Shootsac Companion Bag to Your Camera Bag

first_imgShootsac is the camera bag you wear while walking around and shooting, after you set down your main camera bag because that one’s too heavy. Shootsac is a three-pocket neoprene black portfolio bag for lenses and flashes, with a black flap cover and three smaller pockets for phones, water bottles, or memory cards. Because the company is run by women who’ve seen too many black camera bags, the black cover flaps can be replaced with patterned flaps such as the one above. The three main pockets are deep enough to hold lenses as long as a 70-200mm f/2.8, as well as flashes, or a camera body (no lens attached). Because the neoprene is clingy, it’s important to give big lenses a good shove to make sure they slide down and seat properly. Most photographers will find the Shootsac lets them swap among two or even three lenses without carrying around a lot of weight. The Shootsac bag by itself weighs just 7 ounces.Shootsac’s pricing suggests the core audience comprises professionals, photo enthusiasts, and photographers willing to pay a bit more for style. The bag with black flap and shoulder strip is $179 direct and the nearly two-dozen covers run $15 to $49.last_img read more

Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Controlled by iPhone

first_imgMowing the lawn can be a pain. Not too many people look forward to going outside in the sun and pushing a lawnmower around their yard for hours making sure the grass is even and trimmed. Well, thanks to Husqvarna, now you can sit on the porch or stay inside where it’s nice and air conditioned, and send a robot to do the work for you. All you have to do is keep an eye on the little guy on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and guide him around your lawn. The Husqvarna 260 ACX lawn mower comes with GPS on-board, and with the My Automower app for iOS, you can watch your lawn mower’s position on a Google Map as the little bot moves around your lawn. You can program a path for the mower, or control it live in real-time. You can even run quick diagnostics on the mower and check its overall health and status. The 260 ACX can mow 1.4 acres before needing to recharge, and when it’s out of juice it’ll head back to base to plug itself in. If something gets in its way or it stops for some reason, the mower will even text you to let you know it’s encountered a problem. It’s clearly not going to replace a riding mower for that guy who seems to cut his lawn every weekend, but if you’d rather sit on the porch and sip lemonade while the bot does the hard work, the 260 ACX is the lawn mower for you.AdChoices广告last_img read more

New Android Trojan records voice calls

first_imgIt’s not exactly a secret that the Android Market has had a few problems with Trojanized applications. Cybercriminals typically find a popular app, modify it to include their malicious payload, and then re-upload it to the market where it poses innocuously as the original. Once a confused user downloads the infected app, his or her Android device is ready to share all sorts of juicy details with the Trojan’s creator — including text messages, call and contact information, and even complete audio recordings of phone calls.That last bit is a brand new twist, discovered by Computer Associates security researchers. The new Trojan appears to be a variant of the Golddream.A Trojan but has evolved beyond its original capabilities. Golddream could already store and transmit basic information about an infected user’s calls, like the caller’s number and start and stop time. With this “update,” the Trojan can now record the full call audio to an Android phone’s microSD expansion card (assuming one is installed, of course). Once recorded, the audio files can be uploaded to a remote server.Why bother recording call audio? For starters, it could make for a deadly one-two punch when paired with a spear phishing attack. It’s also an incredibly devious way to harvest answers to the verification questions your bank or credit card company requests when you call in. Sure, it’d be a pain to sift through all the recorded calls a Trojan like this uploaded (if it enjoyed any kind of success), but calls to financial institutions could be easily weeded out using their phone numbers.The moral of the story: read carefully before installing apps on an Android device and — especially if you’re someone who tries out dozens of apps every week — install a good antimalware app.More at CA and Network Worldlast_img read more

Nine month project to build a toaster from scratch results in a

first_imgIn 1958 it was famously written that no one on Earth knew how to build a pencil. Each of the jobs — the mining of the graphite, the felling of the trees, the chemistry involved in the lacquer, the forming of the rubber eraser, and so on — were so specialized that no single person was capable of doing the whole job. It’s a revelation that is just as mind-blowing today as it was 53 years ago. Thomas Thwaites attempted to do something very similar to building that pencil, except his quest was to single-handedly build a toaster. Yes, rather than buy a £3.99 (about $6.20) toaster, Thwaites spent 250x as much money and traveled thousands of miles to build his own.A garden-variety toaster apparently has over 400 parts and all sorts of different materials, including iron, copper, mica, and nickel. Before even starting to build the toaster, Thwaites visited abandoned mines in the UK (where commercial mining for those materials no longer takes place) in order to find them. Below you can see Thwaites mining, molding plastic, and doing other inordinately difficult things, in order to get progressively closer to building his toaster.Thwaites did originally attempt to make his toaster using pre-industrial means, which made everything even harder, but eventually he relaxed that restriction in order to make the project just a bit more feasible. Of course building a device that chars bread wasn’t really the point. A project like this says a lot about our industrialized world and the scale of production needed to make a relatively simple device. As it turns out, making a million toasters might not be particularly difficult, but making just one is almost impossible.Learn more about The Toaster Project: Or A Heroic Attempt to Build a Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch. It will be released in November 2011 and is available for pre-order both in the UK, through Amazon, and in the US, through the Princeton Architectural Press.Watch Thwaites TED talk, or scroll to the bottom to look a the final result… via coudallast_img read more

