As tourism grows in Ketchikan, some wonder if a few wild places can remain truly local

first_imgAlaska’s Energy Desk | Southeast | TourismAs tourism grows in Ketchikan, some wonder if a few wild places can remain truly localFebruary 10, 2020 by Eric Stone, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Ketchikan Share:Kathy Rousso admires the natural beauty of the Carlanna Lake Trail in Ketchikan on Jan. 30, 2020. (Photo by Eric Stone/Alaska’s Energy Desk)Tourism has replaced timber as the primary economic driver in many places around Southeast Alaska. And it’s a growing sector: Nearly 1.5 million people are forecast to visit the region this summer. But some residents don’t want to see tourists in places that often serve as refuges for locals.Longtime Southeast resident Kathy Rousso is walking up Ketchikan’s Carlanna Lake Trail, clambering around a fallen tree blocking part of the trail and strolling onto a fishing pier.Broken shards of ice cover the manmade lake just outside the Tongass National Forest. Until the late ‘80s, the reservoir served as Ketchikan’s primary water source. Today, though, Rousso says it’s just a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of Southeast Alaska.“Like, for me, walking these trails is a mental — it kind of cleanses my mind, you know, it clears by head,” she said.Rousso says it’s a great way to avoid the hustle and bustle of Ketchikan’s tourist-packed downtown. She says she comes out to Carlanna Lake on a fairly regular basis during the summer.“It’s a kind of a local spot and it’s close to houses, you know, it’s in a neighborhood,” she said.So Rousso was disappointed when she heard that a local company had applied for a permit to guide groups of tourists around the lake.Teague Whalen is an English professor at the local University of Alaska Southeast campus and the owner and operator of Mindfulness Rainforest Treks, a Ketchikan-based hiking tour company. It’s a one-man operation. For the past half-decade or so, he’s guided small groups of visitors along Ketchikan-area trails. He says his customers choose a hike instead of more typical tourist activities in town for the same reason as locals like Rousso.“Absolutely — the term that comes to my mind is ‘unplug.’ A lot of the customers I’ve had on the tours really appreciate getting away from all the people downtown,” he said.But despite their common goal, Rousso says she doesn’t like seeing tourists on a neighborhood trail.“I mean, if we’re walking up this road, and there’s a group of 20 people coming down the trail and a narrow trail, yeah, it really does kind of ruin the experience,” she said.Rousso has other concerns, too. She’s afraid tourists might leave trash, clog up the 10-stall trailhead parking lot — or simply wear out the trail. She says she’s seen it happen elsewhere around Ketchikan.But more than that, she wants a voice in the process.“There needs to be more balance between the tourists and the locals, and I feel like we should be part of the decision-making on where those groups are going, and I don’t feel like we are,” she said.Whalen says he’s sensitive to Rousso’s concerns.“I get that as a local who uses those trails as well,” he said. “And so I think what needs to be happening more — and maybe this is a great way of opening that door — is to figure out some kind of multidisciplinary committee that is talking about, ‘what is a healthy balance for the tourism and local community?’”He says even if that means more red tape, more paperwork and more permits, he’d be okay with that.And he says residents have had their voices heard when it comes to keeping tours off trails. Many local trails, most of them on U.S. Forest Service land, don’t allow guided groups. And his company wouldn’t even be the first to guide tours on this neighborhood trail.Whalen also says he’s not concerned about taking parking away from local hikers — he plans to take groups up to the trailhead in a single vehicle. And he says he’ll ensure guests don’t leave trash behind or venture off the developed trail.Whalen says he’s caught in the middle of a debate happening in cruise ports all over Southeast: When it comes to tourism, how much is too much?Back on the trail, Rousso says that even if more tour groups start making their way up toward Carlanna Lake, it beats at least one alternative.“I guess I would rather have tour groups walking the trails than logging companies logging, cutting all the trees,” she said. “Because I think this forest has value.”How to divide that value among locals, tourists and business owners, though, is an open question.Residents can submit comments on the proposal until Monday, Feb. 10.Share this story:last_img read more

