Auctions begin for Raspberry Pi beta boards

first_imgJust a few weeks ago we noted that the beta boards of the Raspberry Pi $25 PC had been produced and that they were undergoing testing. If everything went well with testing then the Raspberry Pi project would kick into full production and an initial run of boards would be produced which would in turn be sold off to schools, universities, businesses, consumers, and anyone else who might want a credit card-sized $25 PC. And the fully-functional beta boards? Ten of them would be auctioned off, with all the proceeds being reinvested in the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Everything has proceeded as planned and the auction have started to hit eBay.The auctions clearly state that 100% of the proceeds will go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. RasPi is a registered charity, in full accordance of British law, so even if the seller is the one that gets to keep the money (which is a bit counter-intuitive) every bidder can feel good about where their money is goings. And there is quite a bit of money to feel good about. So far the first auction to end — beta board 10 of 10 — is currently at an incredible 1750 GBP ($2712.73) with over five days left on the auction. The other three boards that are available — 9, 8, and 7 — are currently at 930 GBP, 670 GBP, and 565 GBP respectively. All of the beta boards for sale at this point are Model B, which is technically the $35 version of the Raspberry Pi. It is just like the Model A in most respects, but has twice the memory (256MB vs 128MB), an extra USB slot (making for two total), and has built-in ethernet. It consumes 3.5W instead of the Model A’s 2.5W but that is a minor factor for most applications. Auction winners will get the beta board, a certificate of authenticity, a USB power supply, and an SD card preloaded with an operating system.The beta boards have two minor differences from the final production unit. One is a tiny “hand modification” that was made to address an issues with the PCB design and the other is the use of an larger-than-normal SD slot connector. The SD slot works, but the connector’s frame is just bigger than it ultimately will be. And why get a $25 PC (well, $35 PC in this case) for something like 50 times the price it will be shortly? Some people will just want to support the foundation, while businesses might bid so that they can get their Raspberry Pi board as quickly as possible, thus getting the jump on their competition. Bid on the boards at eBay, via RasPilast_img read more

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