Android is from Mars iOS is from Venus

first_imgIt doesn’t take a self-help author to see that Android and iOS users tend to be different breeds. Anyone who has read blogs devoted to either platform has seen it. Hardcore Android fans tend to measure devices more on technical specs and the ability to customize. Apple loyalists, on the other hand, lean towards enjoying a smooth, ready-made experience. You could even say that Android attracts objective thinking, and iOS attracts subjective thinking. Android is more math and science, iOS is more art and humanities. We’re generalizing here, but you’ve probably seen more than enough evidence of it to understand the point.Are there exceptions left and right? You bet. Is one way better than the other? Only you can decide that for yourself (you probably already have).But just look at the criticisms you typically hear from Android users about Apple products. They often point out features that Android has quietly had for some time — only to have Apple later make worldwide headlines for introducing their own version. From the perspective of objective facts and figures, the amount of attention Apple receives seems ridiculous. Hence, the Apple resentment we see so often.Apple fans’ dismissals of Android, on the other hand, are often based more on the kind of experience it all adds up to. “Who cares whether specs and features are a little greater if I find it more enjoyable to use them on an iPhone? Why does it matter if Android did it bigger, if Apple did it in a way that’s more fun, attractive, and cohesive?”Of course many fans from both camps were disappointed that we didn’t see an iPhone 5 with a radical new design and some flashy hardware features. But that’s where the similarities end in reactions to the iPhone 4S.A5 processorI read many an Android blog laughing at the hub-bub that Apple made over the A5 processor in the new iPhone. There are already lots of Android phones that have dual-core chips, like the LTE-equipped Droid Bionic, so they saw the A5 as lots of hype over something that’s already been done, many times over. “Now a quad-core phone, that would be something special.”To an Apple fan, their retort to this is something along the lines of “who gives a hoot if Android phones also have dual-core chips? This is an improved version of the experience I know and love.” The Android side isn’t impressed because the A5 doesn’t top the numbers (measured in cores and GHz) that we have already seen for months. For the Apple side, it’s more like a favorite movie that just got restored and remastered.SiriProbably the most noteworthy feature of the iPhone 4S is the Siri personal assistant. Or, rather, if you’re an Apple fan, it’s a personal assistant. If you’re an Android fan, it’s a voice recognition API connecting to servers and a variety of applications and databases to make those iOS users think they have Rosie from the Jetsons.Android fans have made the point that their platform has had Voice Actions for a while now. Any Android phone will let you use speech to search Google, initiate a phone call, navigate to a specific restaurant, or listen to a song. It can achieve many of the same end results as Siri, no doubt.To a typical Apple fan, though, Siri will be a conversation with an assistant. “Learning voice commands is for nerds,” they might say. “Just give me a conversation.”Android Voice Actions can get you from point A to point B. Siri is a personal assistant.Being an expert vs. going on a rideMaybe another way to sum up these differences is that Android fans like to be experts, and Apple fans like to go for a ride.Android can definitely be more complicated than iOS, and I think the hardcore fans like it that way. Rooting your phone, flashing a custom ROM with a new kernel, even learning Voice Actions — they all require a process of research, learning, and, finally, expertise (all of which often takes place in XDA-Developers’ forums). Rocket science? No way. But it has enough of a learning curve that you feel like you’ve accomplished something by mastering it.iOS is focused on simplicity. Apple doesn’t want you to worry about customizing your phone, beyond changing the wallpaper. That’s their job. You just get to play in the garden that they built. It’s a tailored experience that requires little more than a childlike sense of discovery. Yes, you can jailbreak your phone and install apps that Apple doesn’t want on it, but that’s pretty far from the point.Different languagesNow, does this mean that all Apple users are technically illiterate Kool-Aid drinkers, or that every Android fan is too hung up on nerdy stuff to enjoy the ride? I don’t see it that way. What it does mean is that each team tends to speak its own language. With many exceptions, Android’s language is full of numbers, stats, and procedures, while iOS’ speaks of journeys, sensations, and adventures.Is one right? Is the other wrong? Maybe your answer to that says more about you than it does about the subject.last_img read more

Updated Modern Warfare 3 sells early buyers wont be banned for playing

first_imgUpdate: Activision has intervened and may have players banned.Modern Warfare 3‘s street date has been broken, and a few lucky customers on the east coast are already getting their game on.Some gamers have been afraid to dig into the game’s multiplayer for fear of being banned from Xbox Live due to a “prerelease title play” violation. Such bans have been issued in the past when Microsoft-published releases including Gears of War 2 and Halo: Reach were leaked and pirated online prior to the release date.However, Microsoft policy director Stephen Toulouse has stated that those who bought the game at retail, even early, are safe. “If your copy is legit and obtained legitly, have fun,” wrote Toulouse in an official tweet on Thursday afternoon.In fact, the safety of retail copies is consistent with previous policy. In the aftermath of the Reach leak, Toulouse stated that “legit store bought copy runs no risk of ban,” and that those users who were permabanned were actually banned for piracy or unauthorized access to review copies, not for early access to the retail game. “We have ways of knowing [the difference],” he added.Some shipments of MW3 arrived at Kmart stores with instructions included to sell the copies immediately. Whether this was intentional or a mistake remains unclear. It appears that the chain has temporarily stopped selling the game, but not before some lucky customers in cities including Miami and New York got home with their copies.Other players have taken to profiteering instead and are selling copies on eBay and Craigslist for prices upwards of $200.Read more at 1UPlast_img read more

