New tourist guide of the city of Požega presented

first_imgAfter the new Tourist Guide of the City of Požega was presented to the public in March 2015, then the first after 20 years, its second edition was presented today. On about a hundred pages, with numerous photos and tourist contents, this tourist guide will certainly contribute to the promotion of Požega in Croatia and beyond.”This edition of the Tourist Guide, to which new locations have been added, is a kind of platform for our entrepreneurs, all those who work on tourist offers, new tourist potentials and products to make it easier to promote and sell them. It is a good story for both travel agencies and restaurants, hoteliers and anyone involved in tourism. The guide contains various cultural sights of the city, the potential of the city and its surroundings and a list of all events in this area with important information for visitors. pointed out the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Požega Silvija Podoljak.The guide was printed in 1.200 copies by Zoa doo Požega, and was presented by the author and editor-in-chief Dalibor Nedela. ” After two years, we issued a reprint of the Tourist Guide. Only those who worked on the project witnessed major changes compared to the previous situation, and how many new things there are in the city can be noticed by people who work in photography. In the new guide, the photos were taken from almost the same positions as in the previous editions, but now the views of the city are completely different. What we should really be proud of is the fact that very few cities the size of Požega within the continental part of Croatia have such an edition ” said Sunday.last_img

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