He was inspiring BC climber remembered as passionate outdoorsman

first_imgJUNEAU, Alaska – A British Columbia climber who died during a recent mountain trek in Alaska is being remembered as a talented athlete who was eager to share his expertise and passion for the outdoors.Alaska State Troopers said Wednesday that Marc-Andre Leclerc, a 25-year-old from Squamish, B.C., and 34-year-old Ryan Johnson of Juneau are presumed dead.They hadn’t been heard from since March 5 when they posted a photo from the top of the Mendenhall Towers, a seven-peaked mountain about 20 kilometres north of Juneau. Poor weather hampered search efforts when the men were reported overdue two days later.Leclerc grew up in a family that loved the outdoors and he became something of a climbing prodigy early on, said John Irvine, manager of global community marketing with outdoor gear company Arc’Teryx.Arc’Teryx sponsored Leclerc’s professional climbing exploits, providing him with the financial support and equipment he needed to pursue his passion.Leclerc’s skill as a climber was one of the reasons Arc’Teryx wanted to work with him.“But more importantly for us, he was a great speaker. He was inspiring. He told great stories,” said Irvine.Leclerc enjoyed imparting his expertise about the technical and safety aspects of climbing and inspiring others to take up the sport, he said.The climber would deliver his remarks as though he were speaking to buddies gathered around a campfire, said Irvine.“He had the skill set that, in my opinion, was the equivalent of Sidney Crosby in hockey, and yet he was very approachable and very humble,” he said.“He didn’t talk about his athletic abilities or prowess, but just simply his love and appreciation for the magic of being in the mountains.”The state troopers say a helicopter with rescuers aboard was able to reach the north face of Mendenhall Towers on Tuesday. There, they saw ropes matching the description of gear Leclerc and Johnson were carrying.“Due to continuing significant avalanche danger and safety hazards, recovery efforts are not feasible at this time,” the state troopers said in a news release Wednesday.Leclerc’s father posted a message on his public Facebook page late Tuesday night with news the pair had died.“Sadly, we have lost two really great climbers and I lost a son I am very proud of,” Serge Leclerc wrote. “Thank you for the support during this difficult time. My heart is so broken. … Part of me is gone with him.”A GoFundMe campaign for Johnson says money raised for him will be used to pay for the search efforts and support his two-year-old son, Milo. The online crowdfunding website says money raised for Leclerc and his family will help his partner, Brette, as she and the family grieve.The campaign for Johnson says the pair were “climbing a cutting edge new route on the north face” of the main tower.Outside magazine called Leclerc “one of the best young alpinists in the world,” and his biography on Arc’Teryx’s website says he completed several ascents in Canada and Patagonia.Treya Klassen, a close friend of Leclerc’s father, said on the weekend the young man has had his eye on climbing Mendenhall Towers for a decade.Johnson was described in the online version of Alpinist magazine as knowing the Mendenhall Towers “like nobody else.”Megan Peters, a spokeswoman for the Alaska State Troopers, said it wasn’t clear what went wrong because no one saw what happened.“We know they made it to the top. We know they set anchor,” she told The Associated Press. “Whether they were taken out by an avalanche, whether their rope failed — I mean, anything could happen.”— By Lauren Krugel in Calgary, with files from The Associated Press.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. A previous version said Marc-Andre Leclerc was 24.last_img read more