The Witcher 2 has been pirated 45 million times

first_imgGame developer CD Projekt is a company everyone should appreciate even if you’ve never sat down and played one of their games. There are two reasons for this. The first is the fact they are anti-DRM and try to avoid using it at all costs. Secondly, they are the company behind Good Old Games, which has been serving us classic games DRM-free for a over 4 years now.CD Projekt’s most well-known gaming series is The Witcher, and CEO Marcin Iwinski has just given an interview where he reveals sales and piracy figures for The Witcher 2.Legitimate sales have exceeded 1 million copies, which is a great achievement. But the game has also been pirated roughly 4.5 million times, based on looking at torrent site stats and doing the math. In reality that figure is probably much higher.Unlike other companies working in the games industry, and in particular big name publishers, CD Projekt isn’t talking up DRM as a solution to those pirate copies. In fact, Iwinski thinks a 1 to 5 ratio between legitimate and pirated copies isn’t actually that bad.CD Projekt’s answer to piracy is just to offer more value to the legitimate gamer with additional content you can’t download such as collectible, physical items. When asked why other games use DRM, Iwinski explains it’s just a “I will cover my ass” solution that doesn’t work. Publishers don’t care and won’t listen to reason as long as the numbers add up.Read more at PC Gamer, via EDGEMatthew’s OpinionI have always had a strong opinion that DRM is totally the wrong solution for games, but now we have proof that game sales work without it. Selling a million copies of a game more than pays for its production and goes a long way towards keeping a studio open and working on the next titles. Those 4.5 million illegal copies can’t really be counted, as the people downloading them wouldn’t have bought the game. They are simply not lost sales. GOG is also proof no DRM works with 6 million legitimate game sales in 4 years.The argument that DRM stops copying is pretty ludicrous when you see many of the games carrying it available to download the week of launch. In most cases DRM just ends up being a downside of purchasing a legitimate copy, as you have to deal with it installing and running on your system.The state of DRM is pretty dire. It doesn’t stop illegal downloads, it increasingly requires a constant Internet connection, the game you bought has limited installs, and if the server the publisher uses to check a game is legal goes offline, your game becomes unplayable.CD Projekt does not use DRM, they are selling millions of games, and their future looks bright. Maybe it’s time for a long overdue rethink on DRM across the games industry.last_img read more

Auctions begin for Raspberry Pi beta boards

first_imgJust a few weeks ago we noted that the beta boards of the Raspberry Pi $25 PC had been produced and that they were undergoing testing. If everything went well with testing then the Raspberry Pi project would kick into full production and an initial run of boards would be produced which would in turn be sold off to schools, universities, businesses, consumers, and anyone else who might want a credit card-sized $25 PC. And the fully-functional beta boards? Ten of them would be auctioned off, with all the proceeds being reinvested in the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Everything has proceeded as planned and the auction have started to hit eBay.The auctions clearly state that 100% of the proceeds will go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. RasPi is a registered charity, in full accordance of British law, so even if the seller is the one that gets to keep the money (which is a bit counter-intuitive) every bidder can feel good about where their money is goings. And there is quite a bit of money to feel good about. So far the first auction to end — beta board 10 of 10 — is currently at an incredible 1750 GBP ($2712.73) with over five days left on the auction. The other three boards that are available — 9, 8, and 7 — are currently at 930 GBP, 670 GBP, and 565 GBP respectively. All of the beta boards for sale at this point are Model B, which is technically the $35 version of the Raspberry Pi. It is just like the Model A in most respects, but has twice the memory (256MB vs 128MB), an extra USB slot (making for two total), and has built-in ethernet. It consumes 3.5W instead of the Model A’s 2.5W but that is a minor factor for most applications. Auction winners will get the beta board, a certificate of authenticity, a USB power supply, and an SD card preloaded with an operating system.The beta boards have two minor differences from the final production unit. One is a tiny “hand modification” that was made to address an issues with the PCB design and the other is the use of an larger-than-normal SD slot connector. The SD slot works, but the connector’s frame is just bigger than it ultimately will be. And why get a $25 PC (well, $35 PC in this case) for something like 50 times the price it will be shortly? Some people will just want to support the foundation, while businesses might bid so that they can get their Raspberry Pi board as quickly as possible, thus getting the jump on their competition. Bid on the boards at eBay, via RasPilast_img read more

The iPhone 5 wont launch with Samsung memory inside

first_imgThe relationship between Apple and Samsung must at best be very tense. With Apple getting a court to agree that Samsung has been copying its designs, and then issuing a billion dollar payout, it’s easy to see why. But Apple isn’t just stopping at suing Samsung, it’s also reducing orders with the South Korean company.According to “an industry source” who wished to remain nameless, the first batch of iPhone 5 smartphones Apple ships won’t use memory (NAND or DRAM) supplied by Samsung. Samsung easily has the capacity, but Apple has instead decided to use three other manufacturers to meet demand. Those companies being Elpida Memory, SK Hynix, and Toshiba.It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that this is a retaliation on the part of Apple, but that seems unlikely. Apple is just ensuring it has multiple suppliers in case something goes wrong and manufacturing slows down or stops at one of them. Apparently Samsung is still on the supplier list, but just not near enough to the top to get an iPhone 5 memory order. And Samsung isn’t going to mind as it means more memory to use in its popular handsets and tablets.You do have to wonder, though, if Apple hadn’t taken issue with Samsung’s devices would it have been first on the list for memory supplier?Both companies are in the business of making money, and if Apple needs a part Samsung can reliably supply cheaper than anyone else, they will source those parts from Samsung. And vice versa, Samsung isn’t going to stop advertising its manufacturing abilities and trying to get Apple contracts.Read more at Reuterslast_img read more