Why Martin Shkreli reminds us so darn much of Donald Trump

first_imgTrump has called Shkreli “a spoiled brat.” And in an interview with STAT last year, Shkreli contrasted his own humble upbringing in a working-class immigrant family with Trump’s inherited wealth — and noted that, in his estimation, selling pharmaceuticals is “a much greater cause” than dealing in real estate. “I don’t like Trump,” Shkreli said.OK. But the parallels are undeniable.Both wield social media as a weaponShkreli did something remarkable on Thursday: He used Twitter to insert his voice, in real time, into a congressional hearing just minutes after he was excused because he refused to answer questions.After invoking his constitutional right to silence, Shkreli left the room and started tweeting. Lawmakers noticed his tweet calling them “imbeciles” — and started talking about it during the hearing. Representative Elijah Cummings, who minutes earlier had upbraided Shkreli for smirking through the questioning, wanted to know if Nancy Retzlaff, another Turing executive still at the hearing, knew about it. (She said she didn’t.)It was classic Shkreli. And also, really, classic Trump.Both tirelessly retweet their supporters. Both use Twitter to smack down critics and insult rivals. And both can’t resist using the forum to bash journalists. Just two recent examples:The dying @NRO National Review has totally given up the fight against Barrack Obama. They have been losing for years. I will beat Hillary!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 22, 2016 Most corporate executives hauled in to testify before Congress treat it with a certain gravitas. (Retzlaff and Howard Schiller, the interim chief executive of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, were also on the hot seat at Thursday’s hearing, but they kept a sober demeanor as they politely answered questions.) Even when subpoenaed executives plead the Fifth, they tend to sit solemnly.Shkreli? He saw the hearing as a theatrical, ultimately meaningless, attempt by lawmakers to make him a scapegoat for the drug industry’s widespread price hikes — and acted accordingly. His smirks and grins were so unusual for the venue that veteran Politico reporter John Bresnahan tweeted this: WASHINGTON — Martin Shkreli’s total disregard for decorum was on display Thursday when he was called to testify before a House committee. The disgraced pharma executive pleaded the Fifth when grilled about his decision to hike the price of a decades-old drug by more than 5,000 percent.He smirked. He smiled. And almost as soon as he walked out of the hearing room, he tweeted that the elected representatives who had interrogated him were “imbeciles.”Hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government.— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) February 4, 2016 Bear with us. We’re onto something here. Even for a politician, Trump has a unique ability to irritate the public. In November, when Gallup rounded up the favorability ratings of all the 2016 candidates, Trump scored by far the worst. By far.The pharma industry is nearly as unpopular as politicians. A STAT-Harvard poll found that barely 50 percent of Americans believe drug companies are doing a good job serving their customers.Yet it’s Shkreli who keeps getting singled out. He was the star (or target) of Thursday’s hearing. Ask voters in Iowa about drug prices, and his story is the one they bring up on their own — just as they’re more likely to mention Trump unprompted than any other candidate.Both have set the media to second-guessingHere’s one last parallel:A lot of people believe Shkreli has gotten way too much ink.Many think the same about Trump.If you’ve read this far, you might disagree. But on that note, we’re out. Related: Related: Both gleefully overturn social normsCongressional hearings and presidential debates are important and must be taken seriously. That’s the conventional wisdom.Shkreli and Trump won’t have any of it. Unrepentant and brash, Martin Shkreli defends Daraprim pricing ‘It’s not funny, Mr. Shkreli. People are dying.’ Not surprised. Bloomberg @business has some very good journalists, and several very, very poor ones. https://t.co/L6xuGPI8rh— Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) February 4, 2016center_img Trump would have appreciated the show.After all, he’s the candidate who skipped last week’s debate in Des Moines to make a point in his feud with Fox News.Both drive people nutsThe Shkreli-Trump comparison isn’t a new one — back in October, Salon dubbed Shkreli “the Donald Trump of drug development.”The Verge observed that Shkreli “has managed to offend almost as many people as Donald Trump without having the platform of a nationwide presidential campaign to help him.”And therein lies another parallel: Much of their notoriety — and perhaps genius? — can be found in their preternatural ability to drive everybody else crazy. Donald Trump and Martin Skhreli both have a knack for driving people crazy. Getty Images (2) ‘Pow!’ ‘It will be huge.’ Emails show Shkreli’s team exulting at drug price hike First, let’s stipulate that Trump and Shkreli don’t like each other.advertisement By Rebecca Robbins and Dylan Scott Feb. 4, 2016 Reprints PoliticsWhy Martin Shkreli reminds us so darn much of Donald Trump Related: It sounded, quite frankly, a whole lot like another celebrity-turned-political-symbol with a flair for impropriety: Donald J. Trump.advertisement Tags Donald Trumpdrug pricesMartin Shkrelipolicylast_img read more

