Price of being Dalit in India!

first_imgFist of all let me be very clear that I do not support caste-based society further I have become of the opinion, especially after reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, that all human sapiens are identical there may be some difference here and there!!Whatever has happened in Hathras, UP, is it the first time or last time? We must ask this question to ourselves because as a constitutional democracy which confers equal rights upon its citizens, are we really a civilized society?Hathras incident once again has fired the old debate of Caste. I aware and personally know some people who genuinely do not believe in the caste moreover are atheist but I’m also friendly with the people who have ‘Garv’ of the caste they have born into. Fair enough, everyone has the freedom to leave his/her life according to his or her thinking!The problem here is who has decided this caste system? Moreover, why one must follow it? Yes, it is discriminatory, no doubt, additionally, it is decided by the birth if one born into the so-called upper caste then he gets all the privileges and perks of his caste and if one born into a so-called lower caste, he must silently bear the maltreatment, without raising his/her voice, why?Therefore, when the Bhabhi of Hathras victim says that “we are Dalits and that’s our sin…” which overtly reflects her disappointment and helplessness that now as born into a Dalit family she must bear everything that too silently, that’s the price of being Dalit in India, isn’t it?It is not only the feelings of bhabhi of Hathras’s victim but if you ask every oppressed person would say the same thing, a Muslim might also say the same thing, because Dalits and Muslims are the most discriminated communities in our country, if you are aware of the current affairs you won’t disagree with me, I am sure of that!Back to the square one, how long are we going to believe in this so-called caste system? Importantly why a person who has born into a so-called lower caste he must bear the humiliation? Are we paying him for the humiliation? We all know how they are ridiculed: category people, Sarkar ke Jamai, people without merit and what not!Sometimes I just wonder how these so-called ‘formerly untouchables’ have survived for years? Today at least some people can stand by them but imagine for hundreds of years how many Hathras had happened without any punishment? Shockingly some people do not believe that there was untouchability in our country and shamelessly demands evidence! To give them equality what we have done we have given them reservation and that’s it. But we have not accepted them as a part of our society, for us, they are still untouchables!This is the land of Buddha, Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar we say it very boastfully but we rarely walk on the path shown by them. In every government offices there are photographs of Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar they function as a constant reminder of their ideas but everything else we have made them very symbolic, aren’t we? Importantly we must seriously ponder upon that how long a section of our society would bear all the humiliation thrown at them? What if they reacted? There would be total anarchy and chaos, we must think of these consequences for the harmonious society.last_img read more

Utah governor ‘frustrated’ with record-breaking virus cases

first_imgSALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert says he is feeling “frustrated” as new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue a streak of record highs. He says state health experts are projecting that the numbers will continue to rise dramatically and overwhelm the state’s hospitals if people don’t modify their behavior. The governor says he’s concerned that people are feeling fatigued from the pandemic. The state recorded 2,807 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which brought the seven-day average of new daily cases to 1,943. According to state data, Utah’s positivity average has increased from 18.1% to 19.5% in the past week.last_img read more