New Ubuntu for Android video surfaces phones no where to be seen

first_imgIt’s not uncommon to hear of a smartphone referred to as a tiny computer. Every day these machines grow more powerful, and the software that powers them adapts to allow users to treat them like computers. Motorola and Ubuntu have both supported variations of the same idea in the past, where you connect your smartphone to a keyboard and a monitor and the phone becomes a desktop OS. Motorola may have abandoned their WebTop OS and the hardware that supported it, but Ubuntu is keeping the dream alive.The idea that your phone would straddle the mobile world and the desktop world is exciting. It sets a unique mindset for enterprise workstations that simultaneously decreases cost and dramatically decrease the number of supported devices for any system admin. Ubuntu is clearly looking to attract that group as their primary market, but it also doesn’t hurt to try and get the general consumer excited about it first.This video that demonstrates what a great world it would be if our entire computing existence was on one piece of equipment. The only problem now is that Ubuntu doesn’t actually have a product to deliver yet.If you follow the video to its home, you land at the Ubuntu for Android website. The animated characters from the video are replaced with a much more professional looking example of an smartphone running what appears to be a variant of Android 2.3 and Ubuntu on the screen next to it. It’s made abundantly clear that multi-core phones can handle this with no problems. The only thing they need now are manufacturers willing to help make this a reality.The “Get in touch” button at the top and bottom of the page link you to a contact form for handset manufacturers and network operators to reach out and collaborate with the Ubuntu team.Ubuntu for Android remains a really cool idea, but not one that is likely to manifest anytime soon as something users will be able to take advantage of. There’s a lot of unanswered questions about Canonical’s approach to Ubuntu for Android, particularly why the company seems uninterested in working with the ROM developer community that currently has millions of active users. Until there are supported devices, Ubuntu for Android will remain a really cool sounding pipe dream.last_img read more

Play the Dead Space 3 demo on January 15

first_imgFans of the Dead Space series have had a long wait for the 3rd game to arrive. Dead Space 2 was released back in January 2011, and it looks like January 2013 will be your first chance to get your hands on Dead Space 3, in demo form at least.EA has announced that Xbox 360 and PS3 C$750.00 at Amazon owners will be able to download and play the demo on Tuesday, January 22. However, if you own an Xbox 360 there is a way to play it early if you’re quick.If you visit the Dead Space 3 demo site (link below) right now, you can register your Origin ID and EA will allow you to download the demo a week early on January 15 using a redemption code. This is a limited offer though, and EA will stop offering codes when enough players have registered for early access. Exactly how many players that is hasn’t been divulged.If you fail to get a code then it’s only an extra week of waiting. Alternatively, if you just want the full game to play then you only need wait until February 5 in the US and February 8 in Europe. The game is getting a simultaneous releases across Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, but there’s no mention of a PC demo being made available yet.Dead Space 3 was announced back in June, and with it came the introduction of a full-playthrough co-op mode. The reason for this, according to EA, is the fact Dead Space as a series is just too scary for some gamers so playing it with a friend is desirable. If that’s not you, don’t worry, EA has not tweaked the gameplay to accommodate co-op.Register for early access to the demo at Business Wirelast_img read more

Airbnb hosts in Dublin made €52 million last year

first_imgAirbnb hosts in Dublin made €52 million last year A new report shows that the typical Airbnb host made €4,900. 57 Comments By Cormac Fitzgerald Thursday 26 Jan 2017, 3:08 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share Tweet Email3 Image: Shutterstock/g0d4ather PEOPLE USING THE Airbnb service to host guests in their homes in Dublin collectively earned €52 million last year, according to a new report commissioned by the company.The report found that the average annual earnings of a typical host was €4,900 (with some earning more and others earning less).Airbnb is a homesharing website that allows people to rent out rooms or their homes to travellers on a short-term basis, with the cost decided by the renter.Since it was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, the company has grown enormously around the world.The number of hosts in Dublin has shot up in the past number of years – with a 100% rise in just a year.6,100 hosts let out part or all of their properties at some point for guests last year, compared to 2,960 hosts between October 2014 and September 2015.As well as this, income earned from letting has also almost tripled: from €17.3 million in 2014/2015, to €52 million last year.The vast majority of the lettings (5,200) were in the Dublin city area.The majority of Airbnb hosts are required by Revenue to pay tax on the money they earn. has sought clarification on whether the top line figure of €52 million is before or after tax is deducted.The report The report – entitled Homesharing: The Positive Impacts on Dublin – also found that guests staying in Airbnb dwellings spent an estimated €221 million in Dublin last year.In total, 403,500 guests stayed at properties in the capital hosted via the service.Exactly half of all lettings were for private rooms. Meanwhile, just under half (47%) of listings were for an entire home.In the case of an entire home listing the entire property is rented out by a guest and the host is not present in the building for the length of the stay.The report also found that the vast majority of hosts (88%) shared their primary home. However, the report does not contain information on how many hosts put up more than one property for listing.According to information on the data website Inside Airbnb compiled last August, almost half of hosts in Dublin have multiple listings on the website. These can be for separate rooms in the same building or for different buildings has sought information from Airbnb on how many hosts have multiple dwellings. Other notable figures from the report include:The average age of a host is 39Over half of hosts say they rent out a property to help make ends meetThe average length of stay per guest is 3.2 nightsCriticismThe home sharing service has come in for some criticism recently, and may be subject to stricter regulations in the future.In October, An Bord Pleanála upheld a Dublin City Council (DCC) ruling that an apartment owner in Temple Bar needed to apply for planning permission if they want to continue to rent the property out via Airbnb.This ruling was supported by Housing Minister Simon Coveney at the time. A working group is also being set up by Government to review if new regulations should be introduced.Sinn Féin TD Eoin Ó Broin last week raised the issue in the Dáil with Coveney, calling on new laws to be published to regulate the market.“Sinn Féin is not against the principle of Airbnb as it was originally designed however it is my view that renting out a room in your home is entirely different to renting out your entire property,” Ó Broin said.Ó Broin argued that people using properties as “full-time B&Bs” was negatively affecting the property market in Dublin.There are currently 1,494 listings for Dublin on rental property website on today’s report, Aisling Hassell, site lead and global head of customer experience at Airbnb, said that the service allowed families to boost their income and helped the local economy.“Hosts provide great experiences for guests, spread visitors and benefits beyond tourist hotspots and give an economic boost to local families, businesses and communities,” she said.Read: Working group to review if AirBnb should face regulationsRead: This Dublin area is one of Airbnb’s ‘neighbourhoods to watch’ in 2017 Image: Shutterstock/g0d4ather 15,412 Views Short URL Jan 26th 2017, 3:08 PM last_img read more