Covid-19 test accuracy supplement: The math of Bayes’ Theorem

first_imgTest Negative First OpinionCovid-19 test accuracy supplement: The math of Bayes’ Theorem Since many of the tests report 100% specificity, let’s go with that estimate, even though there have been reports of possible false positive tests. For 100% specificity, among 100 people without Covid-19, all 100 would have negative tests: Total109901000 Test Positive Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Total109901000 Total100 Test Negative60700760 Jeffrey L. Schnipper Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Covid-19 test accuracy supplement: The math of Bayes’ TheoremExample 1: Low pre-test probability (asymptomatic patients in Massachusetts)First, we need to estimate the pre-test probability that asymptomatic Massachusetts residents have Covid-19. We know that in the state approximately 2% of all tests for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, are positive. This is not exactly the same as the percentage of tested people who have Covid-19, but it’s a good approximation. Keep in mind, though, that 2% represents tests in people with and without symptoms, so it is likely higher by at least 2-fold (and maybe more) compared to testing only those without symptoms. So we estimate the pre-test probability as 1% in this group of asymptomatic Massachusetts residents.advertisement Test Negative100 About the Authors Reprints Total109901000 Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Total109901000 Test Positive80 Total3007001000 Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Total3007001000 Test Negative2 Test Positive8 Covid-19: Yes Of the 990 people without Covid-19, 100% of them will have a negative test because the specificity is 100%. In other words, all 990 will have a negative test: Calculating positive and negative predictive values: @drjschnip Test Positive808 Positive predictive value = having Covid-19 if the test is positive = 8/8 = 100%Negative predictive value = not having Covid-19 if the test is negative = 990/992 = 99.8%Example 2: High Pre-Test Probability (patients hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms) First, we estimated the pre-test probability among patients at Brigham and Women’s Hospital who presented with signs and symptoms of Covid-19, such as shortness of breath and fever. During the height of the surge in April, this was roughly 30%.The sensitivity and specificity of the test remain the same as in Example 1: 80% sensitivity and 100% specificity (the test itself has not changed, only the group of people being tested).Of 1,000 of these patients being tested, 300 will have Covid-19 and 700 will not:center_img By Jeffrey L. Schnipper and Paul E. Sax Aug. 20, 2020 Reprints Test Negative20 Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Among 1,000 people of unknown Covid-19 status being tested, 1% will have the infection (from the pre-test probability). 1% of 1000 is 10, so 10 will have the disease, and 990 will not: Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Of the 10 people with Covid-19, 80% of them will have a positive test because the sensitivity is 80%. 80% times 10 is 8. So 8 will have a positive test, and 2 will have a negative test: In terms of test characteristics, let’s say the sensitivity of the rapid point-of-care test is 80%, as has been claimed for some of them. That would mean of 100 people infected with SARS-CoV-2, 80 of them would have positive tests and 20 would have negative tests: Test Positive Covid-19: YesCovid-19: NoTotal Based on the sensitivity and specificity of the test, 80% of those 300 (240) with Covid-19 will have a positive test, and 100% of those 700 without Covid-19 will have a negative test: Test Positive0 Test Negative advertisement Test Negative60700760 Now we can calculate positive and negative predictive values. Test Positive2400240 Total100 Test Positive2400240 Paul E. Sax Total3007001000 Test Negative2990992 Covid-19: No Test Negative2990992 Test Positive808 linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-schnipper-9916004/ Positive predictive value = having Covid-19 if the test is positive = 240/240 = 100%Negative predictive value = not having Covid-19 if the test is negative = 700/760 = 92% @PaulSaxMDlast_img read more