Inuit combine nine different scripts for writing Inuktitut into one

first_imgInuit are hoping to use the alphabet to help keep their far-flung people together.Canada’s national Inuit organization recently decided on a standard way to write their language that could be understood from Inuvik in the northern corner of the Northwest Territories to Nain on the east edge of Labrador. The new orthography replaces a patchwork of nine different, often mutually unintelligible scripts.“We’ve never done this before,” said Natan Obed of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. “It’s the first time we’re exercising our own self-determination to implement our own writing system.”Before European contact, Inuktut was an entirely oral language. Nobody needed to read or write anything down until the 1700s, when missionaries, government workers and businessmen started showing up.Those groups all worked out different ways of translating the sounds of spoken Inuktut into symbols on a page, which they then taught to the Inuit.Some methods, known as syllabics, looked like rows of circles, squares and triangles. Some used the letters familiar to European languages, but with a whole battery of accents and diacriticals. From one method to the next, the same letter could represent an entirely different sound.While Inuktut speakers can understand different dialects, they couldn’t necessarily read the different writing. That creates problems, said Obed.“Going in to my children’s elementary school, on a rack of take-home books there are as many as five different writing systems in play for the children. You can imagine how challenging that might be.”The orthographic hodge-podge has not only made it harder for Inuit kids to get educational material in their own language, it makes it harder to communicate between the Inuvialuit in the west, the Nunatsiavut in the east and all the groups in between. “Without a standard writing system, we are always catering to just one portion of Inuktut speakers,” Obed said.The digital age has posed its own challenges. Keyboarding the accent marks required by some orthographies is awkward and typing syllabics requires specialized software.Although the project has been discussed since the 1970s, the real work began in 2011. It wasn’t always easy to get people to agree to changes in long-familiar characters.Inuktut language experts would come up with proposals, then run them by the widely separated communities of the North.“They went back and forth,” said Solomon Awa, who helped develop the new approach. “‘We want this. We want that’ — it takes a while.”The result is called Inuit Qaliujaaqpait, which was officially adopted by the national Inuit organization late last month. The circles and squares are gone, as are the squiggles above and below the letters. Characters are limited to the standard and widely familiar 26-character Roman alphabet.Doubled vowels mean a long sound as in spoon. A “K” is hard, as in key, but a “Q” requires a little drag in the back of the throat.It is intended to be easy to learn and easy to use. Awa expects it to take a couple years before Qaliujaaqpait is fully implemented.It isn’t intended to immediately replace syllabics and all the other forms of writing. Obed said some prefer the familiar scripts and they will continue to be used.Qaliujaaqpait will be used to slowly develop new curriculum materials and in all written material distributed nationally.The move is supported by other Inuit groups such as Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., which oversees the Nunavut land claim.“It will take time for Inuit and service providers to grow accustomed to a new, Inuit-developed writing system,” said president Aluki Kotierk. “But we are confident that, alongside other tools and techniques, our newly adopted Inuktut Qaliujaaqpait will enable us to make much needed advances in areas such as the production of formal education resources and materials.”Inuit have decolonized the alphabet, said Obed.“It’s the first time we’re exercising our self-determination to implement our own writing system.“The biggest consideration was self-determination. It’s our right.”This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 7,  2019.— Follow Bob Weber on Twitter at @row1960Bob Weber, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Melissa Carlick speaks out about being fired from MMIWG inquiry

first_imgShirley McLean APTN NewsIn early November Melissa Carlick wrote a letter to the commissioners of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls asking if her termination as community liaison worker could be rescinded and that she has the opportunity to resign.She told APTN News that as of today, she hasn’t received a response.Carlick said she her termination came without warning.“Really boom you’re done because you either push back or you don’t agree with what’s going on,“ she said.Carlick spent six months with the commission as a front line and health worker and said there is a big disconnect between the commissioners and the front-line workers.“They don’t hear you they don’t listen to you it’s just about what makes me look good and if you don’t then you’re out and if you push back you’re gone,” she said.Carlick said the commission fired her during the hearings in Edmonton on Nov. 7.She said they told her she was unprepared.Sources have told APTN Carlick was fired after members of the National Family Advisory Circle complained in a conference call and letters to the commissioners and senior staff that families complained of mistreatment by the inquiry.Carlick said she was the lead on the Edmonton hearings and arrived six weeks before and started to organize families, look for a venue, do health intakes, and find spiritual support for the hearings.She said the task was too big of a job to plan in just six weeks for a person who’s not from Alberta.And she said the working conditions were tough“We were working 24-7,” she said. “Sometimes just all day all the time it was just a lot of planning a lot time, a lot of pressure and no support, no debrief.”Carlick along with two other front-line workers have been let go from the inquiry in the last month and legal counsel Karen Snowshoe also handed in her resignation.That brings the number of inquiry employees who have resigned or fired to 19 in this year alone.Sue Caribou, a member of the family advisory circle also resigned Thursday.last_img read more

On Our Way Home Animal Rescue is in need of foster homes

first_imgOnce applications are received, the board reviews prospective fosters to help make a good placement for the foster animal.The restriction for fostering cats is that the cat must remain inside the home and fosters for dogs must have a fenced yard. The rescue does do a home check before placement of a foster animal.On Our Way Home does try to provide pet essentials to foster homes such as litter box and food from donations given to the rescue.If you are unable to foster an animal yet would still like to contribute to the help and care of these rescued animals the rescue is currently in need of kitten food and cat litter.To view the FB page; CLICK HERE FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Local, On Our Way Home Animal Rescue is in need of foster homes to support the rescue with the many cats and kittens that are waiting for their forever homes.Lani Belcher, Board member of On our Way Home Animal Rescue shares they are seeking Foster’s to facilitate in-home care of cats and kittens, as well they are in need of a very special foster home that has no other pets to care for a dog that must be the only animal in the home.People that are wanting to help foster animals can fill out an application; CLICK HERE  last_img read more

Founder of Moroccan Company SGTM Mohamed Kabbaj Dies at 76

Rabat – Mohamed Kabbaj, the founder of Morocco’s leading construction company Society General of Public Works (SGTM), died of a heart attack on Friday, January 4, at the age of 76.Mohamed Kabbaj, who had battled an illness before his death, died  at the Cheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hospital in Casablanca.Read Also: Elalamy Sells Saham Group Healthcare Division to Mohamed KabbajKabbaj’s funeral will take place this afternoon at Chouhada cemetery in Casablanca. Kabbaj owned the top construction and public works corporation that constructed many institutions and landmarks in Morocco, SGTM.Mohamed Kabbaj and his brother M’hamed Kabbaj founded the company in 1971. read more