Man attends interview for job with Manchester Police smelling of alcohol gets

first_img Tuesday 14 Feb 2017, 2:07 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share274 Tweet Email1 21,577 Views 29 Comments Image: Lynne Cameron/AP Image: Lynne Cameron/AP Feb 14th 2017, 2:07 PM Man attends interview for job with Manchester Police smelling of alcohol, gets arrested for drink-driving He did not get the job. A JOBSEEKER SHOWED up for an interview with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) well over the legal drink drive limit, only to be promptly arrested before being disqualified from driving.The incident happened last month as two senior GMP employees were holding interviews for an IT management position. When an external male applicant in his 50s was brought into the office at Sedgley Park, one of the interviewers engaged in the usual small talk to put the candidate at ease.“I asked if he had any trouble in finding us, as soon as he began to speak I could smell something on his breath which I thought was stale alcohol.“He mentioned that he did have a little trouble in finding somewhere to park, which immediately raised concerns.“Shortly after he arrived in the small office, the smell of alcohol became overpowering.“I decided to continue with the interview, which lasted for about an hour, but throughout the whole time I was sure that the candidate smelt strongly of drink and was considering what to do next.”AdviceAt end of the end of interview, the GMP employee made an excuse to leave the room and sought advice from a police officer on what to do next.“I didn’t want the man returning to his vehicle, given the obvious smell of alcohol. I couldn’t live with myself if there had been a collision and someone ended up seriously hurt.”A police traffic officer was called for. They asked the candidate if he had been drinking before attending the interview, to which the man replied no.The officer then asked if he had been drinking the previous night. The applicant said that he had been out the night before for a meal with his wife, where they had shared a bottle of wine.On hearing this, the officer escorted the man out of the building to a nearby patrol car and breathalysed him. The results from the breath test showed the man was over the legal drink drive limit. He was then taken to Bury Police station and tested again for his alcohol level, once the reading was confirmed, he was charged with drink driving.The offender last week pleaded guilty to being in control of a vehicle while over the legal drink driving limit at Bury and Rochdale Magistrates’ Court.He was disqualified from holding a driving licence for one year, to be reduced to seven months if successful in completing a drink driving awareness course within in a given time, and was also handed fines totalling £235.Read: Ibrahim Halawa’s trial has been delayed for a 19th time By Paul Hosford Short URLlast_img read more

TheJournalie Pub Quiz 2017 Round 4

first_img Share You scored out of ! What are ewe doing? 29,407 Views Shell of a bad effort. Who had more UK number 1s? Share4 Tweet Email2 Memphis Don’t Stop Me Now Tweet 4 Saturday 25 Mar 2017, 8:30 PM PHONES AWAY (UNLESS you’re reading on it), funny team names in.Let’s move on to music.See earlier rounds here. Super Extra Bonus Party Which act was Andreas Cornelis van Kujik known for managing? Share By Paul Hosford Share your result: Short URL Answer all the questions to see your result! Dolly Parton Which act was the last winner of the Living Legend Grammy in 2003? Nashville You scored out of ! David Malone Portland Which of these acts hasn’t won a Choice Music Prize? Paul Willie Nelson Almost purrfect. Tweet Pawsitively perfect. Westlife The Gloaming Elvis Turtle-y awful! Detroit You scored out of ! Elton John Share 2 Fintastic! George Tweetcenter_img Frank Sinatra Feeling sheepish? John 1 Ringo Mar 25th 2017, 8:30 PM Which American city is known as “Music City”? Share your result: Share your result: Prince Flippin’ good. Le Galaxie David Young Share Share You scored out of ! Top Dog! You scored out of ! Bee Gees Tweet Share your result: Which Beatle said the band were “more popular than Jesus”? Share your result: Boyzone David Ryan What is the name of the musical based on the hits of Queen? We Will Rock You Pub Quiz 2017: Round 4 This week: music. Tweet 3 Which of these numbers is a Beyonce album? We Are The Champions Radio Ga-Ga What is the real name of The Edge? 5 Comments Singer and musician William James Adams is better known by what name? Michael Jackson Rusangano Family David Evans Clever Cat! Tina Turner Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

