How to enhance the daily work of Shanghai dragon skills novice webmaster

first, you should first understand the theoretical basis of knowledge of the Shanghai dragon. Every day we are close and the Internet " " contact, such as search Shanghai dragon, first understand what is the Shanghai based dragon concept? Then, what is the principle of Shanghai dragon? How search engines crawl, collection, indexing, sorting website look at these contents, the author found that many friends about the Shanghai dragon is very a contemptuous disregard said content and the chain, do not understand the basic knowledge, but others say what they will do what others may make effect, your solution has been untied, why your ranking will not go? Based on the basic knowledge of OK., only understand the basic principle, you can understand. The article how to send the chain to send the chain? What kind of effective to attract the search engine spiders to crawl the page.

third, work time to rational use. Work is always work, some of their own ideas and certainly doubt stay can not solve in the mind, this time I still suggest you hold " qiurenburuqiuji " thinking, because the workplace as we all know, who are impossible for you to throw a whole heart, reservations is positive. Here I suggest you buy one or two books about Shanghai dragon books, such as the Zac of the Shanghai teachers like the actual password dragon books, you choose the right books, use work time to learn, not to be a very happy thing.

fourth, with repeated verification of theoretical knowledge through practice. We know that knowledge comes from practice, is recognized the truth, not many people say knowledge >

we know, website optimization, especially for beginners, it is very important to learn the Shanghai dragon, but many novice friends are to optimize the knowledge learning through their own way, Guantanamo, daily work is one of the most important Shanghai dragon new learning way, even the daily work we have to do a heart, is the same one day the different learning efficiency may lead to harvest day is different, Guantanamo, new master at work Shanghai, how should we do?

second, use the time to absorb nutrients. General beginners are doing more toil work, such as writing content, send the chain. As a beginner, we should have a positive attitude, even write to write high quality articles and not do things carelessly, writing directly to you certainly tells a lot of methods and skills in the process of writing would be to put in charge of the idea entered into the chain, sure the manager will also tell you some high quality the chain of production, in the process, we must continue to accumulate, ask yourself why? Why? In the process of extrapolation, others the reading process to promote some kind of forum in Shanghai Longfeng, some of the things that can be good skills in note record, how long a heart will let you learn by leaps and bounds.

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