COVID-19 Slows Down Development of Russia’s Naval Nuclear Forces

first_imgThe COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the output of all sectors of Russian industry, including arms manufacturers (see EDM, April 20, 21, 29, July 28). And despite the fact that state defense orders and the development of nuclear weapons in particular are among Russia’s most protected projects, coronavirus-related problems have affected them, too.Due to the decision to implement lockdowns early in the pandemic’s outbreak, SevMash, the main Russian producer of naval nuclear weapons, practically ceased working from March 30 to April 13. Since then, no more than 59 percent of employees have worked at the plant an any given time (, June 10). Nonetheless, in April, SevMash reported that work on its state defense orders had not stopped (, April 7). At the end of April, specialists from the Northern Fleet disinfected offices, main shipbuilding docks and other SevMash facilities (Interfax, May 25). But a facemask requirement was only introduced a month after the resumption of work. Also in May, body temperature control checks were implemented upon entry to company buildings and plants. Ultimately, shift start times were divided up among the workforce, thus relieving congestion at entry checkpoints. And signal markings were posted throughout public areas reminding employees to maintain social distancing (, June 10).None of these measures were wholly successful, however, as SevMash experienced a new outbreak in May. By early July, the number of cases of COVID-19 within the company reached more than 1,000 (Interfax, September 17). In some departments, 70 percent of the workforce contracted the disease; despite this, employees were not widely tested for the coronavirus, and individuals who potentially interacted with infected persons were not placed in quarantine. Rather, all company actions were concerned foremost with preventing any halts in production. All corporate divisions are connected to one another, so closing one of them would have meant the shutdown of the entire plant (, May 29). The company, therefore, found itself caught between two obligations: to fulfill the state defense order on the one hand and provide anti-coronavirus measures on the other hand. So despite the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 at SevMash, the surrounding company town of Severodvinsk was not placed under quarantine until June 6—after the Borei-class nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir was completed at the local plant and transferred to the defense ministry, on May 28 (, May 28;, June 4).Similarly, on April 3, the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Alexey Rakhmanov, said that restrictions caused by the spread of coronavirus infections would not affect the terms of delivery of orders to the Russian navy (, April 6). Yet by September, Rakhmanov admitted that the pandemic had, in fact, disrupted production schedules. “There were delays, mainly due to the fact that a number of key employees ended up in a hospital bed,” the USC head said at a meeting of the parliamentary commission on the defense industry (Interfax, September 17).These problems on the factory floor have undermined development plans involving the maritime component of Russia’s nuclear forces. In April 2020, sea and state trials of the K-329 Belgorod submarine were to begin; and at the end of the year, it was to be transferred to the Military-Maritime Fleet (Voyenno-Мorskoi Flot—VMF) (TASS, June 26, 2019). The Belgorod is to carry the Poseidon (a.k.a. Status-6) autonomous nuclear-tipped super-torpedo. Yet by now it has become obvious that the navy will not receive this specialized submarine before the end of the year. Indeed, the Ministry of Defense only announced on July 27 that tests were being conducted (, July 27). And an unnamed source within the Russian military-industrial complex said last May that the tests of the Belgorod would continue for another year and a half (RIA Novosti, May 26). At the same time, the first test launch of the Poseidon was supposed to take place in the fall of 2020 (, May 26). That trial has still not been completed.Another vessel designed to carry and launch the Poseidon nuclear super-torpedo—the first submarine of the new Khabarovsk-class, currently under construction—has also been postponed several times. It was supposed to be completed in the spring of 2020 (Rossiyskaya Gazeta, May 14, 2019). But in August 2020, the head of SevMash, Mikhail Budnichenko, disavowed this information, saying that the launch will not occur until 2021 (TASS, August 23).The Borei-A-class submarine Knyaz Oleg, which is supposed to carry the advanced Bulava ballistic missile, will also not be transferred in 2020, as the defense ministry had heretofore expected (, December 24, 2019). The previous vessels of the Borei class all took at least two years after their initial launch to fully join the fleet. In addition to mooring as well as factory and state trials of all of the submarine’s structures and mechanisms, it will still be necessary to conduct a test launch of the Bulava missile from this vessel. No such test launch has been attempted yet, which means that it is far from certain that SevMash will be able to transfer the Knyaz Oleg to the VMF even before the end of 2021.The coronavirus pandemic has had a longer-lasting negative effect than Moscow expected. At the beginning of the outbreak, many specialists from other regions could not access Severodvinsk for some time, as they had to pass personal quarantines for 14 days. Then, the city itself was closed for quarantine in June. Due to the two-week lockdown, the chain of links with component suppliers also broke and took some time to recover. Initially, officials and SevMash’s corporate management apparently assumed that maintaining a record number of trial crews would help to deliver the nuclear submarines faster; but the pandemic dragged on, preventing those trials from being done.The formerly planned deadlines for the implementation of state defense orders are now clearly shifting. However, the government has refused to compensate the defense industry enterprises for the funds they spent on anti-COVID-19 measures (Voennoe.rf, October 2). According to military expert Viktor Murakhovsky, the Ministry of Defense will impose penalties for delaying contracted deliveries by even a day (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, April 7). In these circumstances, the development of Russia’s naval nuclear weapons will require more money than expected. This plus the ongoing delays in production may, in the long term, lead not only to a revision of implementation deadlines but also to a reduction in the actual volumes of any of these strategic programs.last_img read more

Sabotage, secret cameras and intrigue: Inside the Barclay family’s feud over the London Ritz