Suspect in Oakville womans death in court

(Updated) An Oakville man has been charged with his mother’s murder. Judy Wilson, 62, was found dead in her home last night. Ryan Porte, 39, appeared in court today for a bail hearing on charges of second degree murder.Porte walked in and appeared to mouth “I’m sorry” to a woman supporting him in the courtroom. Porte will remain in custody and has been ordered not to communicate with a list of four people He will make another appearance in court on Friday. Halton Police say they received a call from Porte around 8:30 last night. he reported a family dispute and said his mother was dead inside her home on Sheldon Ave. Police and paramedics tried to revive Wilson, but it was too late. Her son Ryan remained in the home and was arrested last night. Neighbours told me that Judy and her son had issues in the past, but the community is in shock after what happened. We are learning more about Judy today. The town of Oakville has confirmed that she used to be an employee and retired. Judy was a widow with two sons: one in Australia, the other now behind bars. Chantel Corner of Halton Police told CHCH News this morning Ryan lived in the home with his mother, and confirmed there was a family dispute.Halton Police say they won’t be releasing the cause of death at this point. CHCH’s Melissa Raftis will have the very latest on the Evening News at 6. read more

Banning Europes dirty fuels West African countries put peoples health first –

According to UNEP, last week, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire introduced strict standards that will ensure cleaner, low sulphur diesel fuels, and better emissions standards, thus effectively cutting off Europe’s West African market.Earlier this year, a report by the non-governmental organization Public Eye exposed how European trading companies are exploiting weak regulatory standards in West African countries, thus allowing fuels with sulphur levels that are up to 300 times higher than those permitted in Europe.“West Africa is sending a strong message that it is no longer accepting dirty fuels from Europe,” said Erik Solheim, head of UNEP. “Their decision to set strict new standards for cleaner, safer fuels and advanced vehicle emissions standards shows they are placing the health of their people first.” He hailed the move as an example for other countries, noting that air pollution kills millions annually.“We need to ensure that all countries urgently introduce cleaner fuels and vehicles to help reduce the shocking statistics,” stated Mr. Solheim. In addition to new fuel standards, the group of West African countries has agreed to upgrade their own public and private refineries to meet the same higher standards by 2020. Photo: World Bank/Curt Carnemark UN Environment has been working with countries in West Africa to develop policies and standards that will stop the import of fuels with dangerously high levels of sulphur, as well as to introduce cleaner fuels and vehicles. Reducing such emissions around the world is essential to ensure levels of urban air pollution and climate emissions come down.Combining low-sulphur fuels with advanced vehicle standards can lead to as much as a 90 per cent reduction in harmful emissions.According to Nigeria’s Environment Minister Amina J. Mohamed, “for 20 years, Nigeria has not been able to address the vehicle pollution crisis due to the poor fuels we have been importing. Today we are taking a huge leap forward: limiting sulphur in fuels from 3,000 parts per million to 50 parts per million. This will result in major air quality benefits in our cities and will allow us to set modern vehicle standards.”Today in The Hague, Mr. Mohamed will meet with Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in order to take stock of the progress being made to improve the quality of fuels that have been exported from Dutch ports to countries in West Africa, as The Netherlands produces many of the exported dirty fuels.“The recent report from the NGO Public Eye made abundantly clear that coordinated action is needed to stop the practice of exporting dirty fuels to West Africa. I am very pleased West African governments quickly decided to introduce standards that will help accessing European standard quality fuels. Their people deserve cleaner air, better health, and a cleaner environment. I commend UN Environment for their excellent work,” announced Minister Ploumen.UNEP hosts the Secretariat of the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), a global public-private partnership that supports a shift to cleaner fuels and vehicles worldwide. When PCFV began its work in 2005, not a single low or middle income country used low sulphur fuels. Today, 23 countries have made that shift. Another 40 are on their way to doing the same.In addition, UNEP is hosting the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, which recently adopted a global strategy for moving the world to clean, low-sulphur fuels and advanced emissions standards. Experts estimate that this measure will save an annual 100,000 premature deaths by 2030. read more

