a certain optimization means, but also actively try, if not only in practice, simply stay in the memory level, will soon forget, but you have not really learned knowledge. URL path optimization of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, single page optimization, image optimization like these you have to actively practice.


Shanghai dragon

is applied in practice to study the theory? How to be a good Shanghai dragon er? It is each willing to learn to join the Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon industry network practitioners want to know the problem. As a contact in Shanghai dragon industry for three years, Internet marketers still continue to learn, here on their understanding of learning of Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng learning focuses on the practice of

finally, Shanghai dragon learn to persevere. Love Shanghai and Google in the constant adjustment, but we also need to learn the Shanghai dragon, absorb new knowledge constantly, optimization methods also need to learn new methods. I wish you every day at work can make progress.

Shanghai dragon learn to be good for. Shanghai Longfeng learning must be good at using some tools. Shanghai Longfeng tool very much, is also very easy to use, good application, we can save a lot of time. For example, the query keywords ranking keyword, traffic statistics cnzz. In this no longer list, want to learn the application can love Shanghai Shanghai dragon tools.


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