Former GAA president among candidates for Fianna Fail Local Election Convention in Borris-Mountmellick area

first_imgHome News Former GAA president among candidates for Fianna Fail Local Election Convention in… News Charlie Flanagan on Electric Picnic: ‘I’d ask organisers to consult with community leaders’ WhatsApp Community Previous articleLaois GAA Fixture Review Committee proposes radical changes for ‘Gaels teams’Next articleGraiguecullen appoint new manager as Clancy departs Alan HartnettStradbally native Alan Hartnett is a graduate of Knockbeg College who has worked in the local and national media since 2008. Alan has a BA in Economics, Politics and Law and an MA in Journalism from DCU. His happiest moment was when Jody Dillon scored THAT goal in the Laois senior football final in 2016. Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR TAGSFianna FailLiam O’Neill WhatsApp Pinterest By Alan Hartnett – 20th November 2018 Facebook Former GAA president among candidates for Fianna Fail Local Election Convention in Borris-Mountmellick area Twitter Pinterest Community Liam and Aine O’Neill at the GAA Annual Congress in The Heritage Golf and Spa Resort.Picture: Alf Harvey. The former President of the GAA has put his name in the hat to be selected by Fianna Fail to run as a Local Election candidate in 2019.Liam O’Neill, who served at the helm of the GAA between 2012 and 2015 and held a variety of roles at club, county and provincial level prior to that, is set to go forward at the upcoming selection convention for the Borris-In-Ossory-Mountmellick area.LaoisToday understands that the Trumera man will be among three other candidates that will put themselves forward next week.These include the two sitting Cllrs, Seamus McDonald of Rosenallis and Paddy Bracken of Mountmellick.While there is another newcomer in the form of Sean Mortimer of Camross.He would be most known in GAA circles – having served as chairman of the hurling board of the Laois County Board from 2014 to 2017.He replaced Peter O’Neill as Vice-Chairman of the County Board after defeating the Portlaoise man by three votes, 72 to 69, at the County Convention in 2016 – a role he stepped down from last year.He has also been actively involved in his club having previously served as chairman of the 26 time Laois SHC winners.LaoisToday also understands that three of the Fianna Fail candidates who contested the Election in 2014 are not going forward this time – Michael G Phelan, Joe Digan and Gerard Phelan.Former GAA President Liam O’Neill first showed an interest in getting involved in political life during the summer when he was approached to challenge Michael D Higgins for the role of President.He said back in July that he was considering his options after being approached but later decided against it.He said that he didn’t ‘have the organisational, logistical or financial platform to mount a campaign’ – which he reckoned would cost around €400,000.O’Neill recently retired as principal of Gaelscoil Tromaire while his wife Aine also retired as principal of St Fergal’s in Rathdowney.The Fianna Fail selection convention for the Borris-In-Ossory-Mountmellick area will take place next week.SEE ALSO – Six more Laois students awarded for stellar Leaving Cert results in UCD Council New Arles road opens but disquiet over who was invited to official opening Twitter Laois secondary school announces scholarship winners for new academic yearlast_img read more

Hedge funds pose limited risks to financial stability: FSA

James Langton Hedge fund founder duped investors, allege U.S. authorities Keywords Hedge fundsCompanies Financial Services Authority U.S. hedge fund manager gets jail in bid rigging case It notes that total size of funds it surveyed remains modest in most markets, and leverage is largely unchanged for most funds. Funds also continue to report a strong ability to manage the liquidity of their assets and liabilities in aggregate, it says. However, it cautions that these reports are based on self-assessment and says “it is difficult to gauge whether these measures would hold during stressed market periods”. “Risks to hedge funds remain from a sudden withdrawal of funding (such as financing from prime brokers and margin calls on derivatives trading), resulting in forced asset sales. This is of particular concern if funds have significant footprints,” it says. As for the counterparty survey, the FSA reports that its results indicate that counterparties have increased margining requirements and tightened other conditions on their exposures to hedge funds since the financial crisis. “This suggests an increase in banks’ resilience to hedge fund defaults. However, if a sudden withdrawal of funding was to occur in one highly leveraged fund or across a number of funds, this may result in forced asset sales that exacerbate pressure on market liquidity and efficient pricing,” it says. Related news Two new surveys of hedge funds conclude that they currently pose relatively limited risks to overall financial stability. The UK Financial Services Authority has released a report on its latest surveys of hedge funds and hedge fund conterparties, which were carried out in March and April respectively. The survey of funds themselves concludes that “risks to financial stability through the ‘market’ channel are limited at the time of the latest survey.” Share this article and your comments with peers on social media GameStop saga makes Wall Street an issue for Biden team Facebook LinkedIn Twitter read more