first_imgSir Frederick Barclay and the Ritz London (Photo by Kirsty O’Connor/PA Images via Getty Images, Ritz London)A high-stakes drama worthy of a soap opera — complete with hidden cameras and big inheritances — is playing out with the Ritz Hotel in London as a backdrop.Twin billionaires Frederick and David Barclay bought the five-star hotel in 1995 for 75 million pounds. Now, the aging brothers and their respective children are feuding over the sale of the property.In the saga’s latest update, Frederick this week released hidden camera video footage allegedly showing his nephew Alistair planting a listening device in a room where Frederick and his daughter met to discuss the Ritz sale, according to Bloomberg.Frederick’s attorney, Hefin Rees, has alleged in court that Alistair and his two brothers are trying to freeze out his daughter, Amanda, from the sale. They sued in January, around the same time Alistair allegedly planted the bug.The listening device reportedly captured 94 hours of audio over several months, allowing Frederick’s three nephews to anticipate “every move in advance [and] plan their business strategy around that.”Frederick and Amanda have said they received a 1.3 billion pound offer for the hotel from Saudi Arabia-based Sidra Capital. David’s sons say that isn’t true and claim that their relatives’ talks about “sensitive commercial matters” with outside parties have “the potential to be disruptive and damaging to the family’s business interests.” [Bloomberg] — Dennis Lynch This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Stratosphere All-Stars Ft. Members Of Particle, Pnuma Trio & Hayley Jane To Perform David Bowie Tribute

first_imgIn the wake of David Bowie’s unexpected passing several days ago, the Stratosphere All-Stars have announced plans to play a special David Bowie tribute set during their upcoming run of shows around the Northeast. From January 28th through the 30th, the band will be performing at NYC’s Highline Ballroom, Washington DC’s The Howard Theatre, and Fairfield CT’s The Warehouse, respectively. Joining them for the run will be sensational vocalist Hayley Jane (Hayley Jane & The Primates) and electro-funk outfit Turbo Suit, both of whom will join Stratosphere in paying tribute to the Star Man. The lineup for this Stratospheric collective will feature David Murphy (formerly of STS9) on bass, Steve Molitz (Particle) on keys, Marcus Rezak (Digital Tape Machine) on guitar, and William Lane Shaw (Pnuma Trio) on drums. Singer Hayley Jane (Hayley Jane & The Primates) will be sitting in on a few songs and providing vocals for two of the three shows as well!Indianapolis live electronic trio Turbo Suit, comprised of David Embry on production and vocals, Nicholas Gerlach on tenor sax and EWI, and Jeff Peterson on drums will be supporting Stratosphere on all three dates. With infectiously danceable beats, and super sensual saxophone melodies, this trio knows how to throw down a dance party. Expect some interesting sit-ins throughout the three night run.All shows will feature a traditional Stratosphere set, as well as a funky set of Bowie tunes to pay tribute to the Thin White Duke. Check out the tour dates below:Stratosphere All-Stars w/ Turbo Suit Tour Dates:Thursday – January 28th at Highline Ballroom – New York, NY *^Friday – January 29th at The Howard Theatre – Washington DC *Saturday – January 30th at The Warehouse – Fairfield, CT *^* w/ Turbo Suit^ w/ Hayley JanePurchase GA Tix For Highline Ballroom HERE.Purchase GA Tix for The Howard Theatre HERE.Purchase GA Tix for The Warehouse HERE.last_img read more

Watch Trey Anastasio Hilariously Recount Meeting Graham Nash To Celebrate Nash’s 79th Birthday

first_imgGraham Nash, the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, turns 79 today. The former member of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young and The Hollies has had an impact throughout modern music as we know it, including on Phish‘s Trey Anastasio. On October 16th, 2015, during a performance with the Trey Anastasio Band at the King’s Theater in Brooklyn, Trey took a little time to tell the crowd about the time he met Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young back in the early 2000s. His recounting of meeting Nash is highly entertaining and was used as a segue into a cover of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s “49 Bye Byes”, which he said was the first time they’d played the tune live.You can watch Trey’s anecdote and TAB’s cover of “49 Bye Byes” below:Trey Anastasio – Graham Nash Story > “49 Bye Byes” (Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) – New York, NY – 10/16/15[Video: LazyLightning55a][Originally published on 2/2/18]last_img read more