Guyana preparing to litigate 1899 Arbitral Award Greenidge

Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl GreenidgeThe recent exercise to identify the markers demarcating the boundary between Guyana and Venezuela is important as Guyana gears up to litigate the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award.The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Second Vice President, Carl Greenidge, during a Region Six outreach on Sunday explained that Guyana is awaiting the final decision from the United Nations Secretary-General (SG), António Guterres, now that another year of the Good Offices Process is winding down.The SG’s Personal Representative, Norwegian Diplomat, Dag Nylander, is to submit his report on the meetings he facilitated between the two countries to the SG.The engagements between the UN representative and the South American neighbours was concluded in November. According to Minister Greenidge, there have only been three meetings between the two countries in October since Nylander’s appointment earlier this year.Minister Greenidge said Guyana has intensified its bilateral activism with other countries to ensure the SG honours his obligations which is “he must refer the matter to the court at the end of 2017 unless there is significant progress in resolving the matter”.Guyana has maintained that Venezuela’s claims on the nullity of the Award is a legal matter that must be resolved in the court. In 1962, Venezuela refused to recognise the 1899 Arbitral Award saying it was null and void.  “If they are saying a decision is null and void it is only a law court can decide on the meaning of nullity…not whether Venezuela should get a piece more land,” Minister Greenidge said.The 1966 Geneva Agreement identified the UN SG to resolve the matter using a menu of measures under Article 33 of the UN agreement. “We call on the Secretary-General to look at his mandate and to refer the matter to the highest court in the world, the ICJ,” the Minister said.The more than 50-year-old controversy has since grown to include Venezuela’s claims to two-thirds of Guyana, Essequibo, and almost all of Guyana’s maritime Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).The identification of the boundary marker by the Guyana Defence Force and Police Force is an annual exercise. “It is important to maintain the markers because you don’t want people moving them and shifting them into Guyana so that Venezuela can claim even more territory that is currently the case,” Minister Greenidge said.The Minster stressed it is important for all Guyanese to take an interest in the resolution of this controversy. “Between the two neighbours (Venezuela and Suriname) if they get their wishes there will be no Guyana and you must understand that,” he said.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to intensify its sensitisation of Guyanese on the Guyana Venezuela controversy. The outreach is to supplement booklets that were created to educate Guyanese on the matter. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUN SG aware of urgency for resolution of border controversy, says GreenidgeJanuary 22, 2018In “latest news”Caribbean Foreign Ministers pledge support to Guyana’s sovereigntyMay 11, 2018In “latest news”Border controversy: Good Offices Process concludes, UN SG to determine next stepJanuary 2, 2018In “latest news” read more

HandballPlanetcom presents 10 TOP stars of Struga 2013

Handball tournamentHCM ConstantaRK MetalurgRK VardarStruga 2013 The 41st International handball tournament in Struga (Macedonia) start on Wednesdays. Teams like RK Vardar, RK Metalurg, HCM Constanta, Meshkov Brest, Ivry Handball guarantee TOP quality handball in the next four days on beautiful Ohrid Lake. Handball-Planet.com presents the TOP 10 stars of the one of the best pre season tournament in South Eastern part of Europe.ALEKSEY RASTVORCEV (left back, RK Vardar Skopje)TIMUR DIBIROV (left wing, RK Vardar Skopje)PAVEL ATMAN (left back, RK Metalurg)DARKO STANIC (goalkeeper, RK Metalurg)NAUMCE MOJSOVSKI (playmaker, RK Metalurg)RENATO VUGRINEC (right back, RK Metalurg)MATJAZ BRUMEN (right wing, RK Vardar)ALEX DUJSHEBAEV (right back, RK Vardar)PABLO SIMONET (playmaker, Ivry Handballl)LJUBO VUKIC (left wing, Meshkov Brest) ← Previous Story Struga 2013 is coming: Vardar with two wins finished preparation in Slovenia Next Story → Ivano Balic presented in Wetzlar! read more

New Android Trojan records voice calls

first_imgIt’s not exactly a secret that the Android Market has had a few problems with Trojanized applications. Cybercriminals typically find a popular app, modify it to include their malicious payload, and then re-upload it to the market where it poses innocuously as the original. Once a confused user downloads the infected app, his or her Android device is ready to share all sorts of juicy details with the Trojan’s creator — including text messages, call and contact information, and even complete audio recordings of phone calls.That last bit is a brand new twist, discovered by Computer Associates security researchers. The new Trojan appears to be a variant of the Golddream.A Trojan but has evolved beyond its original capabilities. Golddream could already store and transmit basic information about an infected user’s calls, like the caller’s number and start and stop time. With this “update,” the Trojan can now record the full call audio to an Android phone’s microSD expansion card (assuming one is installed, of course). Once recorded, the audio files can be uploaded to a remote server.Why bother recording call audio? For starters, it could make for a deadly one-two punch when paired with a spear phishing attack. It’s also an incredibly devious way to harvest answers to the verification questions your bank or credit card company requests when you call in. Sure, it’d be a pain to sift through all the recorded calls a Trojan like this uploaded (if it enjoyed any kind of success), but calls to financial institutions could be easily weeded out using their phone numbers.The moral of the story: read carefully before installing apps on an Android device and — especially if you’re someone who tries out dozens of apps every week — install a good antimalware app.More at CA and Network Worldlast_img read more

