Beyond One Hundred: Chip Chat Breaks 100 episodes!

first_imgWhat is 100 to you? One hundred millimeters make a centimeter, and one hundred centimeters make a meter.  How about one hundred podcasts, what does that make?  To Allyson Klein Director of Technology Leadership Marketing at Intel, blogger, podcaster, and host, it makes Intel® Chip Chat. Chip Chat is a podcast series covering a variety of subjects highlighting the rock stars of technology and generally the brightest minds in the industry.  Since it started in 2007 the series has focused on brining listeners one-on-one with the men and women behind the innovations and inspirations that make the future of computing.As Allyson has already said in her post, she got to talk with executive vice president David “Dadi” Perlmutter.  She also touched on the fact that she met with other technologists and technology rock stars in attendance, a preview of that line-up is:Intel Chip Chat in Session at IDF 2010: Randy ChanGenevieve BellTom Stachura Congratulations to Allyson and Intel Chip Chat!  Remember to catch this great line up of interviews and more check out Chip Chat at its home on, and on iTunes.  In episode 101 Allyson sits down with Sunil Ahluwalia from the LAN Access Division to discuss Fibre Channel over Ethernet.  Keep up on all the Chip Chat news on Twitter, Facebook, and of course at the Server Room. Bob BeauchampCarl HansenJustin Rattnerlast_img

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