Ministry of Education to Fence 64 Schools This Year

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Approximately 64 schools are to receive security fencing, as part of the safety and security initiative of the Ministry of Education (MOE), at a cost of $429.7 million, during the 2009-2010 academic year.The disclosure was made by Chief Building Officer in the MOE, Leonard Jackson, during an interview with JIS News.“Twelve schools benefitted from the programme in 2008/2009, and 64 schools will benefit in 2009-2010. The overall plan is to fence all schools. However all schools cannot be fenced in one fiscal year, due to funding”, Mr. Jackson explained.According to him, the Ministry decides on the priority schools after receiving submissions from the regional offices.“The regional offices submit a list of the schools in their region that need fencing. The Ministry then decides the schools that will take priority,” he emphasised.Under the 2009-2010 fencing initiative, nine schools will be fenced in Region 1, 10 in Region 2, 16 in Region 3, 13 in Region 4, eight in Region 5 and eight in Region 6.The 12 schools that were fenced in 2008-2009 are:-Golden Grove Primary, Seaforth Primary and Port Antonio Primary from Region 2; Brimmervale High, Cedric Titus High, Marcus Garvey Technical High and Discovery Bay All-Age in Region 3; May Day High and Glen Stuart High in Region 5; Denbigh High, York Street Primary and Tredegar Park Primary in Region 6.The programme, which started last year, is ongoing and is being done by Government contractors. RelatedMinistry of Education to Fence 64 Schools This Year RelatedMinistry of Education to Fence 64 Schools This Year RelatedMinistry of Education to Fence 64 Schools This Yearcenter_img Ministry of Education to Fence 64 Schools This Year EducationMarch 30, 2009 Advertisementslast_img read more

Montreal off-road group pulls city bus up icy hill

first_img See More Videos The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car ever According to CTV News Montreal, a bus that got stuck in the snow in Montreal was given a helping hand by some Good Samaritans with 4×4 SUVs.The bus got stuck on a steep hill right outside the station, and because of the buildup of snow and ice, couldn’t get enough inertia to push itself up the hill.Buses are also rear-wheel-drive, so that doesn’t help. RELATED TAGSSUVNon-LuxuryNew VehiclesNon-Luxury We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles using Facebook commenting Visit our FAQ page for more information. Buy It! Princess Diana’s humble little 1981 Ford Escort is up for auction An engagement gift from Prince Charles, the car is being sold by a Princess Di “superfan” ‹ Previous Next › Trending Videoscenter_img Trending in Canada advertisement Eventually, the bus is pulled all the way up the hill, saving the day and helping people get to work on time. COMMENTSSHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Buses can weigh up to 44,000 pounds when fully loaded, so there was nothing working in its favour, here.That’s a when a bunch of SUVs kitted up in 4×4 garb decided to show up and lend some assistance to the stranded city bus. In order to give themselves the best chance of pulling the bus, the three SUVs chained themselves together to offer three times the traction and power to pull the bus up the hill.There isn’t much information about the do-gooders, but there are rumours they are a group of off-road enthusiasts, so something like this was pretty standard.The lineup of vehicles appears to be a grey Toyota Sequoia, a black Toyota 4Runner, and a red Jeep. All three vehicles obviously have all-wheel-drive, and use it to their best advantage. PlayThe Rolls-Royce Boat Tail may be the most expensive new car everPlay3 common new car problems (and how to prevent them) | Maintenance Advice | Driving.caPlayFinal 5 Minivan Contenders | Driving.caPlay2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge | Ministry of Interior Affairs | Driving.caPlayThe 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a new take on Canada’s fave truck | Driving.caPlayBuying a used Toyota Tundra? Check these 5 things first | Used Truck Advice | Driving.caPlayCanada’s most efficient trucks in 2021 | Driving.caPlay3 ways to make night driving safer and more comfortable | Advice | Driving.caPlayDriving into the Future: Sustainability and Innovation in tomorrow’s cars | Driving.ca virtual panelPlayThese spy shots get us an early glimpse of some future models | Driving.ca last_img read more