Updated Modern Warfare 3 sells early buyers wont be banned for playing

first_imgUpdate: Activision has intervened and may have players banned.Modern Warfare 3‘s street date has been broken, and a few lucky customers on the east coast are already getting their game on.Some gamers have been afraid to dig into the game’s multiplayer for fear of being banned from Xbox Live due to a “prerelease title play” violation. Such bans have been issued in the past when Microsoft-published releases including Gears of War 2 and Halo: Reach were leaked and pirated online prior to the release date.However, Microsoft policy director Stephen Toulouse has stated that those who bought the game at retail, even early, are safe. “If your copy is legit and obtained legitly, have fun,” wrote Toulouse in an official tweet on Thursday afternoon.In fact, the safety of retail copies is consistent with previous policy. In the aftermath of the Reach leak, Toulouse stated that “legit store bought copy runs no risk of ban,” and that those users who were permabanned were actually banned for piracy or unauthorized access to review copies, not for early access to the retail game. “We have ways of knowing [the difference],” he added.Some shipments of MW3 arrived at Kmart stores with instructions included to sell the copies immediately. Whether this was intentional or a mistake remains unclear. It appears that the chain has temporarily stopped selling the game, but not before some lucky customers in cities including Miami and New York got home with their copies.Other players have taken to profiteering instead and are selling copies on eBay and Craigslist for prices upwards of $200.Read more at 1UPlast_img read more

Clark County flu activity may have peaked

first_imgEven though the flu virus continues to sicken people across Clark County, relief may be on the horizon.Flu activity in the county declined recently for the first time since November. Hospital admissions of patients with the flu have gone down. And medical offices, while still busy, are reporting decreasing numbers of patients with flu symptoms.“Things are looking like we may have peaked, but I can’t tell for sure,” said Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County Public Health director and county health officer, during a county board of health meeting Wednesday.“Even if we’re on the downswing, we’re still at increased activity,” Melnick added. “If you haven’t gotten a flu shot, it’s not too late. Flu season is going to go on for a while.”During the second week of January, the most recent data available, 35 percent of flu tests in the county came back positive. The drop followed two weeks of record-high flu positivity rates: 41 percent and 44 percent.If local flu activity follows historical trends, it will begin to decline but remain elevated for another six to eight weeks.So far this flu season, Clark County Public Health has recorded seven flu deaths: a boy younger than 10, a woman in her 50s, a man in his 60s and four people 70 or older. Five of the seven had received the flu vaccine. All of the deaths are among people considered at high-risk for complications: young children, adults 65 or older and those with underlying health conditions, Melnick said.last_img read more

Marcos Llorente confident of Madrid future

first_imgReal Madrid midfielder Marcos Llorente has confirmed he would not be leaving the club this January transfer window.Llorente, 23, is now a regular in Solari’s side after impressing in a rare start away to Roma followed by seven successive starts for the club.The Spanish midfielder stepped in for the absent Casemiro and seems to be enjoying his role at Madrid“I’m sure I will stay, I’m really happy and I have no intention of leaving,” Llorente told reporters, as cited by Football Espana.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“It’s true that in life, like football, the situation can change from night to morning and you cannot lower your aims, you have to take advantage of your opportunities.“Man of the Match in the Club World Cup final? I’m happy to receive it, of course, to score the goal and win the final – now it is time to enjoy the moment.“We are trying to win all the titles, this was an important one as we were going for three consecutive titles and we have achieved it.“Now we have three more competitions this season that we will look to win.”last_img read more

ASA Kudos this Week…Jenny Rohrich

first_imgJenny Rohrich, Ashley, N.D.Kudos goes out to Jenny Rohrich, of Ashley, N.D., for presenting at American Soybean Association’s 16th Annual Soybean Leadership College in Orlando, Florida last week.Jenny held a panel discussion titled, “A Farmer’s Guide to Making the Most of Social Media”.Thank you for presenting at the Soybean Leadership College and teaching farmers how to bring agriculture and social media together!Check out Jenny’s blog Prairie Californian and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.Check out last week’s ASA Kudos here!last_img read more

Vancouver woman swept out to sea in Lincoln City dies

first_imgA Vancouver woman, 54, died Friday morning after a rip current swept her out to sea in Lincoln City, Ore. Around 10 a.m. she went swimming with her 23-year-old daughter off the beach at D River Wayside State Recreation Area. About 15 minutes into their swim, both were swept away by a rip current and began to yell for help to people on shore. The daughter was able to swim away, but the victim disappeared for several minutes before being spotted face-down in the water off shore, according to the Oregon State Police. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue sent out a rescue swimmer, along with a rescue board, to retrieve her, said Lt. Jim Kusz. She was pronounced dead at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. The victim was visiting the area with her husband and daughter, who have withheld her name. “Nearly 50 percent of all our water calls are rip currents,” Kusz said. A rip current rushes water out to sea, overpowering even the strongest swimmer. They can sweep unsuspecting beachcombers off their feet and out to sea. The Oregon State Police and Lincoln County Medical Examiner are investigating.last_img read more

