Shanghai Longfeng analysis of advantages and disadvantages of using iframe framework


: a disadvantage

now all search engines can not identify the page in the ifram framework called links, text, pictures and so on, the reason is very simple because the content is not included in the page, only when the user access is a temporary call, and the engine in Shanghai love search optimization only we can see. "The frame/frameset/iframe tag, will lead to love Shanghai spider crawling difficulties, not recommended". So you can clearly see that the drawbacks of the.

we need to understand what is the framework of iframe

I remember when just contact the iframe framework, the feeling is not very understanding, are not very useful, but recently in to the site with a micro-blog live control met it, also had to Shanghai dragon’s point of view to consider it, after analysis, the author thinks that the ifame framework has advantages and disadvantages some.

the above the author said the micro-blog space, the most common iframe framework is in the site of copyright information, as shown below, we can site copyright information and authentication information for the iframe framework, >

two, advantages of

from the above we can see that the disadvantages of using ifame framework cannot be search engine crawling. But there are always two sides. The drawback of it may also be a little of his. By this point that we can put our site to give our users to view, but does not need to search engine crawling content using ifame framework for display, so that you can let ifram play a real effect, and we in the site code can also be greatly reduced, for example, as I mentioned above, add micro-blog live information, we do not need to provide information to the micro-blog search engine, and we need to provide is an interactive and visitor experience, as shown below, and if we make use of ifame framework of embedded micro-blog information, not only can easily add site micro-blog broadcast platform at the same time, we see that the code is very concise.

if we use this tag will be on a page to build a separate framework within this page, such as a 1 page area within the ifram call to another page, that page 2, it would be on page 1 in the region call display page 2 called part. Method of use:

or other web content in this paper can be written inside the label, now let’s look at the Shanghai dragon, the advantages and disadvantages of using the iframe framework on our site are.



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