A Derry company is moving into the Irish electricity market with cutprice

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Pexels A NORTHERN IRISH company has entered the electricity market in the Republic of Ireland and is offering cut-price rates in an effort to win over consumers.BEenergy, which is part of Derry-based company Budget Energy, is offering the lowest standard unit rate for electricity.It is also offering the lowest standing charge for electricity, at €128 a year. The next cheapest is Bord Gáis Energy, which charges €131.64.The company is the first to enter the Irish electricity market since Panda Energy started selling energy to consumers about two years ago.The move is likely good news for consumers, as BEenergy will look to compete with established players in the market on price. Source: Switcher.ieClick here for a larger imageDespite BEenergy’s low unit price, Energia still has the cheapest overall annual bundle, according to price comparison website dealsThe site says that Energia’s offer will cost the average electricity customer €909.68 in year one.The next cheapest is Bord Gáis Energy, whose customers will pay an average of about €917 in their first estimates that customers who take up BEenergy’s new offer will pay an average of just over €1,100 in their first year. Source: Switcher.ieClick here for a larger managing director Eoin Clarke said that it is “great to see a new electricity supplier come onto the Irish market”.“We haven’t seen any electricity price decreases since last October, so this has the potential to shake things up a bit,” he said.“At the end of the day, more players in the market can only be a good thing – as it means more choice for consumers and greater competition between suppliers, which should help to drive prices down and service up.”He added: “BEenergy’s standard unit rate is the lowest on the market, as is their standing charge. They don’t offer a discounted plan, though, so customers are unlikely to make the biggest possible savings by switching to them.”However, Clarke pointed out that most people do not switch to get the best offers, and are on standard plans. These people could likely benefit from BEenrgy’s offer.“As the market continues to change, it’s likely we’ll see even more innovations as suppliers compete to win customers – especially if new entrants continue to come into the market,” he said.“All consumers have to do is shop around to take advantage and enjoy significant savings.”Written by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, 6:05 AM Short URL Share61 Tweet Email5 13 Comments Image: Pexels Take me to Fora Mar 29th 2017, 6:05 AM Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: 12,064 Views A Derry company is moving into the Irish electricity market with cut-price rates BEenergy is challenging more established rivals like Bord Gáis Energy on price. By Fora Stafflast_img read more

Gardaí warn modifications dangerous and illegal after Dublin truck found with spikes

first_imgThe driver of the truck was required to remove them before continuing. Dangerously Modified Truck. Further details click Driver said ‘It looks cool’ but this poses a serious risk— An Garda Síochána (@GardaTraffic) June 7, 2017 Wednesday 7 Jun 2017, 7:15 PM GARDAÍ ARE WARNING all road users that altering any vehicle is highly dangerous and illegal.It comes after a officers came across a truck in Dublin with spikes on the wheels. Gardaí said:Whilst the driver thought ‘It looks cool’ this poses a serious risk to cyclists, pedestrians and all other road users. By Cliodhna Russell Jun 7th 2017, 7:15 PM 74 Comments 45,475 Views Short URL Share62 Tweet Email3 Source: An Garda Síochána/Twitter Gardaí are appealing to anyone who encounters a modified truck or vehicle to report the incident to gardaí.Read: Male drivers rack up penalty points twice as often as women over a decade> Gardaí warn modifications dangerous and illegal after Dublin truck found with spikes Officers say this poses a serious risk to cyclists, pedestrians and all other road users. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

It has taken more time today than anything else Ireland the hot

first_img‘It has taken more time today than anything else’: Ireland the hot topic on day 1 of Brexit talks Today was the first day of Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU. The UK’s chief negotiator David Davis shakes hands with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier today. Monday 19 Jun 2017, 6:16 PM The UK’s chief negotiator David Davis shakes hands with his EU counterpart Michel Barnier today. 17,534 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Davis talks about ‘invisible’ border in Northern Ireland, says there is no doubt NI is right at top of priorities in #Brexit negotiation.— (@thejournal_ie) June 19, 2017 Short URL Barnier said that Ireland was “one of the most sensitive issues before us”. He said that the issue was brought home to him during a recent meeting with then-Taoiseach Enda Kenny.Barnier said that contact had been made with new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and that he would meet new Foreign Minister Simon Coveney tomorrow.David added that it would probably take until the end of the Brexit negotiation process until a clear decision is made on issues such as the border.Speaking to RTÉ’s Six One News, Minister Coveney said that Ireland would not sign off on a Brexit deal unless the Good Friday Agreement is protected.He said: “That makes it very complicated, but it’s something that I will insist on being the case.”“Best possible outcome” Davis (l) and Barnier (r) Source: Virginia Mayo AP/Press Association ImagesBoth negotiators made opening statements stressing that both sides would work together throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome for the UK and the EU.“There will be no hostility,” Barnier said. Davis, meanwhile, said that he had been encouraged by the “constructive approach” that both sides had taken.Another main topic of discussion was the living rights of UK citizens living in the EU, and those of EU citizens living in the UK.“There was much common ground” on this topic according to Davis.My first priority is to provide certainty for UK citizens. Michel shares that aspiration too.An offer will be made by Prime Minister Theresa May at an upcoming EU summit on the rights of European citizens living in the UK, David added.The pair agreed to a timeline that would be followed for the discussions, and a number of focus groups had been set up to iron out the details across a number of sectors.Read: Man dead after driving car ‘loaded with gas canisters’ into police van in ParisRead: Leo Varadkar on visiting 10 Downing St: ‘I was reminded of that famous scene in Love Actually’center_img 46 Comments THE ISSUE OF Ireland, both north and south of the border, was the most talked about topic on the first day of the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU.Speaking at a joint press conference, the UK’s chief negotiator David Davis and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier both said that a great deal of time had been taken up discussing what would happen on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland when Britain leaves the EU.Davis said that “everyone understands the political sensitivities” and that there was a determination on both sides to maintain no physical border between the two countries.It was essential not to let Brexit undermine the peace process, Davis said, as it was a cause of concern in Northern Ireland. Jun 19th 2017, 6:16 PM Share58 Tweet Email Source: By Sean Murraylast_img read more