People on the Move 072210

first_imgAARP has promoted Hugh Delehanty to senior vice president and editor-in-chief of AARP Media Properties. Previously, Delehanty served as senior vice president and editor-in-chief of AARP Publications. Boston magazine named Pulitzer Prize winning writer Eileen McNamara as a columnist. Most recently, McNamara served as a Metro columnist for the Boston Globe newspaper.Rodale has named Peter Flax editor-in-chief of bicycling and editorial director for Mountain Bike, replacing Loren Mooney, who has resigned. Previously, Flax served as executive editor of Runner’s World, a role he held for three years. Longtime Forbes magazine editor Bill Baldwin stepped down to instead serve as a contributor, columnist and blogger, and will carry the title of investment strategies editor. The change will be effective Septemeber 1.Bonnier Corp. appointed Gay Morris Empson fashion director at Parentingmagazine. Empson will continue to serve as fashion director for sistertitle Working Mother, a role she has held since November 2007.Also at Bonnier, Chris Tauber was promoted to the newly-created position of group brand director, overseeing Islands, Caribbean Travel & Life, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Florida Travel & Life and Spa magazines. Previously, Tauber served as brand manager for Islands.Essence magazine named Ellianna Placas fashion director and Tasha Turner as senior beauty editor.Greensboro, North Carolina-based custom publisher Pace Communications named Heather Keets Wright head of digital content. Most recently, Wright served as vice president of cross network programming for Scripps Networks Interactive.Bloomberg BusinessWeek announced a pair of personnel changes: Brad Stone was named as a senior writer in the magazine’s San Francisco bureau and Devin Leonard was named a staff writer. The media division of Summit Business Media appointed Dave O’Neil as group publisher of its Life & Health Group. Most recently, O’Neil served as CEO and VP/group publisher at CK Media.Loveland, Colorado-based Interweave appointed Derek Lawrence to the newly-created position of director of retail sales. Prior to joining Interweave, Lawrence served as a publisher at Fulcrum Publishing.Rich Nass was appointed director of content for medical device brands at Canon Communications. Previously, Nass served as director of media and content at the EE Times Group.Meanwhile, the EE Times Group announced that Ron Wilson rejoined the company as director of content and media, replacing Rich Nass. Wilson held several editorial positions at EE Times from 1991 to 2006.Canon Communications also announced  several staffing changes surrounding its Nutritional Outlook brand: Patrick Lundy, a senior group publisher at the company, is also taking on publishing leadership for Nutritional Outlook; sales manager Tim Baudler was promoted to associate publisher; Beth Berner was named account executive; and Robby Gardner was appointed assistant editor. American Express Publishing appointed Ryan Manville to the newly-created position of vice president of the Corporate Research & Insights Group. Previously, Manville served as vice president of American Express Business Insights. In addition, the company also hired Joe Kosta to serve as director of Corporate Research & Insights.Harvard Business Review editorial director Justin Fox expanded his role to oversee Harvard Business Review Press’ editorial program for book publishing.Hearst appointed Meredith Rollins executive editor of Redbook magazine. Most recently, Rollins served as executive editor at Lucky.last_img read more

Bad roads causing umpteen woes

first_imgFalaknuma: The people of the city are gearing up to celebrate the Bonalu festival, but, the residents of Renuka Colony in Falaknuma have been facing hardships due to the pending road works in the area for last 10 days.The residents of Renuka Colony near Rajannabowli under Jangamet division in Falaknuma have been filing many complaints to the civic authority about the laying of new CC road in area. “Around 10 days back, the road has been dug-up for the laying of new road and now after a week, there is no response from the civic officials for the further works and the works were left pending. Due to this dug-up road, we residents are suffering a lot. The dug-up soil is also spread over on road,” said Ram Sunder Lal, Youth President, Renuka Colony. Also Read – TSBB, NGC promotes eco-friendly Ganeshas Advertise With Us Speaking to The Hans India here on Wednesday, Ram Sunder Lal said that, the colony members have filed many complaints for the new roads and other civic issues, but the officials remained indifferent. After many complaints, new road works were sanctioned and for almost 10 days, the works were left pending. Asking officials about the matter, they replied that there was no budget sanctioned for a new road in area, and the road left dug-up, he noted. Also Read – CM KCR praises PRO for his books on Telangana Advertise With Us He also said that the road has become slippery and many vehicles skid for unbalance due to the soil spread on road. The residents said, as the Bonalu festival is near and to celebrate the festival we residents are facing problems due to the soil spread over on roads and dug-up road. The residents request the officials to complete the works as early as possible. Advertise With Us Jangamet division Corporator Mohammed Abdul Rahman said that, for the laying of new CC roads works, an amount of Rs 7 lakh is sanctioned and works were started last week. While the roads were dug-up and the dressing of roads are in progress. As soon as the dressing is completed the work of laying new road will be started. The works will be start shortly and will be completed soon. Speaking about the budget, he said that if the amount is not sanctioned, no works will be started. The amount was sanctioned, and the works were started, it would be completed soon, he added.last_img read more