Tens of Thousands Fee as Lava Gushes from Volcano Near Manila

first_imgThere were no immediate reports of any deaths or major damage directly blamed on the eruption. A truck, however, skidded out of control on an ash-blanketed road, killing the driver and injuring three companions in Laguna province in an accident police said may have been linked to slippery conditions. The government’s disaster-response agency and other officials reported more than 30,000 villagers fled their homes in the hard-hit province of Batangas and nearby Cavite province. Officials expected the number to swell. Taal suddenly rumbled back to life on Sunday, blasting steam, ash and pebbles up to 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) into the sky, according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. Some residents could not immediately flee their ash-blanketed villages because of a lack of transportation and poor visibility. Others refused to leave their homes and farms. Irene de Claro, a mother of four, worried about her father, who stayed behind in their village in Agoncillo while the rest of the family fled. “My father is missing. We don’t know, too, what happened to our house because the ash was up to our knees, it was very dark and the ground was constantly shaking when we left,” de Castro said at a school in the town of Lemery. “Most likely there’s nothing for us to return to. We’re back to zero.” ___ After a cleanup and a shift of ash-laden winds away from Manila, officials partially reopened the main airport and allowed planes to take off. President Rodrigo Duterte’s aircraft was able to land in Manila on Monday from his hometown of Davao, his spokesman said, adding he saw the extent of the disaster from the plane. Maralit, whose town lies along the shoreline of Taal Lake, which surrounds the erupting volcano, appealed for troops and more police to stop people from sneaking back to their villages. Frequent tremors and a buildup of pressure of the 1,020-foot (311-meter) volcano, one of the world’s smallest, however, indicated a major and much more dangerous eruption could still happen, he said. TAGAYTAY, Philippines (AP) – Red-hot lava spewed from a volcano near the Philippine capital of Manila on Monday as tens of thousands of people fled through heavy ash and frightening tremors, and authorities made plans to evacuate hundreds of thousands more for fear of a bigger eruption. Gomez reported from Manila. Associated Press journalists Kiko Rosario in Manila and Aaron Favila in Tagaytay contributed to this report. A family evacuates to safer grounds as Taal volcano in Tagaytay, Cavite province, southern Philippines on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila) A family evacuates to safer grounds as Taal volcano in Tagaytay, Cavite province, southern Philippines on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila) About 20 typhoons and other major storms each year also batter the Philippines, making it one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries. On Monday, the ash and steam column reached a height of 2 kilometers (about a mile), with lava fountains spurting less than half of that height before falling into the lake waters surrounding the main crater. Lava also spurted from another vent north of the main crater, said Renato Solidum, who heads the institute. The volcano’s last disastrous eruption happened in 1965, when more than 200 people were killed. Government work was suspended and schools closed in a wide swath of towns and cities, including Manila, because of the health risks from the ash. The government volcano-monitoring agency raised the danger level around Taal three notches on Sunday to Level 4, indicating a hazardous eruption within hours to days was possible. Level 5, the highest, means such an eruption is underway. The small island where the volcano lies has long been designated a “permanent danger zone,” though fishing villages have existed there for years. Those residents were all evacuated, volcanology officials said, adding that there should be a total evacuation, too, of endangered communities within a 14-kilometer (8.7-mile) radius of Taal, Taal is regarded as the second-most restive of about two dozen active volcanoes in the Philippines, which lies along the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a region prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A long-dormant volcano, Mount Pinatubo, blew its top north of Manila in 1991 in one of the biggest volcanic eruptions of the 20th century, killing hundreds of people. Clouds of ash from the Taal volcano reached Manila, 65 kilometers (40 miles) to the north, on Sunday, forcing the shutdown of the country’s main airport, with more than 500 flights canceled. The airport partially reopened Monday after the ashfall eased. “We have a problem – our people are panicking due to the volcano because they want to save their livelihood, their pigs and herds of cows,” Mayor Wilson Maralit of the town of Balete told DZMM radio. “We’re trying to stop them from returning and warning that the volcano can explode again any time and hit them.”last_img read more

NDPD warns campus of scams

first_imgThe Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD) warned community members of two separate scams in a Tuesday email. The first involves an email inviting the receiver to participate in either a “focus group” or a “Notre Dame focus group” and includes a promise of financial compensation.“Once the participant provides some basic information, several other emails may be sent explaining procedures to follow including receiving a cashier’s check and depositing it,” the email said.The second scam — several instances of which have been reported to the University’s Office of Information Technologies — involves a fictitious email that appears to come from Amazon and prompts the receiver “to enter personal information including their credit card information,” the email said.NDPD encouraged the community to keep a careful eye out for fraud, especially around the holiday season.“Scammers don’t take a break for the holidays, and in fact, some ramp up their activity,” the email said.Scammers utilize strategies such as pretending to be a trusted individual or entity, demanding rapid payments in specific forms and threaten people with arrest or other repercussions from law enforcement, amongst other strategies, NDPD said in the email. Additionally, the best ways to prevent yourself from being a victim of fraud is to treat suspicious sounding offers or communications with skepticism, to never hand out personal information and to call NDPD with concerns.NDPD can be contacted at 574-631-5555.Tags: Fraud, holidays, NDPD, phishing, phone scamlast_img read more