Garda fear more violence as David Lynch 42 becomes latest victim of

first_img GARDAÍ FEAR A resumption of violence in west Dublin following the murder of a man in his front garden yesterday which officers believe is linked to a local drugs feud. David Lynch (42) was shot dead as he walked out his front door in Foxdene Avenue in Clondalkin at around 2pm yesterday afternoon. The gunman fired at least two shots at Lynch. He died almost instantly as he was shot in the head. Lynch was well-known to gardaí and was suspected of facilitating the local drugs trade. He was a known associate of a large drug supplier who is also based in the Clondalkin area. Gardaí also discovered a burnt out van, believed to be the shooter’s getaway vehicle, in a car park adjacent to a local primary school. A handgun equipped with a silencer was also discovered there. It has been sent for ballistic and forensic testing. While the major drug supplier is linked to serious players within the Kinahan cartel, this killing is not linked to the Kinahan/Hutch feud, gardaí believe. Six yearsThe local feud has been ongoing since 2013 but has flared up in the last two years. Darragh Nugent (36) was shot dead in September of 2017 as local dealers believed he was attempting to muscle in on the trade in the area. One week later, Nugent’s friend and associate John Gibson (28) was shot in the head in a car park in Saggart. This local feud has also seen associates of veteran criminal John Gilligan dragged into the middle of disputes. They have long been involved in the cocaine and cannabis trade in west Dublin. Garda drugs units as well as armed officers will be stationed in gangland flashpoints in a bid to quell any retribution from the rival gang. Gardaí are also calling for anyone with any information to call them. A spokesman said: “Gardai in Lucan Co Dublin are investigating a fatal shooting which occured in the front garden of a house in Foxdene, Dublin 22 at approximately 2pm today, Friday 1st March 2019.“A number of shots were discharged at the scene. A man believed to be in his 40s was fatally injured.“The scene of the shooting is currently preserved pending an examination by Garda Crime Scene Examiners.”With reporting by Michelle Hennessy Image: Gardai and Garda Forensics investigating a fatal shooting which occurred in the front garden of a house at Foxdene Avenue. Image: Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 27 Comments Garda fear more violence as David Lynch (42) becomes latest victim of Clondalkin drugs feud David Lynch was shot dead in his front garden. Mar 2nd 2019, 6:01 AM center_img 40,813 Views Gardai and Garda Forensics investigating a fatal shooting which occurred in the front garden of a house at Foxdene Avenue. Share2 Tweet Email By Garreth MacNamee Saturday 2 Mar 2019, 6:00 AM last_img read more

Unvaccinated children banned from public places in New York suburb following measles

first_img 17.03.19 ‘It spreads like wildfire’: Why Ireland, and the world, is seeing a huge surge in measles cases By Conor McCrave Wednesday 27 Mar 2019, 12:50 PM Source: The Explainer/SoundCloudMEASLES: How to recognise the symptoms? Share671 Tweet Email2 File photo. Image: Shutterstock/ravipat Unvaccinated children banned from public places in New York suburb following measles outbreak The extreme measure is to last for 30 days. Short URL What advice does the HSE give to people who think they might have measles?Do not go to work, school or crècheStay at home and phone your GP; tell the doctor or nurse that you think you might have measlesStop visitors coming to your homePregnant women who have been exposed to measles should seek medical advice as soon as possible With reporting by AFP  – © – AFP, 2019  Related Read 65 Comments A NEW YORK suburb declared a state of emergency yesterday following an outbreak of measles cases. Officials in Rockland County – with a population of 300,000 people and roughly 40km north of New York City – have banned unvaccinated children from entering public places “with a congregation of more than 10 people” as well as banning them from using public transport. The extreme measure is set to last for 30 days and will come into effect from midnight tonight in a bid to curb the spread of the disease which is said to be most present within Orthodox Jewish communities. Another outbreak took hold of the Brooklyn and Queens suburbs of New York City over the past six months, with many cases also stemming from Orthodox Jewish Communities. The group, along with other minorities impacted such as the Amish community, do not necessarily have religious objections to vaccinations but local media in the region is reporting that they can be more vulnerable to ‘anti-vaxx’ movements. A Washington Post article reported a slower uptake in vaccinations by religious minorities. Daniel Salmon, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety, told the newspaper that many people believe the Amish are “the classic group that doesn’t want to vaccinate”. He added, “Most people who have concerns aren’t ideologically opposed to vaccines. They just don’t trust the science, they’ve been misinformed, or they hold different values.”However, founder of Liberty Counsel – a group advocating for religious freedom issues – said that many of his clients wishes to not vaccinate were “consistent with their faith”.Anyone found to be non-compliant with the ban will face a $500 fine or up to six months in jail, authorities have said.  “We must do everything in our power to end this outbreak and protect the health of those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and that of children too young to be vaccinated,” said county executive Ed Daly. The latest concerns come as 98 countries across the world have reported spikes in the number of people who have contracted the viral illness, according to a recent Unicef report.In Ireland alone there has been a 208% increase in the number of cases recorded in 2018 against cases recorded in 2017, prompting director of Unicef Ireland, Peter Power, to brand it a “wake-up call” for people. “These cases haven’t happened overnight. Just as the serious outbreaks we are seeing today took hold in 2018, lack of action today will have disastrous consequences for children tomorrow,” Power said. He said “misinformation, mistrust and complacency” were the reasons behind parents not vaccinating their children and added, “almost all of these cases are preventable, and yet children are getting infected even in places where there is simply no excuse”.The countries with the highest recorded increase were Ukraine with 30,338 cases, the Philippines with 13,192 cases and Brazil with 10,262 cases – all due mainly to internal conflicts and vaccine shortages. Measles are most commonly diagnosed among children between the ages of one and four but can affect all ages, and those with other illnesses and pregnant women are at particular risk. There were 74 reported cases Ireland in 2018, up from 25 reported cases in 2017.To date in 2019, there have been 28 reported cases – 15 of which have been confirmed and the rest are probable or possible.A recent episode of the’s The Explainer podcast examined why there has been such a huge increase globally in a disease that was once thought to be on its way to being eradicated. 15,985 Views File photo. Related Read High feverCoughRunny noseRed eyesRed rash that starts on the head and spreads down the body – this normally starts a few days after onset of illness; the rash consists of flat red or brown blotches, which can flow into each other; it lasts about four to seven daysVomiting, diarrhoea and tummy pain may also happenMeasles can cause chest infections, fits (seizures), ear infections, swelling of the brain and/or damage to the brain.The Department of Health gives the following advice in relation to the MMR vaccine:All children should get the MMR vaccine when they are aged 12 months; if any child aged over 12 months has missed this vaccine they should get it now from their GPAll children should get a second dose of MMR vaccine when they are four to five years old or in junior infants at school; if any child in senior infants or older has missed this vaccine they should get it now from their GPAdults under 40 years who have not had measles or have not received two doses of MMR vaccine should contact their GP to get the MMR vaccineAdults over 40 years of age may sometimes be at risk and if such adults never had measles nor a measles-containing vaccine they should consider getting the MMR vaccine from their GP Mar 27th 2019, 12:50 PM 17.03.19 ‘It spreads like wildfire’: Why Ireland, and the world, is seeing a huge surge in measles cases Image: Shutterstock/ravipat Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Tiger Woods rolls back the years to claim stunning Masters victory