Jersey 3day box office collection Nanis film fails to beat Majili first

first_imgKrishna1.450.7753.10 Overseas4.003.6290.50 Global Total26.6016.2661.12 Vizag1.31 Rest of India2.501.7068.00 G West1.250.6554.16 Guntur1.800.8245.55 Nizam10.005.1664.70center_img AreaRightsEarningsRecovery (%) AP/TS Total20.1010.9454.42 Nellore0.800.3644.99 Ceded3.201.0231.87 G East1.600.8653.75 JerseyTwitterNani’s Jersey has made decent collections at the worldwide box office in three days, but the movie has failed to beat the first weekend record of Majili starring Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni.Jersey had a good hype and curiosity generated by its promos, before its release, but the movie faced a threat from Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 3, which divided its screen count and audience to some extent. Some people in the industry felt that the latest film in Kanchana franchise might dim the prospects of the Nani’s movie at the box office.Jersey opened to good response with many centres witnessing 100 percent in the morning shows on Friday. The movie went received extreme positive talk and along with critics and audience, some celebs are also heaped praises upon the team and word of mouth boosted its collection in the later shows. The film collected Rs 11.10 crore gross at the worldwide box office on the first day.Jersey is an emotional sports drama sans commercial ingredients and it was described as a good treat for the family audience. The word of mouth helped it remain strong at the ticket counters on Saturday and Sunday. While Kanchana 2 showed dominance in the single screens, the Nani and Shraddha Srinath starrer fared well in A centers in Hyderabad and other big city, which is usual for this sort of films.The makers are yet to reveal its collection figures. But if we are to go by early estimates, Jersey has collected approximately Rs 27 crore gross at the worldwide in the first weekend. The film has shattered the record of Nani’s last solo outing Krishnarjuna Yuddham (Rs 23.80 crore gross), but failed to beat his next movie with Akkineni Nagarjuna – Devadas (Rs 28.70 crore gross).There was a strange development happened on the social media over the weekend with many comparing Jersey with Majili, which is also set in the backdrop of cricket. Many expected it beat the record of the Naga Chaitanya starrer, which collected Rs 29.10 crore gross in the global market in its opening weekend. But the Nani starrer has fallen short of it with a small margin.Jersey is estimated to have earned Rs 16.26 crore for its distributors, who shelled out Rs 26.60 crore on its theatrical rights. The movie has returned 61.12 percent of their investments. Here are the area-wise earnings of the film. These are estimated numbers and they may not match with the actual ones. All the figures are in rupees and crore.AreaAreaRightsRightsEarningsEarningsRecovery (%)Recovery (%)AreaNizamRights10.00Earnings5.16Recovery (%)64.70AreaVizagRights1.31AreaCededRights3.20Earnings1.02Recovery (%)31.87AreaG EastRights1.60Earnings0.86Recovery (%)53.75AreaG WestRights1.25Earnings0.65Recovery (%)54.16AreaKrishnaRights1.45Earnings0.77Recovery (%)53.10AreaGunturRights1.80Earnings0.82Recovery (%)45.55AreaNelloreRights0.80Earnings0.36Recovery (%)44.99AreaAP/TS TotalRights20.10Earnings10.94Recovery (%)54.42AreaRest of IndiaRights2.50Earnings1.70Recovery (%)68.00AreaOverseasRights4.00Earnings3.62Recovery (%)90.50AreaGlobal TotalRights26.60Earnings16.26Recovery (%)61.12last_img read more

