Some factors that influence the ranking of keywords love Shanghai


are still saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor. The chain for the love of Shanghai keywords ranking also has a great influence. The chain is mainly divided into two factors, one is the quality and quantity of the chain is the chain of another. Say you want to search webmaster exchange, in Shanghai in the search process has 10000 links to A5, there are 5000 Web links to Shanghai dragon why so in love this keyword ranking webmaster communication in Shanghai is A5 why rely on the former than Shanghai dragon. About the quality of the chain basically is to see this website outside the chain of the PR, the weight, the higher the quality of Shanghai would love to give him a higher ranking.

The chain The position of the

4. website

site is popular hits is a more evident, so in love with Shanghai based customer experience under the premise of the click rate as an important factor in the site keywords ranking, of course, the click rate to be true, try not to use the software to brush hits, love Shanghai that must be The loss outweighs the gain.. Drop right or other more serious punishment, that is not good. I want to search web site is www.xs5i贵族宝贝

love Shanghai keywords ranking

5. web hits

original contentHeby

since I do Shanghai, summed up the factors influencing

love Shanghai search keywords will be from top to bottom so a habit from left to right, that is to say the website keywords will be better than the other page keywords, keywords of an article will be better than the content inside the title keyword. Do you like Links, do in the home to do in other pages, make sure the highest quality in the home.

The chain spider

site link is also very necessary, is conducive to Everfount web search spider climbed inside, can let you love Shanghai included more pages, but also should not be too much, because the spider’s patience is limited, in the chain is too much is likely to lose patience and left

fall in love with any other search engine should pay attention to the content of the original, so if your site are original, so it is easy to get the favor of love Shanghai, spiders also stops here, and will give you the weight is very high, the snapshot you basically is updated every day, published articles can also soon be included, long before the keyword ranking does not want to go up.


3. keywords

2. website

The following is

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