CU-Boulder Community Relations Office Solicits Ideas On Upcoming Lectures

first_imgShare Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-mail Published: Sept. 4, 2000 The Office of Community Relations at the University of Colorado at Boulder is asking Boulder area residents to submit lecture topic ideas to help develop future installments of the Chancellor’s Community Lecture Series, aimed at bringing faculty expertise to general public audiences. Because of the diversity of the campus’s academic programs, topics can range anywhere from aerospace engineering to Shakespeare. Popular lecture topics in past years have included smart growth, life in the Caucasus Mountains and the people of ancient Nubia. “We have so many choices available in designing this series of lectures that we want to make sure we’re appealing to the broadest range of interests possible,” said Jaisy Jardine, coordinator of the Chancellor’s Community Lecture Series, which features monthly evening lectures by CU-Boulder faculty. Area residents are invited to e-mail their lecture ideas to Jardine at [email protected] or leave a voice mail message at (303) 492-8384. Topic suggestions that conform to the university’s departmental offerings are most likely to be used, Jardine said. Lectures on agriculture-related topics, for example, would be difficult to arrange because CU-Boulder does not have an agriculture department.”But we’re interested to find out topics people are interested in, so all ideas are welcome,” she said. “We’ll do our best to arrange lectures on topics that seem to be of general interest and that match our faculty expertise.”last_img read more

Casey only presidential candidate to have all expenses reimbursed

Homepage BannerNews Google+ Twitter Casey only presidential candidate to have all expenses reimbursed Previous articleDonegal v Mayo – MacHale Park capacity reducedNext articleNew fire engine officially handed over to Gaoth Dobhair Fire Brigade admin Google+ WhatsApp Peter Casey and President Michael D Higgins were the only two candidates, that took part in this years Presidential election, to have all or some of their expenses reimbursed.Figures released today also show that Mr Casey, despite finishing second, spent the least of all candidates on his election campaign.Independent candidate Joan Freeman had expenses of €253,194, Independent Seán Gallagher’s spending was €246,820, Sinn Féin’s Liadh Ní Riada’s expenses were €209,716 and Independent Gavin Duffy’s expenditure was €163,438.The largest amount spent was by President Higgins at €367,338The total amount of donations disclosed by candidates was €74,300. President Higgins had the largest amount of donations at €41,300.Under legislation candidates must either have been elected or exceeded one quarter of the quota to be reimbursed. The maximum amount which may be reimbursed is €200,000.The President had €200,000 of his spending reimbursed because he won the contest while the only other candidate who benefited from a reimbursement was Independent Peter Casey who was repaid he entire expenses of €119,911. Pinterest Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows By admin – July 24, 2019 News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th Facebook DL Debate – 24/05/21 WhatsApp Twitter Facebook Pinterest Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic read more

429 new cases confirmed this evening, 46 in Donegal

first_img Pinterest 429 new cases confirmed this evening, 46 in Donegal Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme By News Highland – December 13, 2020 Twitter Previous articleNPHET modelling indicates Covid-19 outbreak has stabilisedNext articleShots fired in Dungiven overnight News Highland Facebook AudioHomepage BannerNews The lower our cases stay in January, the more effective a vaccine will be.That’s the message from an Infectious Diseases Consultant at St Vincent’s Hospital.429 more cases and one further death have been confirmed this evening. 122 of the cases are in Dublin, 46 in Donegal, 30 in Limerick and 22 in Laois.The Government received a report on Friday, which included recommendations for the roll out of a Covid-19 vaccine, once one is approved here.Cabinet are set to discuss the details of Ireland’s vaccination programme this Tuesday.Professor Paddy Mallon says people can’t become complacent now.Audio Playerhttps://www.highlandradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Vaccine-6pm.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. WhatsApp Community Enhancement Programme open for applications WhatsAppcenter_img Google+ Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Twitter Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Pinterest Publicans in Republic watching closely as North reopens further Google+ Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Renewed calls for full-time Garda in Kilmacrennanlast_img read more