Is It Finally Time to Cut Cable

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now About three years ago, my wife and I made one of the most difficult decisions we’ve made in our eight years of marriage. Over the course of a few months we held several debates, penned numerous drafts of a pros and cons list, and scribbled a half-baked Venn diagram in effort to make a decision. Then one morning, we decided to quit giving it so much thought, and we did it, we drove to the local Comcast office and turned in our cable box. We cut the cord.Why all the fuss? We were comfortable with cable. We knew what we wanted to watch, and when to tune in. I had access to my favorite sports channel, the kids had fallen in love with various characters on the Disney Channel, and my wife had The Food Network.Yet we felt like we were being taken advantage of. We paid for 160 channels, but we really only watched shows on 20 of them at most. (Yes, I’m aware of how the cable TV industry’s bundling business model works. Still doesn’t erase the feeling.) By cutting cable out of our monthly bills, we figured we would save roughly $60 per month. Sure, we still pay Comcast for our Internet service, but it’s a service we value and thus don’t mind paying for (when it works, but that’s for another column).We filled the void left by cable with an Apple TV and a subscription to Netflix. We found new shows to watch, and if we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we just didn’t watch TV. Our kids, who are far more adaptable than we give them credit for, learned to love new characters and new cartoons. The first few weeks of transition were a little rough, but quicker than I had expected, we all settled into a new routine.Our setup has evolved over the years; primarily by adding more streaming services to our repertoire. We now subscribe to Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, and yes, we use a relative’s HBO Go account to watch Game of Thrones.Unfortunately, there’s still one hiccup in our setup I’ve yet to find a solution for: sports. This single category remains—frustratingly—a giant stop sign for those looking to cancel cable.National Football League games aren’t a huge issue, as most games are televised on major networks over-the-air. Those who subscribe to a variation of NFL Red Zone, the league’s multi-game simulcast, will find cutting cable to be impossible. For my family, we suffer from blackout restrictions when it comes to watching the Colorado Avalanche through the NHL’s Game Center Live streaming service. I’m hopeful the FCC’s elimination of blackout rules will provide some relief in this area of my post-cable life.I talked to Kai Armstrong, a fellow cable refugee, to find out how he and his family get by without a cable subscription. Like myself, Kai uses an Apple TV with a Netflix subscription for the majority of streaming access. Over-the-air programming provides access to college football and Nascar.Unlike me, Kai uses a service called Plex to stream locally stored media from his computer to his TV, tablet or smartphone. Instead of relying solely on the iTunes catalog, Plex accepts content from nearly any source. The core service is free, takes little setup, and can be used with streaming boxes such as Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, and Google’s Chromecast.When I asked him what the biggest challenge was for his family (he’s married with a toddler) to make the switch, he said, “The option of turning on the TV and watching whatever’s on just to occupy time no longer exists.” But when I pressed him if, at the end of the day, this was a challenge or an unexpected benefit, he conceded: “We spend more time as a family now, instead of staring at a screen.”On one hand, it makes sense to find yourself watching less TV once you’ve canceled your cable subscription. On the other, with seemingly endless catalogs of content at your fingertips ready to play on demand, self control is required.The number of subscribers ditching cable service is on the rise—hundreds of thousands ditch it every quarter—and with recent announcements from HBO, CBS, and Lions Gate to offer stand-alone streaming plans, the movement is gaining more momentum. But there’s still work to be done.Kane Hamilton is someone I was positive would be living in a post-cable world, yet when I inquired about his setup, I was surprised to hear he had yet to make the switch. When I asked him why, he said, “[It’s] something we would love to consider but just a battle we have chosen not to fight yet.” And it’s not for lack of trying or a streaming setup, as the Hamilton’s frequently stream Netflix, HBO, ESPN, and another half-dozen services.To him, the “battle” of cutting the cord is attributed to a lack of knowledge surrounding how his family would access content, the quality of streams, and the absence of sporting events. But I can’t help but look at the amount of content he streams and think he already knows the answer to most of his concerns; the comfort level the TV guide provides is just too much to walk away from, no matter the cost. 5 min read Enroll Now for Free This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. October 26, 2014 This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazinelast_img read more

Tourism Promotions Board Philippines partners with MTV

first_imgTourism Promotions Board Philippines partners with MTVMTV Music Evolution Manila is back for more fun again in the Philippines! Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB) reprises its collaboration with MTV, a unit of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), to bring MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 on Friday, 24 June 2016.This will be the second year the award-winning show will be held in the Philippines and in 2016, the one-night only live music event will celebrate pop music like never before – enabling fans to experience and discover the evolution of pop music and its dance influence that keeps fans moving. MTV Asia reveals its first act, the iconic international pop band and prolific hitmaker, OneRepublic, who returns to the Philippines for its second performance since 2013.MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 will showcase iconic and contemporary international music artists and the hottest new acts in both the regional and local music scenes on a single stage, while featuring the best of Philippine music and culture to international youth audiences.“We’re thrilled to return with MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016. Manila is an iconic city renowned for its rich music and dance culture. With robust music fans, Manila is naturally one of the top cities for us to return with our music events in Asia,” said Mark Whitehead, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks Asia. ““The Philippines is delighted to host MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 and to make it a mainstay event on Visit the Philippines calendar. Last year’s inaugural MTV Music Evolution Manila helped put the Philippines on the map of international music and served as a global stage for the world to be introduced to Filipino acts too. We look forward to welcoming international and regional fans and artists to Manila. And we invite young people to come experience our music culture in the Philippines,” said Domingo Ramon ‘Chicoy’ Enerio III, Chief Operating Officer, Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.The integrated collaboration will see Visit the Philippines Again 2016 branding appear across MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 content in the run-up to, during and after the event. MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 will be supported by a wide range of integrated marketing initiatives driving awareness and engagement for the event.MTV Music Evolution Manila is a live music event that brings to life the evolution of a music genre and enables young people to experience and discover how music styles and sounds have evolved over the years.The concert was one of the many exciting events under the Visit the Philippines Year (VPY) 2015 campaign by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) and the Philippine Department of Tourism. Globally, MTV has a successful history of partnering with Tourism Boards to create compelling and engaging youth experiences.MTV Music Evolution Manila 2016 passes are not for sale and may be won by fans through game contests that will open on 26 April 2016. Details will be announced in the coming weeks. Sponsors and partners will be giving out passes through their own promotions. MTV Music Evolution ManilaSource = Tourism Promotions Board Philipinneslast_img read more