first_imgTiger Woods rolls back the years to claim stunning Masters victory The 43-year-old started the day two shots off the lead but battled hard to see off Francesco Molinari, Dustin Johnson and Xander Schauffele. Apr 14th 2019, 7:28 PM Tiger Woods wins The Masters. Sunday 14 Apr 2019, 7:28 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Tiger hugs his family after today’s victory. Source: Matt SlocumWoods, one shy of matching Nicklaus for the most career Masters wins (6), won his 81st career US PGA victory, one shy of the all-time record held by Sam Snead.He also set a record for the longest gap between Masters triumphs, the 14-year spread one year longer than the old mark set by South African Gary Player from 1961 to 1974.It completes a fairytale comeback to the pinnacle of golf for Woods, whose career imploded after a 2009 sex scandal before unravelling amid injuries and personal problems.After battling to overhaul 54-hole leader Francesco Molinari of Italy, Woods birdied the par-5 13th to join a lead pack of five at 12-under.Woods, Molinari, Schauffele, Kopeka and Johnson — with Australian Jason Day in the clubhouse on 11-under and Patrick Cantlay, who also hit 12-under, foiled by bogeys at 16 and 17.Woods and Molinari, in the last trio, each birdied the par-5 13th to reach 12-under while Johnson reeled off three consecutive birdies, the last on an 11-foot putt at 17, to make 12-under.Schauffele got there on birdies at 14 and 15 and Koepka by answering a double bogey at the par-3 12th with an eagle at 13 and birdie at 15.None could go lower except Woods, with Molinari undone at the par-5 15th when his approach struck a tree limb and his chip barely clung to the side of a damp slope on the way to a double-bogey disaster.Augusta National moved the final round to Sunday morning due to storms expected to arrive in the afternoon, when leaders would typically be battling for the title.The Masters, which has not had a Monday conclusion since 1983, decided to cancel its green jacket ceremony at the 18th green in order to hurry spectators to the exits faster.With reporting from AFP.Subscribe to our new podcast, The42 Rugby Weekly, here: 80 Comments Share461 Tweet Email Tiger Woods wins The Masters. Image: David J. Phillipcenter_img By Cian Roche Short URL TIGER WOODS COMPLETED one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sport as his battling performance saw him become the 2019 Masters champion.The 43-year-old, who has undergone multiple surgeries on career-threatening back injuries and who has overcome setbacks in his personal life in recent years, started the day two shots behind overnight leader, Francesco Molinari.The American claimed victory at Augusta National for a fifth time on a score of 13-under par, finishing one shot clear of compatriots Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele and Brooks Koepka.Woods’ latest Green Jacket brings his tally of Major titles to 15, but none have been more celebrated than today’s victory in Georgia.The success caps a tremendous seven months which saw him also capture the Tour Championship last September. The 2019 Masters champion. Source: David J. PhillipHis win on Sunday ended a major drought stretching back to 2008 and Woods celebrates his first Masters victory since 2005.The tension ratcheted up as the tournament neared its conclusion, with five players sharing the lead at 12-under par before Woods birdied the 15th to pull clear.The triumph was the first major victory for Woods when he did not lead after 54 holes, having started the day adrift of reigning British Open champion Molinari.Racing to finish before an oncoming thunderstorm, players created their own electric atmosphere, spectators roaring repeatedly for sensational shotmaking on one of golf’s iconic stages at Augusta National, where Woods won his first major title in 1997.Fans chant Tiger’s nameWoods drove the green in two at the par-5 15th and tapped in for birdie to seize the lead alone at 13-under par then sank a four-foot birdie putt at the par-3 16th to stretch his advantage to two shots with two holes remaining.Woods parred 17 and walked up to the 18th green to crowds 20-people deep applauding with delight, but he kept a stoic visage until the job was complete, a tap-in for bogey followed by a fist pump and a scream of joy in celebration of a fairytale fightback like few others in sporting history.Just off the 18th green, Woods hugged his mother as he had his late father Earl in 1997 and held his children, his back more than up to the task as the crowd chanted his name, a rare tribute, and rivals congratulated him as he entered the clubhouse. Subscribe Image: David J. Phillip 41,880 Views last_img read more