Ryze Renewables announcement home run for PA, EDC

first_img Next Up The EDC has agreed to provide $1.5 million in incentives to the company, half up front to pay for equipment and to help the firm get started. The rest will be contingent on the company’s payroll and employment, Floyd Batiste, EDC executive director, said. To meet the terms of the incentives, the company is required to hire 260 Port Arthur residents and over a three-year period meet a payroll of $16 million for Port Arthur residents. The average pay for workers at the new companies will be around $42,000, according to information provided at Wednesday’s event.Joy Nunn, managing partner and inventor of the patented process that revitalizes the textile fibers, also credited the Port of Port Arthur for welcoming the company with open arms and said the area’s ocean access and rail service make it a perfect location to import raw materials from overseas. The jobs created by Ryze Renewables will not be part of the petrochemical industry and will help insulate the city from the ups and downs in the oil patch.A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes on before an announcement can be made about a new company coming to town. The work to attract Ryze Renewables looks like a huge success for all those involved. The Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation hit a home run with the announcement that Ryze Renewables, a new company that plans to create 500 new jobs, is coming to Port Arthur. The announcement was made Wednesday evening at the regular meeting of the EDC that the company planned to invest $200 million to start two different businesses in Port Arthur. One will use scraps from the textile industry and manufacture a variety of products. The other will take materials left over from the first and manufacture floor tiles.last_img read more

Cover Me! Newsies’ Michael Fatica Shares 10 Secrets of Broadway’s Swings

first_img 9. Swings Love the “Fansies” (and Vice Versa). I have to include a special shout out to the “Fansies,” a.k.a. our show’s biggest supporters. A swing can sometimes feel, for lack of a better phrase, stuck in the wings when it comes to audience recognition. The “Fansies” have embraced us and been just as supportive of our careers, and I am so very appreciative. Thanks, you guys! 4. Swings Have a Secret Language. The swings of Newsies have a vernacular all our own that we’ve basically created to talk through sections very quickly. If you ever hear one of us saying, “You get the goods from Nun 1 at the corner of T2B,” we’re not being secret agents, I promise. Most of the company has no idea what we’re talking about, so you aren’t alone! 2. Swings Are Verrrry Versatile. What could be better than playing TWO roles on Broadway in a single day? On a two-show day, sometimes a swing has to play a different part in each performance. Your mind can become a little cloudy after that second one… 8. Swings Put Their Stamp on Each Performance. Newsies’ choreography is built for each specific dancer in the show. When we swing on, there are certain solo moments in which we are able to throw in our own favorite trick, something that really shows off our abilities. Nothing feels better than throwing a trick you feel amazing doing. When you see the word “Swing” after a Broadway cast member’s name, have you ever wondered exactly what the job involves? asked Michael Fatica, an original cast member (and now Dance Captain) at the hit musical Newsies, to tell us everything a fan needs to know about these do-it-all cast members. Below, the tireless young pro shares 10 fascinating facts about a job that’s crucial to the success of any musical. 1. Swings Are Always Ready to Go. In a show like Newsies, the job of a swing is to arrive at the theater every day, ready to perform at a moment’s notice any of the tracks (roles) that he or she covers. A swing is offstage unless he or she is filling in for one of the assigned tracks. We have three swings, plus our amazing vacation swing, who share the load. Oh, and the Newsies swings cover 14 tracks each! 5. Swings Pursue Interesting Hobbies. As a Dance Captain, it is my job to watch the show and make sure it is staying true to our creative team’s vision. However, swings tend to take on some interesting side projects to keep our minds working when not onstage. Offstage hobbies include, but are not limited to: crochet, drawing, building clocks and occasionally buying shoes. 6. Swings Know Everybody in the Cast. One of the cool perks of being a Dance Captain is helping teach new additions to the show. We get three weeks to get to know these new guys one on one, as well as see them grow into Newsies in front of our eyes. It is an amazing transformation to witness. 3. Swings Can Do Tricks. We had a day in rehearsals called Fireworks, or Circus McGurkus, where each guy got to show the dance team their best “tricks” (a.k.a. tumbling, leaps and turns). While as a swing that was a daunting day, I learned so many AWESOME things from these freakishly talented guys. 7. Swings Get to Watch! Have you ever acted in a show and wished you could see it from the audience? Swings get to see it from every angle. If you’re at the Nederlander Theatre and see someone in the back of the house with a notepad, it’s probably one of us. It’s so invigorating to watch the audience, especially an aspiring actor or really little tyke, experience Newsies for the first time. It recharges me and gets me excited to go on again. 10. Swings Are a Brotherhood. Having swung this show, knowing every detail involved in these tracks, I can no longer watch any Broadway musical and not appreciate what its swings have to do. It really is a Brotherhood (or Sisterhood) of Swingdom! I applaud anyone who is privileged enough to do it, and I know that I am a smarter and better performer because of my experience as a swing. Related Shows Newsies View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 24, 2014last_img read more